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Seth The Pup Who Loves To SUP

Meet Seth, my dog.  You may have noticed this little guy in many of our photos riding shotgun on our stand-up paddleboards. He is as much a part of this website and our testing process as I am. Seth absolutely loves to go stand-up paddling. When his lifejacket comes out he knows we’re heading to the water and although he’s not that keen on swimming, he is a pro at riding on the … [Read More...]


New Sea Eagle Longboard Hybrid SUP’s

Sea Eagle is updating their lineup of inflatable stand-up paddleboards for the 2015 season. Available as of November 25, 2014 is a completely redesigned, new version of their popular Sea Eagle Longboard SUP. Updates to the existing Longboard include: Two size options to choose from – an 11 foot board great for those under 200 lbs. as well as a 12’6” board, which is ideal for those … [Read More...]


Video: Sea Eagle Needlenose Instructions

The Sea Eagle Needlenose is very popular and is the stand-up paddleboard I use most often. This is a great instructional video that Dan from Sea Eagle put out that should help answer any questions you have regarding the set up of this board. In particular what I found super helpful with this video was the instructions on how to roll the Needlenose back up once it's deflated so that it can be … [Read More...]


Video: Epic Ride With C4 Waterman ISUP’s

This awesome video is just over 11 minutes long and features some incredible people taking on the rapids of the main section of the Salmon River in Idaho. I love videos that showcase how incredibly strong and resilient inflatable stand-up paddleboards can be. C4 waterman is a great company that manufacturers some really solid inflatable SUP’s. I can’t say I’d have the courage to … [Read More...]


How To Hold Your SUP Paddle Correctly

The first time I went stand-up paddling was while on vacation several years ago. Over a three-week period, I paddled almost daily and I held my paddle wrong for at least half of that time. I had the angle of the blade facing the wrong way which was not only incorrect but was creating drag while I paddled. I had numerous unnecessary arguments with my friend who tried to convince me I was … [Read More...]

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