Airhead SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit

Airhead adult universal PFD

Normally when I SUP I wear a waistpack PFD because I find it is more comfortable than wearing a normal lifejacket.

However I got to review the Airhead SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit and found that the life vest included in this kit was extremely comfortable while stand-up paddling.

I found the armholes to be quite large so there was no restriction or rubbing when I was paddling.

The freedom of movement was great and it felt comfortable while on.

stand-up paddling with the Airhead universal lifejacket

Airhead PFD Universal Fit

This is a universal one-size-fits-all PFD. Normally I find the universal fit life vests to be a little bulky and unattractive.

This one fit well and overall I thought it looked good even though the design is basic.

I tested it on several people of all different sizes and it seemed to work fine on anyone both male and female.

It has three adjustable straps that clip together. There is quite a range with the adjustable straps so they can be tightened or loosened depending on your needs.

The open sides fit well and give lots of room to breathe.

side view of the Airhead lifejacket

back view of the Airhead adult pfd

paddling with the Airhead adult sized universal life jacket

SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit Features

This kit is ideal for those who don’t like to wear a PFD while paddling.  It meets the Coast Guard requirements in most States/regions that require you to have a whistle and signaling device, as well as a PFD on board in case of emergency.

Everything is completely provided in this kit and can be stored in the included mesh bag and secured under the bungee cords on your ISUP if you choose not to wear it.

The important features are:

  1. It has a little reflective mirror attached to the PFD that can be used to reflect light as a signal in case of emergency.
  2. It also has a little whistle attached to it, which is really handy. I normally have a whistle with me when out on the water so it’s nice to have one already attached to the lifejacket.
  3. The large armholes as mentioned are a great feature that make it extra comfortable even for extreme water sports.
  4. The PFD is very lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or bulky on.
  5. It has open sides that allow you to breathe and not get too hot.
  6. It comes with a mesh carry bag that has a drawstring to close it up and clips to attach to a backpack if needed.

mesh lifejacket bag

refelctive mirror attached to lifejacket

Airhead PFD Material

The outside of the PFD is lined with UV resistant 200-Denier Nylon Oxford and 200-Denier Polyester material and the inside is made with lightweight EPE Foam.

The material and construction are typical for an affordable PFD that is designed for water sports.  It won’t last forever but for general use it is well constructed and strong.

With this type of material you get a very lightweight PFD that still provides the necessary buoyancy should you end up in the water.

kayaking with the Airhead universal lifejacket

Final Thoughts

The Airhead SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit is extremely affordable, which is a big selling point.

It provides everything you need to meet Coast Guard requirements in most States and keeps it all stored nicely in a mesh bag.

I personally found the PFD to be quite comfortable while paddling but if you choose not to wear it, you can store it under the bungee cords on your board and know that you still meet the Coast Guard requirements.

I think this kit also makes for a great backup PFD… One you can use if you happen to have an extra family member or friend coming out with you.

It is not as rugged as a more expensive option, but for the price, I think it’s great.

It is basic in design – there is no zipper, no pockets, no back meshing for breathability and no custom fit.

However it is comfortable, functional, and affordable and best of all it covers all the bases to keep you safe in case of emergency and out of trouble with the Coast Guard.

It is USCG Approved type III and good for people who weigh 85 lbs. – 240 lbs.

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