Bravo BP12 Single-Stage Electric Pump

This is a review I should have done a long time ago but am only just getting around to writing it now. I have used this BP12 Single-Stage Pump for a very long time. In my opinion it is the best one on the market for under $100. If you want to save yourself a […]

Onyx M-24 SUP Inflatable Belt Pack Review

Wearing a regular lifejacket while stand-up paddle boarding can restrict your range of movement and feel really stuffy on hot humid days. If you are a good swimmer and comfortable in the water then a waist pack PFD is the perfect option for SUP’ing. I cannot stress enough how much more comfortable it is. We […]

Tantrum Tow Ropes Wetsuit Review

We had a rough winter this year and I had the opportunity to test out this wetsuit in some pretty crappy weather. Freezing temperatures and pouring rain may not seem like the ideal conditions to test a wetsuit but that’s what we got day after day this winter and right into the start of Spring. […]

Chums Downriver Rolltop Bag Review

I had been searching for awhile for some type of water resistant bag that I could wear while stand-up paddling to store my essentials like my car keys, phone, snacks, camera, etc. I have a waterproof backpack that is great for longer trips. Only problem is that it is big and bulky and there is […]

Current Drives ElectraFin Review

The stand-up paddle board world is growing and expanding. With that growth we are seeing some really innovative new products on the market providing stand-up paddlers with some great options. One of the coolest products I’ve seen lately is the ElectraFin designed by Seattle based company Current Drives. The ElectraFin is an electric conversion kit […]

Airhead SUP Heavy Duty Board Leash Review

A board leash is a must safety accessory if you get into stand-up paddle boarding. One end attaches just above your ankle and the other end attaches to the D-ring at the back end of your SUP. If you fall into the water, the leash ensures that you don’t lose your board. The last thing […]

Airhead SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit

Normally when I SUP I wear a waistpack PFD because I find it is more comfortable than wearing a normal lifejacket. However I got to review the Airhead SUP Deluxe Coast Guard Kit and found that the life vest included in this kit was extremely comfortable while stand-up paddling. I found the armholes to be […]

BTP 2-Stage Electric Pump for ISUP’s Review

The hand pumps that come with the inflatable stand-up paddleboards are pretty good… they work far better than they did a few years ago. As more and more inflatable SUP’s come on the market the competition rises.  Not only are the boards competitive but so are the accessories and gear that come with them such […]

Airhead SUP Anchor Kit Review

Believe it or not an anchor is an excellent accessory for an inflatable SUP. With an anchor you can keep your SUP in one spot. This is ideal for… Fishing Yoga Stopping to enjoy lunch on the water Taking a break in the sun Basically it eliminates the worry of floating away down the river […]

Airhead High Pressure 12V Electric Pump Review

I love using an electric pump with my inflatable boards. It makes inflation super easy and fast. I’ve tried several pumps over the years and from what I’ve seen there are really only a few electric pumps on the market that really work well with inflatable stand-up paddleboards and that are able to get them […]