Slingshot High-Pressure SUP Inflator Valve Review

Slingshot high=pressure SUP inflator valve

The Slingshot high-pressure SUP inflator valve is a new product on the market this year.  It’s a cool little valve adapter that allows you to inflate your board using a common air compressor such as a tire inflator at a gas station or with a portable compressor that hooks up to your vehicles power source.

I think it’s a brilliant product and useful for a lot of people.

Up until now the only way to inflate your board was with a hand pump, the K-Pump or a good electric pump.

All good methods, but what this valve does is open up new possibilities for inflating your SUP in different locations with basically no work.

Using a compressor allows you to not only inflate your SUP very quickly but also to get it as rigid as it needs to be to perform well.

How It Works

This product comes with two separate pieces…

  • a special SUP inflator adaptor valve
  • and a pressure gauge

Using it is a simple 4-step process.

1. Remove the valve cap on your board. Make sure the valve release is in the closed (up) position. Just like you would normally do when inflating your board.

2. Insert the SUP inflator adaptor. It will be compatible with most major brands.  You will need to remove the silver cap from the top of the inflator valve.

3. From there you can inflate with a standard air compressor hose.

4. Use the included pressure gauge to check the inflation progress. Make sure you know the recommended PSI so as not to over-inflate.

Slingshot SUP inflator valve

Slingshot SUP inflator valve

inflating SUP with the Slingshot high-pressure valve

Convenient and Easy

This high-pressure SUP inflator valve is good for just about anyone with an inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

As most of us know who have ISUP’s, getting the board to the proper rigid inflation level takes a bit of work.

I use the K-Pump or my electric pump to make sure I get it fully inflated to as hard as I want it to be.

However even my electric pump will only inflate my boards up to a maximum of 15 PSI.

There are a few boards on the market that can be inflated to 18+ PSI and with the Slingshot I was able to do that easily.

Slingshot SUP inflator valve

I personally think that the Slingshot is perfect for anyone who loves to travel.

If you have this valve with you then you don’t have to lug along your hand pump or electric pump when traveling.

It’s so tiny it can fit into a small pocket. Instead of bringing your pump along, you can simply use the air compressor at a gas station (as long as you have a car with you). I could have used this several times over already on my travels. I think it’s awesome.

This product can be used on any air compressor at home, at a service station or with a handy portable air compressor.

Slingshot SUP inflator valve

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use, small and compact, can be taken anywhere, great for traveling, easy way to get SUP inflated to maximum air pressure, good price, compatible with the majority of ISUP brands

Cons: The only con I can see is if you use it on an air compressor at a gas station, you will still need to be able to get your board to the water… therefore the inflated SUP would either have to fit in your vehicle or be tied on the roof.

I found it took a bit longer to inflate the board as compared to using my electric pump.

However in all fairness, the air compressor at the gas station that I was using looked quite old and probably didn’t work as well as it could have.

A Great New Product

There is no doubt that this is a great new product. Throw it in your SUP bag and you’re good to go.

This product retails for $24.95. The price is right and it works well. It offers a convenient way to get your SUP inflated to the recommended air pressure.

Where To Buy

The best price I have found is at Amazon.

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  1. Perfect.. this is just what I need! I bought the electric pump from Sea Eagle and it’s great to have with the exception of their hose adapters for any board other than theirs. I have another brand iSUP and it leaks air around the valve when inflating. It does get the job done eventually but I have to hold it in and listen to the air escape so I’ll check this out and hopefully it will solve the problem.
    Btw, what brand iSUP is this in your photos? I don’t see any that have the letters “starb…” in your reviews.

    • Oops, cancel that last part, I see the 2 Starboard boards 🙂

    • Allison says:

      I actually use the Sea Eagle electric pump with all my boards, I’ve never had a problem except with the Airis boards… I had to kind of do a make-shift attachment with that one. However the Slingshot is great and is definitely a good option!

  2. Barbara Esmedina says:

    Love your website and reviews (bought a Sea Eagle needlenose based on your review) . This valve is currently unavailable on Amazon and they do not know if/when it will be available again. I got a similar valve on Amazon for $28 hoping to use it with a Ryobi portable compressor but it didn’t work. Do you use the Sea Eagle electric pump with the rechargeable battery? I was wondering if there is enough juice to inflate more than one board.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Barbara, Yes I do use the electric pump with the battery. It can definitely inflate at least two boards on one charge. Just make sure the battery is fully charged before you head out and it works great. It also has cables to hook up to your car battery as well if needed and is really easy to use. Happy Paddling!

    • Hi Barbara, did you (or anyone else) use the Ryobi portable compressor (lithium rechargeable battery) with any success? Looks like it’ll work with the Red Paddle Co adaptor….but not sure if it’s got enough power. Thanks. James

  3. D. Russell says:

    I’m not sure why the valve is out of stock on Amazon – but you can get them direct from Slingshot here:

  4. Frank Malaki says:

    Regarding using the Slingshot adapter with a commercial compressor: Isn’t there a risk of overinflating?

    • The valve has no automatic shutoff so you have to check with the included pressure gauge to make sure you have the right air pressure and you don’t over inflate. Easy to do however.

  5. I heard using an adapter and an air compressor can take a long time to inflate. How long did it take for you? Great site by the way, keep it up!

    • Thanks Chris! It does take longer for sure. I was a little surprised how much slower it was inflating the boards this way. However it was still super easy to use and the extra time it took really wasn’t a big deal. I haven’t timed it… but I should. Next time I use it I will. So overall still a great product, but yes it is a little slower to inflate.

  6. Kate McCarron says:

    Is there any feedback on using the Slingshot valve and the Black & Decker ASI500? I have a Red Paddle 10’6″ and just don’t have enough strength to get it to 18 psi. I usually give up around 12 psi… I prefer a portable pump so I can inflate the board right by the water rather than carrying it. Some say it may take longer. I am wondering what the actual length may be? 5-10 minutes? Longer? Thanks for any feedback before I buy this combo…

    • Allison says:

      Hi Kate, sorry haven’t tried the Black & Decker ASI500 unfortunately. If you go for it I would love to hear your thoughts. My two good electric pumps just quit on me this month, which was disappointing so I am researching other options. Unfortunately none seem to be perfect. The slingshot works well though so I don’t foresee any issue using it with the Black & Decker… just not sure how fast it is.

  7. What about this in combination with the Slingshot? Compact and has an auto-shutoff. Seems like a better deal than the BP12 single stage (since the battery kit doesn’t seem to be available anywhere anymore). What do you think?

    • Or another portable compressor. I’m still searching around… I’d rather it work independent of connecting to the car, but I’ll take compact and lightweight over that benefit…

    • Others:

      I’m thinking about going this route and getting the Sea Eagle NN126 without the electric pump…

    • Sorry so many posts, ha. One of them says the auto shut-off has an error rate of +/- 1 psi. When setting for auto shut-off do you recommend setting to something lower, like 14, to guarantee not over-inflating? Or do you think it’s not a big deal if you over-inflate by like 1 psi?

      • No it shouldn’t be a big deal. Most of the boards can hold more air than they actually say so +/- 1 psi should make very little difference.

    • What do you think the benefit is of getting the k-pump over something like this? Costs more and takes more work to use, but slightly more portable I guess?

      • I bought the k-pump several years back when I was traveling more with my board specifically because it was so portable. Definitely more work but it really does the job. I don’t find I use it at home often however and mostly stick with my electric pump. I was also hesitant about hooking up the pump to my car battery initially but I have to say it became a breeze after a few times out. I also own the battery pack but I find that I rarely use it these days. Sometimes I forget to recharge it and it has just become easier to hook the pump up to my car. Also without the pack it’s one less thing to carry. Good luck I hope you find the right pump for you! I haven’t had much luck with the air compressors personally but if you find one you like let us know! Happy paddling!!

    • Looks interesting. I have tried a couple of different air compressors and found them to be really slow to inflate, even the powerful ones. I’m always on the lookout for a better pump so if you end up trying it I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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