Advanced Elements Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

paddling the AE Fishbone inflatable SUP

Advanced Elements started over a decade ago and began with hybrid inflatable kayaks that were unique to the market.

Their kayaks have been very popular and the company has grown over the years.

As of today they offer over seventy different products that sell worldwide including five different inflatable stand-up paddleboards.

Their boards are well priced and ideal for the recreational paddler. All of the Advanced Elements ISUP’s comes with a one-year warranty.

I find that the AE boards are quite versatile. They are strong, durable and they look nice. The Advanced Elements brand is well known all over and their ISUP’s cater to the recreational paddler.

Compare the different models below.

Compare Advanced Elements Inflatable SUP Boards

Model / Review
Best Uses Length Width Thickness Weight Load Capacity Where To Buy
Advanced Elements Hula 8  Advanced Elements Hula 8 surfing, cruising 8’ 30″ 6” 16.5 lbs. 155 lbs.,
Advanced Elements Hula 11  Advanced Elements Hula 11 surfing, touring 11’ 30″ 4” 23 lbs. 230 lbs.
Advanced Elements Fishbone  Advanced Elements Fishbone touring, flat water, fishing 11’” 30” 6″ 26.5 lbs. 230 lbs.,
Advanced Elements Stiffy  Advanced Elements Stiffy touring, flat water 11’ 30” 4″ 32 lbs. 230 lbs.,
Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP  Advanced Elements Lotus yoga SUP yoga, touring 10’ 32” 6″ 28 lbs. 200 lbs.,


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