Airhead SUP Carrier Review

For those of you concerned about any difficulty carrying your SUP to and from the water, the Airhead SUP carrier is the perfect solution. This SUP carrier has two straps that wrap around the board and a comfortable shoulder strap. It allows you to easily transfer the weight of the board to your shoulder, which […]

Slingshot High-Pressure SUP Inflator Valve Review

The Slingshot high-pressure SUP inflator valve is a new product on the market this year.  It’s a cool little valve adapter that allows you to inflate your board using a common air compressor such as a tire inflator at a gas station or with a portable compressor that hooks up to your vehicles power source. […]

Airhead SUP Stabilizer Review

Airhead is coming out with some pretty cool accessories for stand-up paddleboards and the Stabilizer is one of my favorites. The Airhead Stabilizer can convert any SUP into an ultra stable board. The added stability is ideal for: beginners who want a little added security plus-sized paddlers who would like more width and stability for […]

K-Pump K20 Review

I believe the K-Pump should come standard with all inflatable stand up paddle boards. It doesn’t of course because that would raise the price. However in my opinion it is almost a necessity if you want to get your board inflated to the proper psi. Not only does it make the inflation process easier, but […]