Saturn 11’ Inflatable SUP Review

Saturn ISUP

This past month I was able to test out the 11’ Saturn inflatable stand-up paddle board.

I like this board. It has all the basics covered while still being quite affordable.

The length is ideal for a wide variety of people. The 6” thickness makes it very stable. The large removable skeg helps with tracking on flat water.

The two attached side skegs also help with tracking and make it versatile enough for rivers.

There are plenty of D-rings that can be used to attach a seat or more accessories or used to secure more gear.

The traction pad for standing is fairly large and there is a small area up front with bungee tie down cords for securing gear.

The Saturn ISUP feels durable and strong and overall is a lot of fun to paddle.

Saturn ISUP

Quick Stats


  • 11 feet long
  • 30” wide
  • 5.5” thick
  • weighs 25 lbs.
  • holds 10 – 12 PSI
  • can hold up to 220 lbs.
  • has 1 large removable center skeg
  • has two smaller attached side skegs
  • 2-year limited manufacturer warranty

Material: 1100 Denier Reinforced PVC

Pros: Stable, strong, comfortable to stand on, bungee tie-downs to secure gear, lots of D-rings, nice large removable skeg, quick set-up, quality valves

Cons: Paddles well but not super fast. This board comes with a large duffel type bag. It works good and is easy to store the board back in, but I personally prefer the backpack carry bags for ISUP’s.

Where To Buy The Saturn 11′ ISUP

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More In-Depth Info

The Saturn 11’ SUP is ideal for those who want a stable inflatable stand-up paddle board that has all the basic features covered but still comes at a good price.

It is able to carry a fair amount of weight and still perform at an optimum level.

This board is ideal for adults of all sizes, kids and dogs.


Set-up is very easy. Take the deflated board out of the bag, unroll and attach the skeg first before inflation.

The skeg attachment is different from what I’ve seen on other boards and at first I couldn’t figure out how to attach it.

However once I looked up the instructions on the Saturn website I felt a little silly because it’s actually extremely easy.

Below is the picture from the Saturn website that demonstrates how to attach the skeg.


Once the skeg is attached, you can hook up the hand pump that comes with the board and inflate.

I normally use an electric pump mostly because it’s just so much easier and it allows me to easily get the board inflated to the max PSI. My electric pump had this board inflated in about one minute up to 12 PSI.

Saturn ISUP

Saturn SUP

Saturn ISUP

Saturn ISUP


Overall performance was good. The board is a fairly standard design and you can expect to feel quite secure on it.

I wouldn’t say it’s the fastest board on the water but for recreational paddling it’s ideal.

Both my boyfriend and I felt very comfortable on this inflatable SUP. After paddling it for a good two hours we both agreed it offers a lot for the price and would suit many people.

We paddled the Saturn SUP on a calm river and a large lake. It handled both very well. I think it would be no problem to also paddle this SUP in ocean bays.

My Pics

Saturn ISUP

Saturn paddle board

Saturn ISUP

Final Thoughts

Overall I was impressed with the Saturn 11’ SUP. It is well made, versatile, easy to paddle and most importantly feels stable and secure.

The large removable fin provides fairly good tracking and the versatility will make it popular with many.

It’s a great option for recreational paddling and the price is very affordable. It also comes in a longer 12’ version.

Where To Buy

Click here for the Saturn 11′ ISUP from the official Saturn Inflatable Boats website.


  1. Hi!
    Do you think that this paddle board is good to surf small waves? (just for fun).
    Thank you!

    • Yes definitely no problem using the Saturn 11′ SUP in small waves. It handles well.

      • Hi!
        I am comparing the paddle boards: Isle, Tower, Saturn, Jimmy Styks, because they are the ones I’m finding here in Brazil…and your site has helped me a lot!
        Thank you so much!!!!

        • Thanks Christina! I hope I get to SUP in Brazil one day!! Hope you find the right board. Happy paddling 🙂

          • Hi: I just purchased the 12′ Saturn isup. I read many reviews including yours and decided on this board for a variety of reasons. I decided on an inflatable as my “second” board. I also have a 12′ epoxy/ fiberglass board. I live on a lake where I do the majority of my paddling. The inflatable gives me the option of taking it when I travel as well as having a second board for friends and my kids to use. I like the Saturn because of it’s versatility – I can paddle it as a sup or kayak. It came with a bag and pump. It easily folds to a size that fits in the bag with room for the skeg, paddle, and assorted small items.When flying I will probably pack the pump and paddle in with other items in a separate bag to save on weight. The bag with the folded board, skeg, and assorted small itelms fall within SW airlines baggage size/weight restrictions for checked bags. I bought the Saturn aluminum combo paddle and kayak seat with the board. The paddle can be set up as a sup paddle or attach the extra blade and it’s a kayak paddle. The paddle is made of aluminum and is definitely heavier than my carbon fiber 1 piece paddle, but much easier to transport. The board seems to be constructed well with extra material covering all of the seams. The attached D rings make it easy to put on or take off the seat. I ‘m able to inflate it to 15 psi with the included pump with a bit of effort, in a few minutes. It’s a good versatile board and I plan on using it often, at home and elsewhere.

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