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compare NRS inflatable SUP boards

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NRS has been a leader in the inflatable kayak industry for a long time. Their fleet of inflatable SUP boards has grown over the last couple years and they have some fantastic options to choose from.

The NRS Adventurer inflatable SUP is for those who want to go touring. It’s great for longer trips and comes with both a 5″ and a 9″ removable find so you can customize the board to suit the water you are on.

Their Imperial board has two options to choose from… a 4″ thick SUP or a 6″ thick SUP. This is a traditional style SUP and a good all-around board for flat water paddling, river running or touring. The thicker 6″ board is ideal for a larger rider or those looking for more stability.

The Tyrant is shorter in length and very sporty. It is ideal for surfing river or ocean waves and very easy to maneuver and control.

The NRS Baron is for cruising lakes, ocean bays and rivers. It has the choice of either a 4″ thick or a 6″ thick board depending on your size and needs.

The NRS Earl is one of their original inflatable stand-up paddle boards and has always been popular. It is quite versatile and can be used for flat water paddling, river running or riding ocean waves. It also has a 4″ thick or a 6″ thick version to choose from.

The Czar is similar to the Tyrant but larger. It is 6″ longer and 2″ thicker making it ideal for a larger paddle. It is designed for surfing river and ocean waves.

NRS also has a women’s specific board called the Women’s Mayra. It is designed for fitness, yoga and flat water paddling. It’s really an all-around great board and very versatile.

They also have a youth board called the Youth Jester. This ISUP is best suited for smaller adults or youths. It can hold up to 135 lbs. and is a little narrower and thinner making it very easy to paddle and turn.

All of their inflatable SUP’s can be inflated up to 15 PSI and come with a grerat 3-year warranty.

Compare NRS Inflatable SUP Boards

Model / Review
Best Uses Length Width Thickness Weight Load Capacity Where To Buy
NRS Adventurer  NRS Adventurer fitness flat water, touring 12’6″ 30.5″ 6” 25 lbs. 250+ lbs.
NRS Imperial 4  NRS Imperial 4 fitness flat water, downriver 10’6″ 32″ 4” 24 lbs. 210 lbs.
NRS Imperial 6  NRS Imperial 6 fitness flat water, downriver 10’6″ 32″ 6” 25 lbs. 250+ lbs.
NRS Tyrant 4  NRS Tyrant 4 surfing, downriver 9’ 34″ 4” 21 lbs. 185 lbs.
NRS Baron 4  NRS Baron 4 fitness, downriver, flat water, yoga 11’4” 36″ 4” 26.5 lbs. 215 lbs.
NRS Baron 6  NRS Baron 6 fitness, downriver, flat water, yoga 11’4” 36″ 6” 28 lbs. 250 lbs.
NRS Earl 4     NRS Earl 4 fitness, flat water, downriver 10’ 6” 30″ 4” 21.4 lbs. 190 lbs.
NRS Earl 6     NRS Earl 6 fitness, flat water, downriver, surfing 10’6” 30″ 6” 22 lbs. 225 lbs.
NRS Czar 6    NRS Czar 6 downriver, surfing 9’6” 34″ 6” 25 lbs. 235 lbs.
NRS Women’s Mayra  NRS Women's Mayra fitness, yoga, flat water, downriver 10’6” 32″ 4” 23.8 lbs. 215 lbs.
NRS Youth Jester  NRS Youth Jester youths, smaller adults, fitness, flat water, rivers 9’ 28″ 3” 18 lbs. 135 lbs.


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