Inflatable SUP’s Under $800

Wakooda inflatable SUP

Don’t think you have to break the bank to get an inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

Although as a general rule, the more you pay the better quality and performance of the board, there some decent boards available for under $800 and even for under $600.

Below are a list of boards that I have mostly tried out myself and that I believe offer good value for the money.

ISUP Under $600

There are a several boards to consider that cost under $600.  With a little care these paddle boards will last a long time.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender – This ISUP may have a long name but it is worth taking a look at.

The Weekender gives you a lot for your money. It is a lightweight, versatile and a very compact and convenient board to own.

It comes with a rolling backpack, a paddle, a SUP leash and a pump… Everything you need to get on the water.

What it lacks in speed it makes up for in maneuverability and easy of use. If you love to travel or want a board that is very easy to handle, the Weekender fits the bill.

Ten Toes Weekender

Wakooda LA132 – The LA132 is basic in design but has some nice features.

For one it is very lightweight. At only 21 lbs. this board is easy to take anywhere. It is stable and versatile enough to paddle on lakes, rivers or ocean.

It doesn’t necessarily excel in performance but it is still fun to ride.

Wakooda 132

Tantrum Tow Ropes 12’6” – It is not often you find a touring ISUP for under $600.

The Tantrum Tow Ropes is one to consider. This board does not have the same quality as some of the more expensive touring SUP’s, however it paddles impressively well.

The shape and design are really nice and I have always enjoyed paddling this board. I think for the price you really can’t go wrong.

With a little care it will last a good long time and give you many enjoyable days on the water.

Tantrum Tow Ropes 12'6" inflatable SUP

Saturn 11’ Ultralight – The Saturn Ultralight was made for extreme convenience.

It is very lightweight at only 17 lbs. and consequently very easy to take anywhere.

The performance and design are basic and it does lack in certain features. However it doesn’t take much strength to get this board moving and it is quite stable.

It wouldn’t be my first choice but still worth a look as it may suit your needs.

Saturn ultralight SUP

Jimmy Styks i32 – I haven’t reviewed this board yet but will be soon.

My neighbor owns the i32 and really likes it. It is durable and stable. It doesn’t seem to paddle that fast but it is fairly versatile.

For recreational fun it works just fine. This board is offered at Costco at certain times of the year or you can usually find it at for just as good of a price if not better.

ISUP’s Under $700

Tower Adventurer – The Adventurer has been around for several years now and has always been quite popular.

It is a very basic board and I can’t say it excels in performance. However it is super stable, super durable and super easy to paddle.

All of that plus a good price tag and a little smart marketing from Tower make this one a seller.

I used this board for quite awhile while I was reviewing it and I had no issues with it.

I didn’t find it very exciting to paddle but it felt safe and secure and sometimes that’s just what you need.

Tower Adventurer

Saturn 11’ – Overall this board doesn’t perform too badly. It handles nicely and feels stable.

It is not that fast but easy to paddle on flat water and even in a little ocean chop.

It has all the main features covered and comes with a large carry bag.

Saturn 11' SUP

ISUP’s Under $800

Isle 11’ Explorer – I think this Isle Explorer is a good deal for the price and I have noticed this board is quite popular.

You can often get the Explorer on Amazon for even under $700 so it is worth taking a good look.

This board is big and solid and stable. We love paddling it on ocean chop as you feel extra secure on the Explorer.

It has lots of great features and is able to hold a lot of weight with no flex.

It isn’t super fast and it may be a little bulky for some but it makes a great board for beginners or for those who need it to hold a lot of weight.

It is perfect for paddling with kids or dogs.

Isle Explorer paddle board

Tower Adventurer 2 – I haven’t reviewed this board yet but I know it has been popular.

Tower tends to be a master at marketing and they do well getting the word out.

The Adventurer 2 is an upgraded version of the older Adventurer. It has a few extra features and a design that is better geared for performance.

I hear very few negatives about this board and for the price it seems to appeal.

You can find more info and reviews on the Adventurer 2 at

Know of any great boards for under $800 that you have tried? Leave a comment below and let us know about it.


  1. Thank you for these great posts and reviews, I’ve been enjoying reading everything. I’m a beginner and I’m wanting to buy my first isup. But I can’t figure out what which one I should get. I will be using it mostly on a lake, but the lake can get very choppy from boat traffic and I will also be using it for camping, so I’ll need to be able to carry a good amount of stuff. I’m looking at the Isle 11 Explorer, I like the front and back bungee system and I think it would be stable in choppy water. What are your thoughts about the Explorer in a choppy lake? Do you have any other recommendations? My budget is 800 and below. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Misty, The Explorer is awesome in choppy water because it is super stable. The bigger size makes it a little slower on the water and not as quick to maneuver as a leaner board but all things considered it still paddles well and is definitely ideal for choppy water from boat traffic. I think it provides good value for the money and would definitely work for camping. The Tantrum Tow Ropes ISUP is also a good one and priced well. It performs a little better than the Explorer but it is also a little more ‘tippy’. I think you would get used to it quickly with a little practice but it won’t feel as stable initially. I think if you will be dealing with choppy water a lot then the Isle Explorer is a good choice.

  2. I am researching sups and I seem to see that longer boards are slower. We have hard boards and the opposite is true. Any thoughts?

    • Allison says:

      Hi Rick, no definitely not the case that longer ISUP’s are slower. Usually the longer boards are faster but it totally depends on the shape and design of the board.

  3. I’m looking for a inflatable, for ocean, not much surfing and lake. I have done it on a hard board for years, but want to put it in my car. Any ideas on best ones. I can spend about $100, live in Nj so only do it in the summer.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Judy, There are lots of great boards that are ideal for ocean paddling but the price range is typically $500 and up. I have never seen one priced as low as $100.

  4. New to iSUPs…looking at buying a Maxxon Strength iSUP…my girlfriend and I will be using them on Lake Washington and the Puget Sound (Seattle Washington area). We are both tall and weight around 180…not looking for speed…just cruising on the water…thoughts? Thanks again if you have time for your opinion on this model.

    • Allison says:

      Hey Justin, I haven’t had an opportunity to try the Maxxon Strength yet but it looks like a decent ISUP and I am sure it would suit your needs. Another couple that would work well for you are the Sea Eagle Longboard, which is quite versatile and fun to paddle or you could also take a look at the Nixy Newport. The Newport ISUP is a great package for a lower price.

  5. Gary Davis says:

    What makes one inflatable board more expensive than another. Putting aside minor variations in size and graphics, they all seem to be made the same way and in the same place (China). I have now paddled several at different prices and I can find no dicernable difference in construction. Can you tell me what the difference is?

    • Allison says:

      I just had this conversation with a friend today and I agree so many of them are very similar and possibly coming from the same manufacturer in China like you mentioned. Many of the lower to mid-range models are quite similar in many ways. However there are still some great companies out there trying to make a unique product. Size and shape can obviously vary as can the strength, features and quality of the material. The actual construction process can vary and this will affect the rocker, air volume and the strength of different parts of the board and how it handles in the water. Little things like the type and quality of the fin and fin box can differ as well as the amount of fins and where they are placed. The type and quality of the D-rings can vary as can the quality of the deck pad. Then you have the carry bag, which tends to vary greatly by board and the accessories that are included in the package. I do see noticeable differences in the quality of different boards as well as noticeable differences in how the boards handle, how quick they are to maneuver or even how fast they can paddle or how much weight they can hold before flexing. I see some boards that are over priced but there are several ISUP companies that have proven themselves in terms of quality and performance. Definitely takes a little research.

  6. Lots of shoppers are looking for stability, ease of use. And a lot of the reviews are “not fast, but a decent board.” So flipping that use, are there any boards that you recommend that are on the faster end of the spectrum, and could even be used as an entry level board for local races?

    • Allison says:

      The Red Paddle Co 14′ Elite is one of the fastest boards I have tried and could definitely be used in races. Starboard has a whole line of racing ISUP’s to choose from for different levels and different types of water. I haven’t tried their race series yet but I have heard good things. The Sea Eagle Needlenose 12’6″ or 14’boards are quite good. They are a couple of the faster ‘regular’ inflatable SUP’s without going into the ‘racing’ category.

  7. thank you for such detailed information on isups. I rented one yesterday from a local outfitter. Can’t remember the brand! But it was easy enough to carry to river. Was very ‘tippy’ for me and my pup. We got used to it after a while but much more unstable than my friends hard board.
    Just returned from Costco and see they have the Jimmy Styks Thresher for $479. Any information on that one?

    • My neighbour has the inflatable Jimmy Styks board. I’ve tried it but haven’t done a full review yet. It’s decent, I would say stable and easy to paddle. It’s basic in design and performance but for the price you can’t really go wrong. It’s perfect for cruising around.

  8. Kelly Alexander says:

    Hi there! I’d like to buy one for my husband but I have to admit, I’m getting dizzy doing the research. There are so many to choose from. He likes to fish also but I noticed the angler iSUPs are super expensive. I’d like to stay under $1K. I’ve seen good things about iRocker, BOTE and I’ve got a local supplier who telling me I should consider the Gratitude line. Help! Any guidance/info would be most appreciated. Thank you!

  9. Hello, I am looking for an iSUP, for myself. I am a beginner, and will be using it on a reservoir, and the Arkansas river in Colorado, possibly advancing to white water. What board would you suggest? Thank you!

    • Allison says:

      Hi Krissy, The Earth River 9’6″ board would be a good choice. It is perfect for rivers and could definitely be used in white water as well. It is a nice well-made ISUP. Another option that is priced lower is the NIXY 10’6″ All-Around. It is not quite as responsive as the Earth River but it is wider and more stable, which is always nice as a beginner. One more option is the Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender. Priced well and very fun to paddle. Performance wise not quite as good as the Earth River but a little quicker to turn and maneuver than the NIXY. Hope that helps!

  10. HI, I’m an intermediate paddler who lives on the Columbia at Hood River.
    Can you recommend an inflatable…looking at the Nash One…but won’t get to try any out…I need your expert advice. Thank you

    • Hi Lisa, I love Hood River! The Naish One is a really awesome board. I find it best suited for touring but it can also be quite versatile and it feels great to paddle. It totally depends on your needs… It tracks well, glides smoothly and I find it plows through waves really well. With the length it isn’t necessarily the fastest to turn although for the size I still find it quite responsive. Will you be doing any white water? It wouldn’t be my choice personally for white water but for everything else it excels.

  11. Danyel Anderson says:

    Hi, I am looking for a ISUP that does not necessarily have to be under 800 but would prefer to save if I can. Im looking to use it in Hawaii around North Shore mostly where I live. I have a surfboard but I think a SUP would be better for year round use with the wave changes here. I would like something I can have a little fun on and ride some of the smaller waves with but also just cruise and paddle around and check out the great views. Any recommendations please.

    • Hey Danyel, There are a few that I would recommend. The first that comes to mind is the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride. It is versatile, fun to paddle and extremely well made.. but also a little pricey.
      The Sea Eagle Longboard would also be a great choice. I have this board and use it often. It is super versatile, good for touring but also very capable on surf. With this board I feel you get a good package deal for the money. I have used it in Hawaii before and it was perfect.
      Next take a look at the Starboard Astro Blend. My partner and I both really love this ISUP. It just feels really good to paddle and is great for ocean touring and smaller surf.
      One that I just reviewed recently and that really impressed me was the Shark 10’6″ SUP. It is a little lower priced and super fun to paddle. It is not as stable as the others mentioned but glides well and is very responsive to turn. I found it to be a lot of fun for a smaller size.
      Hope that helps!

  12. Hi. I am looking for a new isup. I’ve purchased a c4 waterman and conquest adventurer from Craigslist. Looking for new this time. New, the c4 is double the price of the conquest. The c4 is also 100% better! It lays flat and glides well. The conquest bows at both ends. That being said, is there a board you would recommend with similar or better performance than the waterman? I’d like to stay around $1000. Mostly on flat water with dog or child. Speed is also important so we can go farther for the time we have. Thank you! We’ve enjoyed reading your reviews for a few years now!

    • Hi Cathy, The first board I ever bought was a C4 Waterman – it was a great ISUP!.
      If speed is important I would say take a look at the Sea Eagle Needlenose. This is the board I use most often and it glides better than most others out there. The 12’6″ length is ideal for bringing along dog and/or child, although it is doable on the 11′ one as well. For a little more versatility Sea Eagle also has the Longboard and you can’t go wrong with this one either. Performs well, not as fast as the Needlenose but is responsive and fun to paddle. You get a lot for your money with the Sea Eagle boards.
      Another option to consider would be the Starboard Astro Blend. We love this board, it feels great, is very well made and good on flat water as well as in chop and waves.
      Those would be my personally choices around the $1000 price range.

  13. Hi
    Really enjoy reading your thoughts on various ISUPs. I recently purchased the Jimmy Styks Thresher from Costco. Have been out 3 times and have now noticed where the keel is attached to the board it’s pulling away. Will be returning it tomorrow. It’s too bad as I really enjoyed it as a beginner it is stable, and easy to paddle.
    Will try and find some of the boards you’ve reviewed.

    • Aw that’s too bad that you have to return it! Let me know if you have any questions on any other boards after you have read some of the reviews 🙂

      • Hi Allison,
        Based on your review of the Lokahi 10’6 WE that is the board I’m considering. I live In BC so can get it from Red River Paddle Co. and keep the $ in CAD? It doesn’t come with a paddle, but, they sell one for $80 if that sounds reasonable.
        Thanks for your help

        • Me again, just found the Ten Toes Weekender on amazon for $200 less Do you have a preference of one over the other?

          • Allison says:

            Both are good but they feel very different to paddle. I think the Lokahi is probably the better board. However the Ten Toes is a lot of fun. It is not quite as stable as the Lokahi but portable and easy. It has been a really popular board. The Ten Toes is well suited for a person with a smaller frame, whereas the Lokahi is a bit more versatile for people of different sizes or weight.

        • Allison says:

          That’s awesome Tina! We were just out paddling the Lokahi this morning again and talking about how much we like it. It has a really nice balance of stability and responsiveness. $80 is very reasonable for a paddle. You may want to upgrade the paddle down the road to a lighter model if you feel like splurging but the $80 one will definitely do for now 🙂

  14. Hello! I’ve been considering getting an iSUP for a while now and have looked through so many of your reviews- I’m having trouble narrowing down what might be good options and I’m hoping you can help!
    I’ve been paddle boarding a handful of times before, and am just a leisurely weekend-type paddle boarder. I’ll be using it almost exclusively on lakes in the mid-west just for fun 🙂
    I’m around 5′ 11′, 150 lbs.
    I’d prefer to spend less than $700-800 if possible- basically looking for an above average board for the money conscious. Any thoughts?

    • Also, I wanted to add that in my state, SUPS need to be licensed if they’re over 10′ long… Do you have recommendations for boards 10 feet or less? Or would it be better to consider boards longer than that? Any help you can provide would be great! Again, hoping for the $500-$800 range 🙂

      • Allison says:

        Hi Kelsey, That’s interesting about having to license boards over 10′, I have never heard that before. With your height I think a longer board is going to suit you best however here area a couple of 10′ models that could still work for you. The Ten Toes Weekender is definitely a viable option and priced really well. It is a smaller board but a lot of fun to paddle and I have yet to hear of any complaints with this SUP. Isle has a nice 10′ board called the All Around Airtech that fits your price range. I haven’t reviewed it yet but I like Isle and have been happy with their other boards. I think the All Around would be quite versatile but not that fast.

        If you decide to go over 10′ then take a look at the Lokahi 10’6″ WE. I just reviewed this one and it’s a nice board and would suit your needs. I think for what you get the price is excellent.
        The Shark 10’6″ Touring is also a lot of fun. It is quite a bit less stable but moves nicely.
        Also the 12’6″ Tantrum Tow Ropes is a really nice ride if you want to go even larger. For approx $500 you get a nice touring board with this one. It is not a high end ISUP but I have had no issues with it and have really enjoyed paddling it. Again for the price it’s a great deal. Hope that helps!

  15. Kieu Luong says:

    Hi Allison,

    Thank you for your posts. Really helpful!
    We love the inflatable idea for easy transporting. Just a little concern if it durable. We rented SUP once when going camping and my kids (12, 18) love it.
    We also bought the Jimmy Styks from Costco but haven’t tried yet. There is a new in box 10’6″ 1030 Adventure on craiglist with better pricing. Could you advise which one is better.
    I also find a “Lifetime Youth Paddle Board” on craiglist. Would that be a good one for my nieces and nephews (10 and younger)
    We are looking for something durable, easy & stable to ride.
    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Kieu, In my experience inflatable SUP’s are typically very durable. In fact more and more rental outfitters are using ISUP’s because they are so convenient and durable. I have heard mixed reviews with the Jimmy Styks inflatable SUP. My neighbor has it and loves it. She has owned it for a couple years now and hasn’t had any issues. However I have heard from a couple other people they they had to return theirs because of problems. The nice thing about Costco of course is that you can always return it.
      I am not familiar with the 10’6″ 1030 Adventure. I looked it up and it looks decent but I have never heard of the company. Normally I would say stick with the more well known SUP companies however sometimes it’s worth trying out if you can get a great price on craigslist.
      I find with some of these lower priced boards the quality of construction is fairly consistent. They are often very durable but just watch for things like glue issues around the traction pad or any issues around the seams. Between the two boards you mentioned I would probably go for the Jimmy Styks – it’s a basic board but great for families and it’s nice to know you can always return it if anything goes wrong.
      The Lifetime youth paddle board is supposed to be decent. Again you get what you pay for but if it is in good condition it should be durable and stable for kids 10 and younger.

  16. Jennifer McCaughey says:

    Hi Allison,

    Thanks for the great info. Do you have any experience with Vilano boards? I’ve heard good things about the Navigator 10′ . I’m contemplating the Navigator or Ten Toes Weekender (I’ve recently read some concerning reviews of Ten Toe’s customer service as well as the seams coming undone on the board)….or maybe even the Solstice Bali. I’ve never ridden an iSUP, only epoxy, but I am limited on space and budget conscious. I’m in Southern California and will mostly be riding in the channels and harbors of Orange County. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer, Unfortunately I haven’t tried the Vilano boards yet. It’s a basic board but I haven’t heard anything negative. I would guess the quality is very similar to the Ten Toes and probably paddles just fine. I haven’t had any bad experiences with the Ten Toes but seam problems can happen with any ISUP especially the lower priced ones. Although I have to say I have yet to review a board that has had any seam problems even after a couple years of use. I have been lucky but also am very conscious about hosing them off with clean water after being in salt water and storing out of the elements. With a little care they should last a long time. If you end up trying the Vilano Navigator I’d love to hear your thoughts! Another one to consider is the iRocker board. I just got one this week and am excited to review it as I have only heard good things and the price is decent. If you are not in a big rush I should have the review up by the end of next week. I’m reviewing the 11′ iRocker but it also comes in a 10′ version.

  17. Hi, I’m looking for a board to do lakes and faster rivers, sit to kayak and stand. I m 5 feet 105 lbs. I live in Colorado where lakes are large reservoirs with wind and rivers have some rocks and white water. I was considering sea eagles hybrid but would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Hi Nina, Yes the SE Hybrid would definitely be a good contender. I haven’t reviewed that board yet unfortunately but I know the quality is just as good as the other Sea Eagle SUP’s and the design makes it super versatile. I like the pointier nose, which should help it cut through the water nicely when paddling on lakes. The smaller size would make it super responsive, fast to turn and easy to paddle. I have heard that it handles really well in whitewater. I find that smaller boards are more susceptible to getting blown by the wind however on the flip side they also take less effort to paddle through strong wind. Also I have to say I love the portability of a board this size, it’ll be easy to take anywhere. If you try it out I’d love to hear your thoughts, I hope to review it later this year. SE has a great 180 day return policy if it didn’t work for you but I think it’s a great choice for what you have described.

  18. I can also vouch for the iRocker and Bote brand. While we have yet to review the Bote, we do have a couple iRocket reviews (11 and 10 footer). We plan to provide Bote reviews once relocated to Florida. This was a good list. I really gotta try the Tower now!

  19. HI. Im looking for a isup mainly for touring lake but some river too. We are a family of 6 so we would like a board that is kid friendly as well as adult. This will be a family Christmas present and the person purchasing would like to stay under $1000. can you give me 3 suggestions. There are so many to choose from! The whole package deal (board, bag, paddle) is very appealing also!

    • Hi Kira, Ok so here are three boards I would recommend that would suit your needs. All three are priced quite well.
      1. Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender – Smaller board (10′ long) but can hold quite a bit of weight. Easy for anyone to paddle and versatile enough for different types of water. Comes with whole package deal and one-year warranty.
      2. Sea Eagle Longboard 11 – Very versatile, paddles well and super durable. I have had kids paddling this board with no problem. The 11′ length also provides a little more room if more than one person wanted to ride it at the same time. The Longboard handles well on lakes, rivers or ocean water. Sea Eagle offers a great 3-year warranty.
      3. iRocker 11′ – The iRocker feels a little less stable than the other two but it glides really well. Newer company but have not heard of any issues. Overall package price is a good deal. This board is versatile for the whole family. Comes wtih 2-year warranty.

      Hope that helps! Good luck with your decision and happy holidays!

  20. Hi Allison,
    I have been playing jimmy styks 10.6ft Thresher iSup for 6 months. Now I’m planning to upgrade to a 12.6ft iSup. Is it really worth $5-600 more to get from red paddle co? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Happy holidays!

    • Hi Sonne, The Red Paddle Co boards are definitely better quality and will likely perform better. It kind of depends what you are looking for with the 12’6″ board. Do you want more speed or better tracking? Or are you just looking for a larger board? What kind of water will you be paddling on most? Let me know and I can probably offer a few other suggestions if you want 🙂

  21. Hi Allison,

    Your site is amazing. Just tried the Starboard Astro (not sure which model) in the BVI’s. 11’6 or something 32 inches wide 4.75 thick. I found it a bit “tippy” but had no trouble staying on even in “wavy” conditions.

    I’m looking to get a board for semi-choppy oceans/harbors/creeks in the Charleston, SC area. I’ll probably “ride waves” for fun but likely nothing over 1-2 feet.

    I’m 5’9 190 and I’m stuck between the Ten Toes and iRocker mostly. I’m pretty comfortable on a paddleboard and know how to surf at a beginners level.

    I’d be using the board for my wife (good balance) and friends at the beach and on boat trips. Is that iRocker that much tippier than then Ten Toes? How do they compare to the Starboard Astro?

    From Amazon it seems that Ten Toes is the way to go for a fun stable board but the black/red especially seems to have some delamination issues and the pump for all is apparently not great.

    Trying to stay under 600 total.


  22. Sorry I meant to mention this board. I’m not sure if you’ve tested it. I like the dimensions and the reviews seem great.

    However, I see Zero online reviews.

    ATOLL 11

    • The tapered nose and tail on the iRocker definitely makes it feel ‘tippier’ however it also really helps the performance and speed. The Ten Toes is a great all around board and I really like it.. it is convenient and fun. However it doesn’t necessarily excel in any area. Both boards are super popular and I think easy enough for anyone to paddle. The Atoll ISUP is high on my list of boards to review this year. I like the look of it and the shape and design should provide a good balance between performance and stability. For wavy conditions it will provide a little more balance and stability than the other two. It gets good reviews on Amazon, if you end up trying it out I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m hoping to review it this Spring. Good luck and happy paddling!!

  23. Thanks Allison!

    I feel pretty comfortable with my balance and ended up ordering the iRocker 11. I wish I could find a pro review on the Atoll as I like its dimensions.

    I got spooked on the Ten Toes due to de-lamination/pump issues. There was a Jetsetter on Amazons warehouse deals sites with only box damage (i think) for 575. I almost grabbed that. However, we have small creeks I like to explore and I thought turning a 14 foot board might be impossible in them.

    We’ll see how it goes. I’m excited about the speed of the iRocker plus the backpack pump and paddle as well as their apparent great CS. If you go to iRockers website it looks like they are coming out with a big fat cruiser board.

    Board should arrive today. It seems paddle boards are very person to person. a 300+ Pound guy on Amazon said the iRocker was stable but then a smaller person said it wasn’t. So who knows! Pretty psyched though.

    Thanks again! Your site is awesome!

    • I’m excited for you! Plus you are totally right opinions on these boards can be so subjective depending on the persons balance and skill level. I think you’ll love the iRocker. Even if you find it a little wobbly initially I bet you’ll get used to it quickly and enjoy how nicely it glides. It’s a nice ride, have fun! 🙂

      • Took it out for a cruise in the creek yesterday. It was definitely easy to stand on but felt a bit “tippy.” Not sure how to describe it. Almost felt like being on edge while skiing. It was pretty quick but not super fast (could’ve been the tides pushing). I turned really well which was nice.

        I could definitely rock side to side and it felt like although it moved a bit it was still stable. I’m gonna bring it out on the ocean this weekend for a bit just to play around in the surf.

        I did feel a strange vibration while paddling against the current almost like drag. Maybe its the fin cord.

        They have a great return policy so if it seems totally worthless in small 1-2 foot waves I may send it back.

        Other than that a pretty nice package. iSups definitely give a better work out than regular SUPs IMO which is a nice bonus.

        • So glad to hear you are enjoying it!! The vibration could be the fin cord or I’ve had seaweed get caught on my fin before creating some drag, not sure if that could have happened with yours. Good luck on the ocean!

          • It must be the current grabbing that Fin Cord as I felt it in the ocean today.

            Worked pretty well on the ocean. Definitely had to pay a bit more attention but didn’t take long to feel very comfortable. No splashes into 55 Degree water and saw some Dolphins. Day 1 Bald Eagles Day 2 Dolphins….nice.

            I purposely paddled parallel to the incoming swells to get the feeling of getting hit off kilter. Pretty solid.

            I was actually surprised how far I could tip/dig an edge into the water without the board tipping. It’s almost as if the board is “Tippy” but won’t actually throw you off unless you panic.

            Still wish I could’ve tried the Ten Toes but the speed/weight limit makes me think the iRocker is a good choice.

            Thanks again for the help!

  24. Have you ever looked at the Body Glove performer 11′ iSUP that Costco is offering. I would be using it on calm days on the upper Chesapeake. Btw, I’m a 180 lb senior with a 40 lb dog. My SUP experience is limited.

    • Hi Jim, I haven’t tried that ISUP yet but it looks decent. The 34″ width and 6″ thickness will provide a lot of stability even with the tapered nose. It should be ideal for you with your dog. The price is great and of course the nice thing about Costco is you can always return it if it doesn’t work out. If you end up buying it I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’ll have to put this one on my list to review 🙂

  25. Thanks Allison, I think I’ll go for it. Btw, I really appriciate your reviews and blog.

  26. Allison, have you ever looked at an INMAR 10’6″ iSUP? We’re just casual SUP users who’ve only go out on lakes and resevoirs and we don’t know much about any of them. We just trying to find a decent one around $500 or so.

  27. What do you think about the Thurso Surf 10.6 and how does it compare to Nixy boards in quality and performance for ocean use. Thanks.

    • Hey Luigi, I like the Thurso Surf 10’6″ a lot. The quality is a little stronger than the Nixy and performance is decent. It’ll be great in ocean bays but you’ll feel it if the water is really choppy. The Thurso Surf is 31″ wide wide, which helps it to perform and handle better but also makes it slightly less stable in real ocean chop. The 33″ width of the Nixy provides much more stability but also slows it down. Depends what your preference is 🙂 I personally find the Thurso Surf more fun to paddle. Cheers.

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