Starboard Inflatable Blend ISUP Review

I had heard a lot of good things about the Astro Blend inflatable SUP and was super psyched to try it out. I had several emails from people who had tested different boards and ended up buying the Blend and absolutely loved it. They gave it rave reviews and I couldn’t wait to try one. […]

Starboard Whopper ISUP Review

Note:  My personal pictures below are of the older Whopper model.  The 2018 model has been redesigned. This is an awesome board. I had the opportunity to review it, got to keep it for a little while, tried it out several times on different water ways and at the end I can honestly say that […]

Starboard Yoga Inflatable SUP Review

SUP Yoga has become extremely popular in the last few years. Although I am not a regular yoga student myself I have seen many people both individually and in classes doing yoga on their boards out on the water. It’s not only a beautiful and peaceful way to exercise but doing yoga on a paddle […]