Airhead SUP SS Camouflage ISUP Review

paddling the Airhead SS Camouflage

This is one of the most stable inflatable SUP boards on the market.

It is wide, it is strong and it is ideal for any person who would like a little extra stability while out on the water.

Specs For The Airhead SUP SS Camouflage

  • 10’8” long
  • 38” wide
  • weighs 32 lbs.
  • can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • air pressure: main chamber 15 PSI, side chambers 7-9 PSI
  • includes two small side skegs, one large removable skeg

Material: Extra rugged drop stitch PVC construction

Pros: Super stable, rigid and strong, comfortable anti-skid EVA foot pad, bungee tie-down cords at front of board, padded carry handles at bow and stern and center of board, very easy to paddle

Cons: A little heavy, a slow mover

Where To Buy The Airhead SUP SS (Super Stable)

Although I reviewed the SS Camouflage there is also another version called the SS Super Stable, which is exactly the same except for the color.

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More In-Depth Info On The SS Camouflage

I was very pleased with the rigidity of the Airhead SUP SS Camouflage and I also noticed right away the strength of the material.

I expected this ISUP to be stable (and it definitely is) but I was impressed with the ruggedness of it. The material seemed extremely tough. While paddling this board I had confidence it could tackle a lot of different situations.

Airhead SS inflatable SUP

With the extra stability that this board offers it is ideal for:

  • fishing
  • SUP yoga
  • paddling with kids or dogs
  • larger paddlers
  • and anyone who wants a little extra stability

It comes in two color options… the Camouflage, which is the one I reviewed or a blue and white option.

The Camouflage color is great for SUP fishing and I really liked the look of it. It looked even better than I expected and it really did blend with the water and the environment.

Airhead SUP SS Inflatable Side Chambers

very stable Airhead SUP

What makes this SUP unique and extra stable is the inflatable side chambers.

Whereas most inflatable SUP’s have only one main air chamber, this one has three…One for the main body and one on each side chamber.

The main body can be inflated up to 15 PSI. The side chambers can be inflated up to 9 PSI.

The side chambers make this board extra wide. They create extra buoyancy and stability.

When out on the water we tried rocking this board back and forth and doing little jumps to test the rigidity and stability. It’s not easy to fall off this SUP, it truly is super stable.

The extra side chambers do make this board a little heavier because of the added material and width and they also make this board slower to paddle.

However the tracking is good and overall I found it easy to paddle and I quite enjoyed cruising around on it.

The side chambers definitely serve a purpose and for those who want the added stability, I think they will appreciate them as well as the quality of this board.

first time stand-up paddling on the Airhead SS

The above picture is of a friend of mine who had never stand-up paddled before.  The SS Camouflage provided so much stability that she excelled right off the bat.

I switched her over to another ISUP that had a more standard design and shape and she noticed the difference in stability right away.

She eventually went back to the Airhead SS and paddled the rest of the way back.  This board is awesome for beginners to gain their confidence.

Setup of the SS Camouflage

Setup is very simple. First take the board out of the backpack carry bag.

taking Airhead SS camouflage out of mesh backpack

This board comes with a mesh backpack carry bag to store it and transport it.

I like the mesh as it lets the board breath when it is stored away.  However the downside of the mesh is it won’t provide as much protection when traveling if you want to check the board on an airplane.

The straps on the backpack are a little flimsy and there is no extra padding for comfort or support. However it does the trick and the bag is big enough to get the board in and out fairly easy, which is nice and not always the case with other boards.

Once you have the SUP out of the bag, unroll and inflate. Inflate the main chamber first then the two side chambers.

inflating SS Camouflage ISUP

I used the hand pump that comes with this Airhead board. It worked fine… takes some effort to get to 15 PSI but very doable. The two side chambers inflated very fast.

The hand pump comes with a pressure gauge so you can check your progress and it works well.

If you’d rather not exert yourself while inflating the board before hitting the water, Airhead has a great electric pump that can be purchased separately.

Once inflated attach the fin. It secures easily and feels solid and strong once attached.

Airhead paddleboard fin

Airhead fin

In total it took me about 10 minutes to get on the water. It would be even faster if using the electric pump.

Airhead Camo ISUP

Airhead SUP Super Stable Performance

The performance was decent. This is not a streamlined SUP that is going to race through the water.

However considering it’s size I thought it paddled nicely, tracked well and had no problem cutting through choppy waves.

In fact I found it so stable that I noticed the waves made much less of an impact on my paddling than normal.

I felt secure on this board and it was fun to ride.  My little dog Seth was also totally comfortable and he seemed at ease even walking on the board while I paddled.

Seth and I paddling the super stable inflatable SUP

Important Features

Fin System

The fin system on the SS Camouflage is quite good. There are two attached smaller fins and one removable larger fin.

When paddling in shallow water or for whitewater paddling you can leave the large fin off and rely simply on the two small fins.

For open flat water paddling the larger fin really helps with tracking.

fin system

Bungee Tie-Down Cords

I was happy to see there is a bungee tie down system at the front of the board.

This is always handy to have and ideal for securing your water bottle, shoes, or any gear you want to bring out with you.

front bungee system

Carry Handles

All three carry handles on this board have rubber padding, which makes them really comfortable to use.  I love when there is padding on the carry handles as I feel it makes such a difference comfort-wise when transporting the board to and from the water.

There is a center carry handle that you would use most often when carrying the board by yourself.  There is also a front and back carry handle as well to use when carrying with two people.  Then handles feel strong and secure just like the rest of this SUP.

SUP carry handle


There are four D-rings up front that secure the bungee cords as well as one D-ring at the back.

The back D-ring is ideal to secure your board leash.

Hard-Tip Nose

There is tapered hard-tip nose on this ISUP.  The strength and rigidity of the nose make it ideal for punching through waves.

It is a nice feature that adds to the ruggedness and strength of this inflatable SUP.

EVA Anti-Skid Pad

The foot pad is long enough to be fully functional and comfortable to stand on.

It has enough traction that there is no concern for slipping yet it is very comfortable to stand or kneel on.

One-Way Valve

The Halkey Roberts style air valve works great on all three air chambers.

It is the most typical type of valve used on inflatable SUP boards and leaks from these valves are unusual.

halkey roberts style one-way air valve

Versatility Of the Airhead SUP SS Camouflage

Believe it or not this inflatable SUP is very versatile.

It may not be the best performing board out there but it serves a purpose and it can be used by any person on just about any type of water.

Whether you are large or small, this SUP is easy to paddle and can handle a lot of weight…up to 300 lbs.

  • It is very stable for waves and choppy water.
  • It is ideal for piling on the kids and cruising around.
  • It is perfect for dogs with the extra width and stability.
  • It is most ideal for fishing.
  • It is great for yoga or exercise.
  • It paddles well cruising on flat water.
  • It provides extra stability for whitewater and the hard-tip nose punches through waves nicely.
  • You could even take it surfing, although it won’t turn and maneuver as quickly as one might like.

Color Choice

This board comes in two color options…A camouflage color as seen in my pictures or a more standard blue and white design.

I thought the camouflage material looked great and it really did blend with the environment well. This choice is ideal for those who plan to fish from their board or just for those who love camouflage! I liked it more than I expected to.

The Downside

The negatives are the obvious extra weight of the board and the slower movement through water.

One other thing I noticed was that more water seemed to stay on the board while paddling.

It is normal for water to get on the board and one expects their feet to get wet while stand-up paddling.

However I noticed the water did not drain off the top of the board as easily with the puffy extra side chambers.

It didn’t bother me at all as the water would eventually drain off the back but thought it worth noting.

My Pictures Of The SS Camouflage

Airhead SS box

Airhead backpack

SS camouflage rolled up

airhead sup inflation valve

pressure gauge

Airhead SS inflatable paddle board

paddling the SS camouflage inflatable SUP

Our Video Of The Airhead SUP SS Camouflage

Final Thoughts

Overall I like the Airhead SUP SS Camouflage. I like the color and design of the board and I get how useful it would be for a lot of people.

It wouldn’t be my choice for regular paddling but the pontoon-like sides serve a purpose and if I fished or wanted to do SUP yoga, this would be a great choice.

It is also ideal for beginners who are nervous to try stand-up paddling and for larger riders who need extra support and stability.

The quality is good and it has all the important features covered.

Included in the package is the backpack, high pressure-pump with gauge, valve wrench and repair kit.

Where To Buy

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  1. Steve B says:

    Have you ever reviewed the inflatable Boardworks Raven?

    • Hi Steve, no not yet unfortunately. It’s on my list of boards I want to review. I’ve heard only good things about it.

  2. Braulio says:

    What a great review! My wife and i are look for 2 isup’s that we can fish on and that is well built. Would you recommend the airhead ss??? I just dont wanna invest the money in 2 isup’s that wont last a couple years. Im looking to spend a total of $2,000 or less for 2 nice “fishing isup’s”.

    • Oh for sure, with a little care I would think the Airhead SS would last quite a long time. It is durable and strong. It’s a little slow for paddling around but it is great for fishing and very stable.

  3. Braulio says:

    I just bought it! Sure is heavy duty! But the manual says to inflate main chamber 13-15psi and the sides 3-4psi. Where did you get the info to inflate 8-9 on the sides?

    • Braulio says:

      I meant where did u get the 7-9 psi for the sides?? Also what are the little white ” floaties” that come with it used for?

      • It says the side chambers can be inflated to 7-9 psi on the Airhead website. I inflated the side chambers on mine to 9 psi and it was totally fine. Probably anywhere from 3 – 9 psi is fine. 3 seems low, I’d probably put at least an extra couple of pounds of air pressure in there. The white ‘floaties’ are just fin protectors for when it is stored away… so the fins don’t get scratched or bent when it is packed up. I rarely use them to be honest, but they’re handy to hold on to. Happy paddling!!

  4. Thank you for the review, Allison! 🙂 I have 2 hard boards and looking for my 1st inflatable….for travel use = the more versatile the better for exploring unfamiliar places. I’m thinking of packing it in a suitcase with a tent for airplane check-thru and taking it on everything from alpine lakes (day-hikes) to light ocean use (Florida Keyes or Puget Sound?) to rivers with Class 1-2 rapids (Rogue River in Oregon?). I love the 300 lb weight capacity for carrying camera gear in a dry-bag to “the other side of the lake”, but board weight of 25 lbs would be nicer than 32 lbs. Any other recommendations or considerations for maximum versatility + minimal weight? I weigh around 190 lbs.

    • Hi Dan, I don’t think the Airhead SS is the right board for you. It is a nice SUP but too big and heavy for hiking and versatility. Check out the Sea Eagle Longboard. The 11′ version weighs only 22 lbs. and the 12’6″ model weighs 24 lbs. It is a very versatile SUP and would definitely suit your needs. It is good for traveling and performs well on all different types of water. I have the 12’6″ Longboard and I like this size a lot. It tracks well and is still easy to maneuver plus it can hold a lot of weight. The 11′ Longboard will be slightly easier for traveling and hiking though if that is your priority. I find these boards can hold even more weight than what they state so I don’t think you’ll have a problem with load capacity with either size. One more option is the Ten Toes Weekender. This board is shorter at only 10′ long but it is still quite stable and can hold a lot of weight. It is ultra portable and also very versatile. It doesn’t go quite as fast but it is a lot of fun to paddle and very easy to turn and maneuver. Plus it is a great price and has the option of a rolling suitcase backpack. Hope that helps!

      • Interesting response. I suppose max versatility probably would be something more like the SE Longboard…perhaps + Airhead Stabilizers on-hand for days/circumstances that might demand a bit more safety/confidence (potential for winds to kick up or extra confidence in cold glacier melt lakes)?? As far as ruggedness, do you feel that all of these boards (Airhead SS, SE Longboard, Ten Toes, and maybe Tower Adventurer) have comparable construction quality?? Does extra weight usually = more rugged materials and stronger build quality?? Appreciate your knowledge, experience, and thoughts….

        • They are all made quite well. Sea Eagle offers the best warranty – 3 years. The Airhead Stabilizer is definitely handy for days when you need the added stability. Extra weight doesn’t necessarily equal stronger build unless you start looking at the super light ISUP’s (those that weigh roughly 15-17 lbs.) – they supposedly don’t last quite as long.

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