Nixy Huntington G3 Adventurer 2019 In-Depth Inflatable SUP Review

I can’t imagine a more portable stand up paddle board than the Nixy Huntington! This ISUP weighs only 17 lbs and packs down into a backpack that is literally only half the size of a normal inflatable SUP carry bag. What I found really stood out with the Huntington is that it takes very little […]

Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose In-Depth Inflatable SUP Review

The Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose is the board you want if you need extra stability and space to load it up with lots of weight be it gear, kids or dogs. The larger 34” width provides a very stable platform and we have found that the Max is able to handle just about anything. This […]

Sea Eagle SUPCat10 Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board 2019 In-Depth Review

I review a lot of different paddle boards and rarely anymore does a product really blow my mind. However the SUPCat10 kind of did. I had never really paddled anything like the SUPCat so it was a lot of fun to try something a little different. This innovative watercraft is designed for anglers and is […]

Thurso Surf Expedition Touring Inflatable SUP 2019 In-Depth Review

I always love a good touring board that enables me to get in some long straight paddling sessions with more speed. You can’t beat that feeling of getting into the rhythm of some good power strokes, becoming one with the elements as you glide swiftly through the water, feeling the wind on your face as […]

Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga Inflatable SUP 2019 In-Depth Review

SUP yoga. Is there anything better? If you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to give it a go. It can be intimidating at first because as you can imagine it is harder to keep your balance when doing even basic yoga moves on a paddle board. I know for myself there is only […]

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 2019 Inflatable Paddle Board In-Depth Review

The 2019 Thurso Surf inflatable stand up paddle boards are now available and they have some really nice upgrades from the previous models. The Waterwalker is their classic all-around board with a rounded nose and stable width that anyone can feel comfortable riding quickly. This is the board you’ll want for cruising around on lakes, […]

Atoll 11’ Inflatable Paddle Board 2019 In-Depth Review

The Atoll 11’ inflatable SUP has a lot of things going for it and we have really enjoyed reviewing this board. This ISUP is stable and easy to paddle. The shape and design with the nice tapered nose and large touring fin keeps it gliding smoothly and we found it to move faster than many […]

Gili 11′ Adventure Inflatable SUP Review

I had a lot of fun testing out the new Gili 11’ Adventure inflatable stand up paddle board. This board is very stable, easy to paddle and ideal for beginners. I found it just as easy to paddle on flat water lakes as on ocean water even when dealing with chop and wake from boats. […]

Body Glove Glide 11 Inflatable Kayak Review

Is it a kayak or a paddle board? Well it’s called an inflatable kayak but truth is that it’s both! Many inflatable SUP’s come with a seat so that you can paddle it sitting down kayak style. However Body Glove has taken it a couple steps further with the Glide 11 and have designed an […]

Hero SUP Dynamo Touring ISUP 2019 In-Depth Review

The Dynamo has become my go-to board for those times when I want to cover more distance with more speed. I find the Dynamo to be one of those all around functional and convenient touring boards that is so easy to love. It has a nice tapered nose, two lengths to choose from, a 30” […]