Allround Inflatable Paddle Boards

Allround is the most popular category for inflatable SUP’s. Boards in this category are ideal for recreational use, are versatile enough to be used on different types of water as well as be used by different riders. The advantage of this type of paddleboard is that it is extremely versatile. The disadvantage is that an […]

Touring Inflatable Paddle Boards

There are several different categories of stand-up paddleboards that include: touring racing allround fitness & yoga surf & whitewater In the past with inflatable paddle boards there tended to be fewer categories as the majority of them were for recreational allround paddling as opposed to catering to specific types of paddling. However as board designs […]

NIXY 10’6” Venice Yoga ISUP Review

If you love yoga and love to be on the water then this NIXY Venice G2 yoga inflatable SUP is about as far as you need to look. It is as convenient, comfortable and functional as they come and best of all it is priced quite well for a very high quality board. We love […]

iRocker 11’ Paddle Board Review

The 11’ iRocker inflatable SUP is a cool board for a good price. It is very portable, fun to paddle and comes with everything you need to get on the water right away. I found the shape and design of this board really nice. The streamlined shape allows it to move through the water nicely […]

SIC Air-Glide Recon 10.4 ISUP Review

On a recent trip to Alaska we went on a guided paddleboard tour to Bear Glacier in Seward. This trip included the use of inflatable SUP’s. Mainly they had Red Paddle Co boards, which I started off paddling at the beginning of the trip and which I have had a lot of previous experience paddling […]

Lokahi Water Explorer (WE) ISUP Review

Lokahi Boards has more than 20 years experience in the surfing world and has now designed a very nice series of inflatable stand-up paddle boards. The Lokahi WE (Water Explorer) inflatable SUP has four different sizes to choose from to meet a variety of different needs. For our review we tested the 10’6” Lokahi WE.  We found […]

Shark SUP’s 10’6″ Touring ISUP Review

Brand new for 2016 is this very cool 10’6” White Shark Touring inflatable paddle board. The shape and design of this Shark SUP make it very fun to paddle as well as quite versatile. It has all the important features covered such as bungee tie down cords up front for securing gear, good fins, and lots […]

NRS Baron Inflatable SUP Review

The Baron is a large inflatable stand-up paddle board that was made to be able to handle quite a bit of weight. This is the board for the larger paddler, for families that want to load up their SUP with kids and dogs or for fishing and expeditions where you plan to load your board […]

NIXY 10’6” Newport ISUP Review

The NIXY Newport is another great board that offers good value for the money. This is a versatile inflatable SUP that is easy for any person to paddle and comes with some great accessories. The NIXY inflatable stand-up paddleboard was listed as one of the top 10 gadgets to take on your next trip by USA […]

Airhead SUP Kids Popsicle 730 Review

Do you have kids who love the outdoors and love adventure?  Want to bring the whole family paddle boarding? The Airhead Popsicle is a fantastic inflatable stand-up paddle board that will suit kids that weigh anywhere from 30 to 120 lbs. I love the colors on this board. It is bright and fun and easy […]