Advanced Elements Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Advanced Elements started over a decade ago and began with hybrid inflatable kayaks that were unique to the market. Their kayaks have been very popular and the company has grown over the years. As of today they offer over seventy different products that sell worldwide including five different inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Their boards are well […]

Airhead Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Airhead SUP is a really cool company that has a some nice inflatable SUP boards to choose from. They are part of the larger Kwik Tek family of brands. Kwik Tek manufactures lots of different water sport products including inflatable towable tubes, wakeboards, water ski and tow ropes, snow tubes, inflation accessories and of course […]

Airis Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Airis is the inflatable SUP brand for Walker Bay. Walker Bay has been around since 1997 producing recreational water products. Walker Bay is known for innovative, functional and unique products and their Airis stand-up paddle boards definitely fit that bill. The Airis boards have some unique features that make them stand out without sacrificing any […]

airSUP Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

The airSUP company began back in 2010 originally producing boards for the Japan market. They are now sold globally and they have some pretty unique products. All of their boards have a US style fin box, which is able to take almost any US box fin. Their ISUP’s contain either an 8″ fin that is […]

Hala Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

I feel like the Hala boards really stand out.  The company hasn’t been around as long as some of the other big names but they are definitely making a name for themselves. They make the type of SUP boards that you can beat the crap out of and know that you and your board are […]

Isle Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Isle has some great inflatable SUP boards that offer good quality, great features for an affordable price. They have six boards available right now… 7’6” Kids 10’ All Around 10’4” Womens 11’ Explorer 12’6” Touring 15’ Megalodon All of their ISUP’s can be inflated up to 15 PSI and I think overall they have a […]

Naish Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

I love Naish, always have.  I love their boards and I love the company.  They have a decent selection of inflatable SUP’s now available for cruising, touring, surfing and even for windsurfing. Naish has a reputation for quality and I find their boards to be very well made and strong. I’ve spent the most time […]

NRS Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Above picture credit: NRS has been a leader in the inflatable kayak industry for a long time. Their fleet of inflatable SUP boards has grown over the last couple years and they have some fantastic options to choose from. The NRS Adventurer inflatable SUP is for those who want to go touring. It’s great […]

Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Red has redesigned their lineup of inflatable SUP’s for 2015. They are one of the few ISUP companies that produce boards that can compete in races and competitions. Their new lineup is awesome and there is a board for everyone. They have expanded their very popular ‘Ride’ model to include 4 different versions of this […]

Saturn Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Saturn a few different inflatable SUP boards to choose from. Their 11 foot super light model is crazy light for an 11 foot board and so easy to take absolutely anywhere.  A 17 lbs. board is extremely easy to carry to and from the water as well as travel with to any location. The super […]