Thurso Surf Waterwalker 120 Inflatable SUP In-Depth 2019 Review

I’m loving reviewing these smaller boards lately. The Thurso Surf Waterwalker 120 is very responsive, takes very little effort to paddle and is an all around super fun board. With the shorter length and leaner width it is best suited for a smaller person. However it is capable of holding up to 260 lbs. so […]

Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose In-Depth Inflatable SUP Review

The Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose is the board you want if you need extra stability and space to load it up with lots of weight be it gear, kids or dogs. The larger 34” width provides a very stable platform and we have found that the Max is able to handle just about anything. This […]

Thurso Surf Expedition Touring Inflatable SUP 2019 In-Depth Review

I always love a good touring board that enables me to get in some long straight paddling sessions with more speed. You can’t beat that feeling of getting into the rhythm of some good power strokes, becoming one with the elements as you glide swiftly through the water, feeling the wind on your face as […]

Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga Inflatable SUP 2019 In-Depth Review

SUP yoga. Is there anything better? If you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to give it a go. It can be intimidating at first because as you can imagine it is harder to keep your balance when doing even basic yoga moves on a paddle board. I know for myself there is only […]

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 2019 Inflatable Paddle Board In-Depth Review

The 2019 Thurso Surf inflatable stand up paddle boards are now available and they have some really nice upgrades from the previous models. The Waterwalker is their classic all-around board with a rounded nose and stable width that anyone can feel comfortable riding quickly. This is the board you’ll want for cruising around on lakes, […]

Thurso Surf Expedition Review

Note: This review is for the 2017 Expedition. Click here for the latest 2019 review for the Thurso Surf Expedition. The Expedition is a touring board that moves swiftly and is great for longer straight paddles where you want to cover more distance efficiently. It is well made with durable double layer construction, looks great […]

Thurso Surf 10’6″ WaterWalker Review

The WaterWalker paddle board by Thurso Surf is a fun all-round ISUP that packs away into a backpack and can be taken anywhere. We have already reviewed the 11′ version of this board and just got the opportunity to try out the slightly smaller 10’6″ option as well. What I love most about this ISUP […]

Thurso Surf 11′ WaterWalker Review

The WaterWalker inflatable SUP by Thurso Surf is a winner.  This is one of those boards that everyone will love right out of the package. Besides having a very attractive design, it is very functional and comes with some fantastic accessories. The size makes it very versatile and we feel that it will suit a lot […]