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How To Hold Your SUP Paddle Correctly

The first time I went stand-up paddling was while on vacation several years ago. Over a three-week period, I paddled almost daily and I held my paddle wrong for at least half of that time. I had the angle of the blade facing the wrong way which was not only incorrect but was creating drag while I paddled. I had numerous unnecessary arguments with my friend who tried to convince me I was … [Read More...]


Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard FAQ

Q. How long does an inflatable SUP take to inflate? A. The length of time it takes to inflate your SUP will depend on the type of pump you are using. With a regular hand pump or a K-Pump, it will take anywhere from 4 – 8 minutes. With a good electric pump it can take 30 seconds to 1 minute. I find that an inflatable SUP will take shape and inflate really quickly... like in a couple of … [Read More...]


New Longer 14’ Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP

For 2014 Sea Eagle has added to their lineup of popular Needlenose SUP’s. There is now the option of a long 14’ board! This is one of the longest if not the longest inflatable stand-up paddleboard that I know of. The longer length, the lean design, sharp pointed bow, and the fact that it is 6 inches thick means that it will be one of the fastest and most stable touring ISUP’s on the … [Read More...]

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