Sea Eagle Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Sea Eagle has two different inflatable SUP models and both come in two different size options. Their two boards are extremely popular and their package options give you a lot for your money… Including a paddle, a backpack carry bag, a pump, a repair kit, a seat (depending on the package your choose) and of […]

Starboard Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Astro is Starboard’s inflatable SUP lineup of boards. They have one of the most extensive list of boards to choose from and there is truly a SUP to suit each persons needs and skill level. I love the Astro boards. They are not only funky in design but they are well made. I find that […]

Tower Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Tower has a few different inflatable SUP boards. The Adventurer and the Adventurer 2 are shorter and ideal for recreational fun on lakes, rivers, or on ocean surf. The larger Xplorer adn the iRace are for anyone who is interested in touring, exploring and who wants a board that is super stable and can hold […]

Wakooda Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Wakooda introduced their Wahoo line of inflatable SUP boards in 2012. Their boards are well priced and packed with good features. I find the Wakooda SUP’s to be versatile, strong and easy to paddle. However I think their best feature is the fact that they are so lightweight. Their boards weigh between 15 and 21 […]