Sea Eagle Longboard Review

paddling the Sea Eagle Longboard inflatable SUP

This inflatable stand-up paddleboard was actually the first one I ever tried several years ago.

Since that time it has been upgraded and improved upon and now the 2015 model is even better than ever.

The Sea Eagle Longboard is super versatile, strong, rigid and loaded with great features.

However the best part about this board is that it gives you a lot for your money.

Their packages include not only a high quality versatile paddle board with great standard features but also your paddle, a backpack carry bag, a repair kit and a high-pressure hand pump with gauge or an electric pump (depending on which package your choose) and a great 3-year warranty.

This board also has two different size options to choose from, an 11’ long 6” thick model or a 12’6” long 6” thick model.

Specs For The Sea Eagle Longboard

Model Length Width Thickness Weight Max Weight Air Pressure Fins
Sea Eagle Longboard 11 11′ 30″ 6″ 22 lbs. 200 lbs. 15 PSI 1 large removable fin, 2 small side fins
Sea Eagle Longboard 12’6″ 12’6″ 30″ 6″ 24 lbs. 250 lbs. 15 PSI 1 large removable fin, 2 small side fins


Material: Made with very strong 1000 denier PVC drop stitch inflatable construction and quadruple overlap seams for extra strength and protection.

Pros: Lightweight, stable, easy to travel with and transport, long comfortable deck pad, custom kick tail, great tracking fins, very versatile, option to sit or stand up paddle, bungee tie-down cords at bow, very rigid, 3-year warranty

Cons: A jack-of-all-trades but a master at none.

Where To Buy The Longboard

When you buy directly from the manufacturer you truly get the best deal as you are able to take advantage of their 3-year warranty and 180-day risk free trial as well as their frequent package sales.

Click here for current package deals for the Longboard from the official Sea Eagle website.

More In-Depth Info


Sea Eagle Longboard at Two Jack Lake, Banff

The new Longboard SUP is an awesome board. What I love the most about it is its versatility.

This is a board that anybody can ride, no matter how old or how young, no matter what type of water you want to paddle on and no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

This ISUP will suit just about anybody and it is extremely fun to paddle.

The length to thickness ratio makes both the 11’ and the 12’6” Longboard stable and easy to maneuver.

It will glide nicely on flat water but also have no problem handling windy chop, ocean surf or even a little whitewater.

It is not a specialized board meaning it is not designed for super speed or high performance but what it can do is go anywhere with you and ride any type of water quite well.

This is the board that you can switch between friends and family members and take to any waterway and know that it will hold up well and stay solid.

carrying the Longboard 12'6" paddle board

Longboard Shape and Design

It has quite a standard shape and more of a traditional feel than Sea Eagle’s other inflatable SUP model, the Needlenose.

However even thought the shape is more traditional it is not the same as all the others on the market.

In Sea Eagle’s words…

Our Longboard SUP’s are now made with 6” thick drop stitch material to increase buoyancy, rigidity, and stability. We’ve also added 4” nose/entry rocker followed by a slight continuous board rocker and finish/exit with a 2” tail rocker.

I’m not super technical but I can tell you that this board feels good on the water. The shape and design definitely work for me.

Longboard Performance

I just received the newest version of the Longboard this month and although I knew this was a great board and I remember very well paddling the original version years ago, I was surprised at the improvements and how much I actually loved paddling it.

Improvements that I noticed over the board I tried many years ago is more rigidity, better performance and it now seems like a SUP that can adjust to just about any situation or rider.

It is just easy and fun. Every thing about it is convenient. It is easy to set up, easy to carry to the water, easy to take off, easy to paddle and easy to ride some waves.

It tracks straight and feels stable even when paddling in wind.

As you might already know winds can pick up fast and seemingly from out of nowhere. It feels good to have confidence in the board you are on and I found that was exactly what this board offered… confidence that it would perform as it should.

The first time my boyfriend and I took it out it was a calm sunny day. By the time we were heading back the wind had picked up quite a bit and the water got choppy.

This is pretty typical behavior for some of the mountain lakes around here and it was a great test for the Longboard. Although we had to paddle a little harder, there were no issues at all and it cut through the wind nicely.

paddling the Sea Eagle Longboard SUP in Banff

I wish we had some real ocean surf close by to try it out (and warmer waters). From some of the pictures on the Sea Eagle website (see pic below) you can see this board in action riding waves and kicking butt on ocean surf.

I imagine it would be a lot of fun to take on a vacation somewhere warm, sunny and tropical.

Sea Eagle Longboard surfing the waves

Rigidity and Strength

The 11’ board can hold up to 200 lbs. and the 12’6” board can hold up to 250 lbs. We had the longer 12’6” board out and we really liked the length.

Neither my boyfriend nor myself noticed any flex at all. The board feels strong and totally rigid and can hold up to 15 PSI in air pressure.

Paddle Standing Up Or Sitting Down

This is one of the few ISUP’s out there that offers a package with a seat. The seat gives you the option of stand-up paddling or paddling kayak-style sitting down.

The seat is inflatable and fairly comfortable. It attaches to the D-rings on the board to keep it in place. It has a back pocket for storing snacks or small items.

The seat is convenient for quite a few reasons.

  • It is fantastic for those who like to fish from their boards. I used to see people in Hawaii who would tie down a milk crate on their SUP so they could sit and fish from their board. The optional seat available for the Longboard provides a far more comfortable platform to sit.
  • It is great for those who think they might get tired while out stand-up paddling and want the option of sitting down half way through.
  • It can be ideal for getting you through tricky situations. Paddling sitting down kayak-style will give you more stability and strength when paddling through strong winds or big waves.
  • The seat can be used for a child while you stand and paddle.

LB11 with seat

Longboard Setup

Setup is a snap. Take the board out of the carry bag. Unroll and inflate either with the included hand pump or the electric pump if you chose the electric pump package.

carrying the SE Longboard to the water

attaching the pump to the one-way valve on the LB126 SUP

Once inflated you can slip in the fin and clip it into place. All in all it takes less than 10 minutes.

The high-pressure hand pump that comes with this board is really good.

The Longboard can be inflated up to 15 PSI and with a little effort the hand pump will get the job done fairly quickly.

The hand pump comes with an inline pressure gauge that works really well so you can keep track of the PSI level.

inflating the longboard

If like me you are a little lazy and don’t want to overexert yourself and work up a sweat before getting on the water then the electric pump package is 100% worth it.

The electric pump attaches to your car battery with alligator clips and inflates the board super fast while you just stand there and watch. It’s a lot easier and makes the process a lot more enjoyable in my opinion.

However I’ve gotten spoiled using my electric pumps over the last couple years and I sometimes forgot how well the new hand pumps work.

The Sea Eagle green hand pump works really well, so if you decide to forfeit the electric pump package not to worry as the job still gets done quickly… it just takes a bit more effort.

Sea Eagle LB Fins

I really like the fins on this ISUP. There are two small leading side fins that can be used alone if in shallow water or rivers with lots of debris.

There is also a removable large fin that easily clips in and is ideal for flat water touring or cruising around ocean bays.

I find with the combination of the large fin clipped in and the two smaller side fins, the tracking is really good.

The Sea Eagle fins are solid. Mine have gotten a little scratched up over the years but they’ve never broken and I’ve never had any issues with them.

longboard skegs

Important Features of the LB 11 and LB126

Front Bungee Tie-Down Cords

The bungee tie-down cords at the front of the board are super convenient. You can use them to secure gear, to secure your shoes or flip-flops, to secure fishing gear, to secure lunch or a dry bag or anything else you want to bring. I use mine just about all the time.

LB paddle board bungee tie-down cords

Carry Handles

There is a carry handle in the center of the board that you will use most often while carrying your SUP to and from the water.

It is a standard carry handle and works fine. There is nothing overly special about the handle but it is strong and secure.

There is also a padded front grab handle, which is very convenient to have in many different situations such as pulling your board through surf.

SE Longboard front carry handle

LB center carry handle

One-Way Valve

This board has a deluxe recessed Halkey Roberts style air valve.

This is my favorite kind of valve on any inflatable SUP or kayak. It works great and is easy to use.

Any air leaks from this type of valve are very unusual.

one-way halkey roberts sup valve


There are four center D-rings that can be used to attach the seat or tie down gear.

There is also a large rear D-ring attachment for towing, leash or anything else you might want to secure.


Deck Pad & Kick Tail

The deck pad is fairly long and I find quite comfortable to stand or sit on. It is skid resistant and doesn’t get slippery.

The custom performance kick tail at the back of the deck pad prevents you from slipping or stepping off the tail and helps with foot placement and fancy maneuvers if you dare to try.

LB126 kick tail

Nose Rocker & Tail Rocker

This board is 6” thick for added stability and rigidity but it has an upturned 4” nose rocker that is really helpful when surfing waves.

The 2” tail rocker is ideal for high performance and advanced maneuvers.


The drop stitch inflatable construction is tough and strong and you will immediately notice the rigidity of this board when inflated.

It also has additional reinforcement layers over seams and where needed to combat any wear and tear.

The Downside

There are not too many negatives that I could find with this stand-up paddleboard.

It is truly a hybrid board that can be used for just about any type of paddling by any person.

I do find with these hybrid boards that although versatile they tend not to excel at any type of paddling.

You can buy a SUP that is specific for touring, racing, whitewater or surf and possibly get a better performance.

However a niche-specific board doesn’t give you versatility and that is where this one shines.

It may not be the fastest or sleekest ISUP out there but it is awesome in just about every other way.

My Pictures

Longboard inflatable SUP at Two Jack Lake, Banff

paddling the Sea Eagle Longboard with two dogs

Sea Eagle Longboard at Johnson Lake

SE Longboard ISUP

paddling the SE LB126 with Seth

Final Thoughts On The SE Longboard Hybrid ISUP

Beginner to Advanced riders will appreciate the continuous rocker this board provides when surfing and the stability and great tracking for flat-water touring.

I really like this new Sea Eagle Longboard a lot. It is so easy and so fun to use and so extremely versatile.

Whether cruising around catching some sun, paddling for exercise, surfing some waves or hitting the rivers, the Longboard will perform well and stay strong.

It comes with Sea Eagle’s standard 3-year warranty and 180 day risk free trial, meaning if you are unsatisfied at any point within 180 days of purchase you can return the product for a full refund… as long as it is in good condition.

We have really loved testing out the Longboard and I know we will have it out often.

We have the 12’6” model and I have to say that I really like this length. It feels even longer than the 12’6″ Sea Eagle Needlenose because with the Needlenose you lose some of the space with the tapered hard nose.

This length is awesome for dogs if you have a furry friend you plan to take out with you. There is lots of room for both you and your dog to be comfortable.

It feels roomy yet is still lightweight and easy to paddle. Best of all it can hold a ton of weight.

However both lengths are good and a smaller person may much prefer the 11’ board.

Also worth noting that this ISUP would be an ideal choice for camping or overnight trips as there is lots of room to secure gear.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Longboard to a friend or family member.

Where To Buy

When you buy directly from the manufacturer you get to take advantage of their great 3-year warranty and 180-day risk free trial. Plus Sea Eagle often has some great package sales going on.

Click Here For The Best Package Deals For The Sea Eagle Longboard From The Official Sea Eagle Website.

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  1. Kati Smith says:

    I just ordered the Longboard 11, I am eagerly awaiting it to show up, hopefully by this weekend

  2. Song C. says:

    Hello, I’m a beginner to the SUP world and would like your opinion on the best iSUP for all-around use. I live in a beach city so I’d do a combo of ocean touring, marina cruising, and eventually try a little light surfing down the road as my skills allow me to. Your reviews have been a great help, but I’ve noticed you don’t test all the boards in different waters. For example, did you take the Sea Eagle Needlenose and/or Longboard to the ocean? I was leaning towards the Needlenose, but am wondering how easy it is to paddle out past the break because of the bow.

    So, can you recommend which ones you’d get if you were me?


    I also looked at your comparison chart. It would be great if you could put your star ratings on there.

    • Hi! Glad you are finding the reviews helpful and I really like your idea of the star rating on the comparison chart. I will look at adding that. Yes I have had the Needlenose out on the ocean. It actually handles much better than I expected it to in waves and chop. I actually had it out just a couple days ago on the ocean on a windy day. I was comparing it with another board that had the standard bow-turned-up design. I actually found that the Needlenose cut through the waves much nicer than the other board. It handles great. The board with the turned up bow was quite bouncy and I found a little more unstable with the choppy water.
      The SE Longboard is good on the ocean as well, I’ve had it out several times in the past. However I found that the 4″ thickness makes it a little less stable in waves. However once you get more experience this becomes less of an issue and the 4″ thickness does make it really easy to maneuver in surf. The Red Allwater SUP is also a good one, I’m just in the process of reviewing it right now. It’s not that long but it’s very versatile, very high quality and handles great. It’s also a little pricier but definitely a nice board.
      Basically if it was me I’d go for the Needlenose if the majority of your paddling is going to be ocean touring and marina cruising with just a little light surfing. If surfing is going to become a bigger priority I’d say either the SE Longboard or the Red Allwater (it will just take practice to get comfortable with the thinner board) or else even one of the NRS boards would be a great option… they have some good all-water boards with both 4″ and 6″ thickness. I’m hoping to add their reviews soon. Hope that helps!

  3. Kimberly Castaldo says:

    I just took my board out yesterday! Wow it’s so stable and ridgid. I want to purchase another so I can take family or friend with me. Having the inflatable is so convenient no storage or transport issues. Only took a couple minutes to set up and off I glad I decided after much research to get an inflatable. The SeaEagle was highly recommended in my research and now I know why:)

    • Allison says:

      It’s so great to hear that you are happy with the Longboard. I agree it’s pretty hard to beat the convenience of an inflatable SUP, they’re awesome!

  4. Just ordered. Looking forward to getting out on the water (mountain lakes in Colorado & ocean/bays/coves in San Diego). Your review is excellent. Thank You!

  5. Mike Henebry says:

    I really like paddling my Longboard 11; now that I have inflated it to 15 psi at your suggestion, it is performing well. The manual that included with my Longboard 11 says that 12 psi is the “working pressure”, and cautions against overinflation. However, when I called Sea Eagle, the person I talked with said inflation to 15 psi was fine and would not void the warranty. It is too bad that Sea Eagle provides erroneous information in their literature that detracts from the performance and usability of this board. Thanks for providing the kind of information that the manufacturer should have provided.

  6. hi! thank you for all your reviews! I have two questions would you suggest this longboard over the needlenose from the same company? I’m having a hard time trying to figure which one I should get. Have you heard of Isle Surf? they also have an inflatable and I’m curious of your feedback. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Kathleen, I like both the Longboard and the Needlenose. I find the Needlenose to be more stable, to cut through the water a little smoother and to be able to go faster. I find the Longboard to be very versatile and fun but a little better suited for surf. My preference for mostly touring lakes and ocean bays would be the Needlenose. For playing in surf or rivers the Longboard is awesome. I haven’t had an opportunity to try the Isle boards yet unfortunately but hopefully soon.

  7. Hi!
    I am looking for an isup. I am looking at the versatility of this board and think it may be a good option. I have a 7 year old, a black lab and a 220 pound husband. I would like for the whole family to use the boardbut I specifically want it for fitness, small waves, and mostly yoga. I am concerned that it may be too narrow for yoga. DO you think if I went with the 12 footer that it would be fine? I was also looking at the Nautical Hannah Mermaid but can’t find enough information, and the Isle. I live in Santa Cruz
    Thanks for any input!

    • Hi Tamara,
      The Longboard is a good one. I think the 12’6″ model will be easier for yoga simply because the extra length gives it more stability. Normally yoga boards will be a little wider and the extra width does make it easier for yoga poses for sure. However the extra width also tends to slow the board down and make it more sluggish. So the leaner width of the Longboard will help it to perform better when you are paddling and this SUP is very versatile. The longer length is also ideal for paddling with a larger dog. You could easily have your dog and your 7 year old on the board with you… if everyone sits still 🙂
      So even though you can do yoga on this board it will be trickier than if using a wider SUP. The Isle board does have an extra couple inches on the width, which might be good for you. I prefer the Longboard personally but the Isle SUP is also a good board. I’m not familiar with the Nautical Hannah Mermaid. I think it’s new, I’ll have to look into it. Hope that helps, good luck!

      • Hi, I’m researching ISUPs and found your site. I appreciate your comprehensive reviews. I’m thinking of getting my wife a board. I really like the seat option as I think she would like the kayak mode and even fishing from it. Sea Eagle also seems to be a good value with the kits, warranty and 180 day return policy. I am kind of torn between the Needlenose and the new Longboard. It seems like the Longboard is a bit better for all round use, but the Needlenose would be better for flat water. She is pretty timid so I don’t think I would get her out on surf ever, but there might be a bit more stability with the Longboard. Which one do you think would be better for the beginner?

        • You could definitely go either way. I have had several beginners out on the Needlenose and I find they get used to it quickly. It does perform a little better on flat water than the Longboard. However the Longboard is still a great board and yes I do find it more stable with the seat option than the NN. I think at the very beginning your wife would probably be quite happy with the Longboard but if I do feel she’d get used to the NN quickly as well. For fishing I kind of like the Longboard better. I find it has more room for storing gear. With the NN you lose a little space up front as the nose tapers in so much… just a thought. They both provide great value for your money and the Sea Eagle warranty and return policy is top notch.

  8. Thanks so much for you input! I appreciate it.

  9. Christine says:

    Hello, I’ve read all your reviews and they’re very helpful and also confuse me in wich one I need… I have to say that the SE Longboard 11″ seams to be a good option, but I’m torn about the SE Hybrid. It is a shorter version and wonder if that size would be actually better. I live on Lake Havasu, there’s a lot of boats all day, there’s also a lot of windy days and surfing behind speed boat is becoming the big Thing!
    My little dog and I are realy in need of finding our perfect inflatable paddle board, we are looking forward on your experience to guide us on the right one / options…
    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Christine, The shorter length of the SE Hybrid will not allow it to track quite as well or get as much speed when paddling. However the shorter boards tend to be super easy to turn and maneuver. They can definitely be a lot of fun, especially for wave riding. The Hybrid is extremely portable as well and will roll up into a smaller package. However the longer Longboard will perform a little better for straight lake paddling, plus it’s still very versatile for waves or chop. Personally I’d probably only go for the Hybrid if my main focus was going to be wave riding. Otherwise the versatility and length of the Longboard is hard to beat… Plus it’ll have more room and stability for your dog.

  10. Hi, have you tried the SE Hybrid SUP HB96? Is it as good as the Longboard? You are definitely making me think about going with this one although people seem to love the Tower Adventurer II. I want an inflatable for all-around (flatwater, open ocean, yoga, learning how to surf, etc.) and I also like paddling faster (and would like to try participating in a race). Would you recommend this or the HB96 or another inflatable? I need an inflatable as I live in a city and space/transportation is an issue, and I’d like to take the board traveling as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Allison says:

      No unfortunately I haven’t tried the SE Hybrid HB96 SUP yet… but I am dying to! I am taking a trip to Hawaii in November and my plan is to get one before I go so I can test it out and review it in the surf there. There is no surf whatsoever where I live. The size of it makes me think it will be very responsive, easy to turn and maneuver, fun in surf yet super portable and functional. The longer Longboard is definitely more ideal for flat water touring. The longer length will help it to perform better on flat water. However I’ve paddled shorter boards like the HB96 in flat water before and although not super fast, they are always fun. I haven’t tried the Tower Adventurer 2 yet but I’ve heard good things as well. I personally prefer the Sea Eagle’s over the Tower boards but the size and shape is quite similar. I think the SE board includes a lot more in the package including a better warranty, a paddle, a backpack, etc. However both would definitely suit your needs. Good luck!

  11. Hello! Thank you so much for this extremely helpful site.

    I’m trying to decide whether to go with the 11′ or the larger size. I’m a 5’5″ female – so not super super short, but not very tall either. Any thoughts? Also, I’m a beginning boarder, in case that makes a difference.

    In general, is there any problem leaving the boards inflated for long periods of time at their full PSI? Our apartment is within walking distance of a put-in, so I’m thinking we’ll just leave the boards inflated all summer, then roll them up for winter. Just wanted to double check that this wouldn’t put undue strain on the boards.

    Finally, it seems like all the serious SUPers here in Tennessee use non-inflatable boards. All the SUPing around here is either on pretty flat rivers or lakes. This seems odd to me, since inflatables are often less expensive and definitely more convenient. Any thoughts on why they haven’t seen the light?

    Many thanks for your help!


    • Hi Julie, The 11′ board is going to be easier to turn, do quick maneuvers and a little lighter for carrying. The 12′ board is going to glide a little better and offer more space and stability. I use the 11′ Needlenose personally but I have the 12’6″ Longboard and I really like it in that length. With your size you could totally go either way.

      No problem at all leaving it inflated. I would just check the air pressure quickly before heading out as you may need to top it up once in awhile. Store it out of direct sunlight and exposure to the elements if possible.

      I live in Vancouver, BC and I have been noticing all of a sudden this year that a large majority of the SUP’ers out there are on inflatable SUP’s. They are getting more popular and I think more and more people are realizing how good they can be and of course how totally convenient they are. I think a lot of people don’t know how durable they actually are or that they even exist. However they are catching on. You will probably find a lot of people will ask you about your board… that happens to me all the time and they are shocked at the rigidity of the ISUP. Hope you enjoy!!

  12. Patricia says:

    Thank you for your insightful reviews. My husband & I live in So. Calif. and have the opportunity to SUP in both ocean and in harbors – we are new to SUP. We haven’t tried surfing, but may attempt is at Doheny where there are smaller waves once we get more experienced. I am 5’9 and weigh 138 and my husband is 6’1 and 189. Would you recommend the sea eagle 11′ or 12’6″ long board or the Starboard Whopper Deluxe? I used to windsurf a lot, so I have reasonable sea legs. However my husband is not as experienced on the water so a stable board would be great for him. Your thoughts are most appreciated!

    • The Whopper Deluxe is a great board but quite different from the Sea Eagle Longboard. It is shorter and much wider. The shorter length makes it great for turning and quick maneuvers on waves and surf. The 35″ width makes it ultra stable but will definitely slow it down. It is a super fun board and very well made but it wouldn’t be my choice for touring.

      The SE Longboard is a little more versatile. The shape of it makes it ideal for both touring and surfing. The 11′ SUP will be easier to turn but the 12’6″ SUP glides really well and will be slightly more stable. The thinner width of the Longboard makes it slightly less stable at first but helps the performance and I think as you both improve, you will really appreciate the size and versatility of this board. The 6″ thickness does make them rigid and stable even with the leaner 30″ width. I have had brand new beginners on the 12’6″ Longboard and they had no problem when paddling on flat water.

      You would definitely be fine with either the 11′ or 12’6″ Longboard. I think your husband would better suit the 12’6″ board. Hope that helps!

  13. I’m ready to purchase, but torn between sea eagle longboard and isle explorer! I’m 5’3 129#. 11′ I think is max I can handle. Tried the exterra 12’6″ and was very difficult to steer . Also Naish Mana Air grabs my eye, but seems well beyond my already compromised price point. Any thoughts?

    • I own both the SE Longboard and the Isle Explorer. I personally much prefer the Longboard and I think it will suit your size better. The Isle Explorer is a great SUP but it is wider, a little slower to paddle and takes more effort to turn and maneuver. The Longboard is easy to paddle, versatile and overall just a great board. I’ve had many friends paddle on the Longboard from beginners to intermediate riders and they’ve always been happy with it. The Explorer will give you a little more stability in heavy waves but I really think for your size, the 11′ Longboard is perfect. Plus Sea Eagle has a better warranty. The Naish Mana Air is a great board as well, good company, good quality board… but as you said much pricier. I think you will be getting just as good of a SUP with the Longboard for a far better price. Hope that helps!

  14. Hi Allison….love your reviews…can you pls suggest which board is the easiest and feels most secure to someone who just likes to paddle around on calm water (no waves) and likes the seat idea? so far the sea eagle longboard looks good because of the seat option ….and carry bag…pls suggest…thank you

    • Thank-you! I personally really like the Sea Eagle Longboard. I bring this board out a lot when I take friends out. There are other wider and more stable boards out there but I find that when you go wider, the board gets heavier, is a little slower and it takes more effort to paddle and turn. I have had many beginners on the Longboard and everyone seems to really like it. The 6″ thickness provides a good amount of stability and the 30″ width allows it to still be fairly responsive. It is a great all-around board and although it is not the fastest on flat water, it paddles quite well. I don’t find I use the seat all that often myself but it is a cool option and I have friends who love using this board with the seat. Plus it is a great package deal. I have no hesitation recommending it. If another board interests you however you can always add a seat to any board as long as it has center D-rings.

  15. I’m so glad to have your site and reading your reviews have been very helpful. I love how in depth you go with them and find your written format easy to follow.

    I’m looking into getting a sup. I also live in Vancouver BC so would mostly be paddling in false creek. Ocasionally I would go to Jerhico, English bay, kits or deep cove. I’m looking into the sea eagle needle nose (really like the seat option), hybrid, long board or the starboard astro whopper. I’m a total begginer, 5ft3 and easy set up and take down is prefered. What would be your suggestion for something stable but also preforms well once I get the hang of it. I really appreciate your help.

    • Hi Jenni, I have lots of experience paddling in all those places you mentioned. We are so lucky aren’t we! 🙂
      I have paddled the Needlenose in most of those areas. I prefer it on False Creek but it can also do well in Jericho/English Bay/Kits/Deep Cove on a calm day with little wind. It is not quite as stable as the others but it glides really well and handles nicely. Even though I definitely use mine on ocean bays I think it is really best suited for lakes and flat water.

      The Longboard is going to be your most versatile. It will handle a little better in choppier conditions. With your size the 11′ Longboard would be great! This one is always a favourite amongst my friends. It might feel a little unstable in choppy water initially but you’ll get used to it and it leaves room to grow as your skills improve. It’s a great board plus you can also add the seat to it.

      The Astro Whopper is super fun. It doesn’t go as fast as the other two but it is quite stable. It is easy to paddle and maneuver and very portable. It would definitely work for you as well.

      All three are just as easy to setup. The Needlenose is a little harder to put away once deflated with that hard nose. Personally for where you will be paddling I would say go for the Sea Eagle Longboard or the Starboard Astro Whopper. You can’t go wrong either way. The Longboard is going to give you a little extra performance but the Whopper will give you a little extra width and possibly stability.

  16. I am researching isup. Was leaning toward the tower but their customer service did not impress as they did not answer my questions or seem to have knowledge of their boards. I am now trying to decide between the Isle All around or Sea Eagle 11 long board. Mainly for recreation, but am looking for something that glides well, tracks well, turns decent and has decent speed for an isup. I love the package deal and warranty youngest with the Sea Eagle. How does it compare with the Isle all around? I have heard some comments about the Isle not tracking as well. Is the carbon fiber paddle they offer in the deluxe package with electric pump a decent quality paddle? Thank you!

    • I am 5’3″, 110lbs and will use it for recreation on lakes for a good workout. Thanks again!

    • Hi Tammy, For your size you could use either the Isle All Around or the SE Longboard. The Longboard however definitely performs better. It tracks straighter, glides smoother and I personally think it is more versatile. The Isle All Around is still a good board and it is quick and easy to maneuver but I don’t feel it performs as well for flat water touring. I own the Longboard and it tends to be a favourite with my friends when I take them out. The SE Needlenose is a little faster but the Longboard still glides nicely and is more versatile.

      The carbon finer paddle that comes with the electric pump package is decent and a lighter paddle is really nice to have. There are better ones out there and you may want to upgrade it down the road but it is still a decent paddle. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  17. Hi :

    I really need your help please . I can’t decide:

    I am 5.8 approx 200lb , I want to start paddle ( Rookie) and I will like to buy a paddleboard for go fishing, cruising , surfing and sometimes go with my 3 years son to the lake . I will like to use the paddleboard on Potomac river DC most of the time , Chesapeake bay MD most of the time and East cost surfing Probably 7 times a year

    Here are my options :

    Sea eagle longboard 12.6
    Sea eagle needlenose 12.6
    California Board Co. 132
    Wavestorm 9.6
    Or an other brand ? And what size will you recommend?

    Thank you for your reviews and take your time to answer people questions.


    • What paddle with you recommend ? What is your favorite paddle for isup?

      • There are so many paddles to choose from so it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Some of the boards will come with their own paddle and they are often just fine to use, especially for the first couple years. I mostly use the Werner Nitro SUP paddle. I originally bought it for my boyfriend but I like it so much I tend to use it myself 🙂

    • I think a 12’6″ long board that is 6″ thick is going to be ideal for you… especially for bringing out your son and fishing. The Sea Eagle Longboard 12.6 is super versatile and would definitely suit your needs. I own this board and paddle it often. It is usually a favourite amongst my friends. The Needlenose is also a really great choice. It can paddle faster on flat water and really cuts through the water nicely. It won’t be quite as stable with your son on it and it also doesn’t offer the same amount of room even though it is the same length as the Longboard. The pointy nose takes up a bit of space. The California Board is a little shorter but still stable and durable. I don’t think it paddles quite as well as the Sea Eagle boards but it’s still a nice board. I have not tried the Wavestorm 9.6. I am thinking it might be a little small for your needs. I really think the Sea Eagle Longboard 12.6 is your best choice. It will excel at everything you mentioned you need it for. Hope that helps, happy paddling!

      • Thank you so much , I will order my longboard 12.6 sea eagle , Thx again for all your help and your reviews ? .

  18. Rebecca Cozad says:

    We paddle remote lakes in Alaska for fishing, but also plan to travel to open water up here, Mexico and put it in a small plane for fly-out days. We are sold on the board, but trying to decide between the 11 and 12.6. My husband is less comfortable and is the prime fisherman. I’m the traveler who likes long touring paddles but we hang out together. Suggestions? Thank you!

  19. Vaidas V. says:

    What could you recommend us?
    Sea Eagle Needlenose 116
    Sea Eagle Longboard 11
    Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6
    What are the main differences?
    Thank you in advance,
    Vaidas Family

    • Allison says:

      Hi Vaidas Family, it all depends what type of water you will be paddling in most and who will be riding the board. The SE Needlenose 116 is the faster of the three and is great at cutting through flat water swiftly. The SE Longboard 11 is very versatile, not quite as fast as the Needlenose but a great ride and especially good if you will be sharing it between family members. The Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride is also very versatile. It is quick to turn and maneuver, a little slower and shorter than the other two but a nice high end board.

      • Vaidas V. says:

        Hi, thank you for information. One problem – there are no possibilities to buy SE Longboard 11 in Europe.
        What could you say about:
        Red Paddle Co 11″ Sport or
        JP CruisAir 11’4 ?
        Thank you,

        • I don’t have any experience with the JP CruisAir unfortunately but the Red Paddle Co 11′ Sport is awesome. Great board, paddles well, very responsive to turn and glides nicely on flat water.

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