Thurso Surf WaterWalker 10’6″ Review

The WaterWalker paddle board by Thurso Surf is a fun all-round ISUP that packs away into a backpack and can be taken anywhere. We have already reviewed the 11′ version of this board and just got the opportunity to try out the slightly smaller 10’6″ option as well. What I love most about this ISUP […]

Bravo BP12 Single-Stage Electric Pump

This is a review I should have done a long time ago but am only just getting around to writing it now. I have used this BP12 Single-Stage Pump for a very long time. In my opinion it is the best one on the market for under $100. If you want to save yourself a […]

Red Paddle Co 22’ Dragon SUP Review

When I heard about this new 4-person inflatable SUP that was designed for team racing I jumped right on board! I got myself a Red Paddle Co Dragon SUP and found 3 adventurous and crazy friends to join me on this new adventure. You may have seen the extra large mega SUP’s out there that […]

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Review

This is the ultimate portable, convenient and fun fishing ‘boat’! We love the Sea Eagle FishSUP for so many reasons. It is loaded with great features, extremely comfortable to use and easy to take absolutely anywhere. If you like to fish but don’t want to deal with getting a heavy boat to and from the […]

Onyx M-24 SUP Inflatable Belt Pack Review

Wearing a regular lifejacket while stand-up paddle boarding can restrict your range of movement and feel really stuffy on hot humid days. If you are a good swimmer and comfortable in the water then a waist pack PFD is the perfect option for SUP’ing. I cannot stress enough how much more comfortable it is. We […]

Thurso Surf 11′ WaterWalker Review

The WaterWalker inflatable SUP by Thurso Surf is a winner.  This is one of those boards that everyone will love right out of the package. Besides having a very attractive design, it is very functional and comes with some fantastic accessories. The size makes it very versatile and we feel that it will suit a lot […]

Airhead SUP Carbon SUP Paddle Review

If you want a super lightweight and ultra portable SUP paddle, then this Airhead all Carbon-Fiber paddle is the one to get. I love so many things about this paddle. There are three different blade size options to choose to suit different sized paddlers. It comes apart into three pieces so is ultra portable and easy […]

Burke 9’ Quest Inflatable SUP Review

A smaller sized board can be a lot of fun to use and this Burke 9’ Quest ISUP is exactly that… fun! This board feels very responsive, it turns quickly and takes very little effort to get moving. We found that it plowed through chop and wind with ease and although it won’t keep up […]

Burke 11’ Quest Inflatable SUP Review

The new Scott Burke inflatable SUP is awesome. It’s a winner right out of the box. I love the colors and look of this board. The PVC material on top is made to look like wood and the green and black traction pad looks really sharp in contrast. The shape and design make it very […]

Tantrum Tow Ropes Wetsuit Review

We had a rough winter this year and I had the opportunity to test out this wetsuit in some pretty crappy weather. Freezing temperatures and pouring rain may not seem like the ideal conditions to test a wetsuit but that’s what we got day after day this winter and right into the start of Spring. […]