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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

We have two wonderful dogs in our family each with their own unique personality. You have likely seen the pictures of our little guy Seth testing out all the boards with us. He has been stand-up paddling with me since the day I got him so he is fully comfortable on the boards and loves paddling. Oscar our ten and a half year old German Shepard loves to swim but had never been paddle … [Read More...]


Top 3 Electric Pumps For Inflatable SUP

Many of the hand pumps that come with inflatable stand-up paddleboards are quite good. They have gotten much better and far easier to use over the years. However inflatable paddleboards can hold quite a bit of air pressure. As many of us know, it can be a bit of work to inflate your board. You can count on breaking a sweat before hitting the water. I use the hand pumps when reviewing a … [Read More...]


SipaBoard – The Self-Inflating Smart SUP

After learning about the world's first smart, self-inflating, electric SUP I knew I had to share it with all of you. For those of us who already love the advantages and conveniences that an inflatable SUP has to offer, it is easy to appreciate a self-inflating board. However the SipaBoard takes convenience to a whole other level. After doing a little research on this ISUP I was blown away by … [Read More...]


How To Transport Your Inflatable SUP

Most people want an inflatable SUP because they are so portable and compact. With an inflatable you have options and the advantage of being able to transport it anywhere by all different means. You don't need to use a roof rack if you don't want to or do any heavy lifting to get it where you need to go.  Transport it by car, bus, plane, boat, or even by bike. SUP In the Trunk Most common with … [Read More...]


Seth The Pup Who Loves To SUP

Meet Seth, my dog.  You may have noticed this little guy in many of our photos riding shotgun on our stand-up paddleboards. He is as much a part of this website and our testing process as I am. Seth absolutely loves to go stand-up paddling. When his lifejacket comes out he knows we’re heading to the water and although he’s not that keen on swimming, he is a pro at riding on the … [Read More...]

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