Best All-Around Inflatable SUP’s For 2019

Top 5 All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards 2019

An all-around board is often the best option for a beginner paddler or for anyone who wants a versatile board that can handle any type of water.

Whereas touring boards will slice through the water, cutting through chop creating a faster momentum, an all-around board will ride on top of the water, tackle waves and surf and often be easier to turn and maneuver.

With the rounder nose, many all-around paddle boards provide more stability and more space up front for precious cargo, be it extra gear, kids or dogs.

For this reason they are also better suited for SUP Yoga and all-around fun on lakes, rivers and ocean bays.

All-around boards are also popular with beginners as they are often more stable and easier to paddle.  Their versatility makes them ideal for families, sharing with a partner or friend and summer fun.

Below is our top 5 list for all-around versatile boards. The list contains ISUP’s in a variety of price ranges and sizes so you can find a great board to suit your needs.

We have spent a lot of time on all 5 of these SUP’s and love each and every one of them.

Our Fave All-Around Inflatable Paddle Boards

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HERO SUP CRUSADER – 11’2”x31”x6”

Hero SUP Crusader inflatable paddle board
All-around versatile design with good glide.  Great for paddling with dogs, kids or extra gear.

The Hero SUP Crusader is a board that anyone could love.  It has a really nice length to width ratio (11’2″L x 31″W) that provides decent stability without compromising the glide or performance.

We have had a lot of fun with this board and find it ideal for traveling and so many different types of situations.  It is very versatile so it handles well on flat water and when dealing with wake or chop from boats and wind.

It is the perfect board for paddling with your dog(s) as there is decent room up front for the dog to sit and good stability.

Sometimes adding extra weight on your board (such as with a dog, kid or extra gear) can really make it feel slow and hard to paddle.

However the Crusader has a really nice glide for an all-around design and we have found it to power through some pretty tough conditions really well.

Taking into account the all-around great performance and functionality of this SUP, as well as the top notch Air Fusion construction, high-end accessories included in the package and a great 2-year warranty… Well we feel it’s a winner and confident that it will not disappoint!

Read our full review on the Crusader ISUP for more details.

Check out the Crusader in action below 👇


SEA EAGLE LONGBOARD – 11’ or 12’x30”x6”

Sea Eagle Longboard stand up paddle board
Leaner all-around board that moves swiftly and turns quickly. Slightly less stable with the leaner 30” width.

There are several things we love about the Sea Eagle Longboard. It can handle well on most types of water and is quick to maneuver in surf – particularly the 11’ model.

This board is fun to ride and very responsive however you will notice a little less stability than the wider all-around boards so we recommend this one for those who are physically fit and feel confident in their balance. The longer 12’ board will feel more stable than the 11’ model.

We have used the 12’ Longboard often when out paddling with our dogs but mainly on calm water lakes and rivers.

The Longboard has been around for a long time and Sea Eagle has a great rep. They offer an industry leading 3-year warranty on all of their products.

For more details on the Longboard read our full review.

See me paddling the Longboard below 👇


THURSO SURF WATERWALKER – 10’6″x31″x6″ OR 11″x32″x6″ 

Thurso Surf Waterwalker
Stable and secure, budget friendly, versatile design.

The Waterwalker can go anywhere and be paddled by just about anyone of any skill level. This is a well priced board for what you get that is easy for beginners to ride.

It comes in two size options and two different color choices.  The smaller 10’5″ long board takes less effort to paddle, carry and maneuver.  However the larger 11′ long board is a little wider, more stable and can hold more weight.

Both feel great to paddle on all types of water be it calm lakes, rivers or tackling some ocean wake. These boards are built strong but are a little heavier than many other inflatable SUP’s on the market.  If you don’t mind the added weight they won’t disappoint.

They come with a great package to get you on the water right away that includes the board, 3-piece carbon paddle, backpack with wheels, board leash, dual action hand pump and 3 easy clip-in fins.

Read our in-depth review of the Thurso Surf Waterwalker.

Quick video below of the Waterwalker boards in action 👇


HERO SUP SPARK – 10’5”x30”x6”

Hero SUP Spark inflatable stand up paddle board
Super fun lightweight board ideal for cruising on lakes, rivers or ocean bays.  Also great board to take traveling! 

If you want a compact, easy to carry, fun to paddle ISUP the Spark is an excellent choice.

Although smaller in frame it is surprisingly smooth to paddle and you will find you can pick up some decent speed with very little effort.

The round nose plows through chop well and although it is not as stable as a larger board we have taken out several beginners on the Spark and they have done really well.

We find it is best suited for people who weigh around 200 lbs. or less although it is capable of holding a lot more.

This is a high quality SUP that is priced extremely well for what you get. We have used the Spark on lakes, rivers and around ocean bays and it has excelled in each situation.

Durable, lightweight and strong, the Spark is simply a lot of fun!

Get more details on the Hero SUP Spark in our full review.

See the Spark in action below 👇



Nixy Venice G3 yoga beginners paddle board
Super stable, versatile, easy to paddle, great for yoga, exercise, beginner to novice paddlers and carrying heavier loads.

The Nixy Venice G3 is a super fun board.  It is designed for yoga but it also makes for a great all-purpose paddle board.

I found it extremely stable for practicing my basic yoga moves, doing core exercises but also just for paddling around.  It handles well on flat water as well as when dealing with wake and waves.

It is perfect for bringing out the kids or the dogs and suits families well who want to SUP together and enjoy days at the lake.

It can hold a lot of weight – up to 300 lbs. and feels very rigid when inflated to 15 PSI.  Nixy is a great company and their boards are solid.

If you want an all around easy to paddle board that is also ideal for a little SUP Yoga, the Venice is a great choice.

Check out our full review of the Nixy Venice Paddle Board here.

See the Spark in action below 👇


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