Airhead SUP Fit 1032 ISUP Review

Walking with the Airhead Fit inflatable SUP

Designed for fitness and yoga in mind this board offers great stability while still providing a versatile platform for cruising around on just about any type of water.

I really enjoyed paddling the Fit. It is not a real performance board.  However it is stable in waves and chop and glides nicely on flat water.

It is stable enough that I actually accomplished a few beginner yoga poses on it, which felt kind of nice.

It is one of the few yoga boards that I have tried that I actually still enjoyed paddling.

It is a very versatile, very attractive looking ISUP that could be used by a wide range of people from old to young, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

stretching on the Airhead Fit 1032

Specs For The Airhead SUP Fit 1032

  • 10’6” long
  • 32” wide
  • 6” thick
  • weighs 27 lbs.
  • can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • includes one 9” removable center fin

Material: Strong and durable PVC

Pros: Stable, lots of D-rings, large removable fin, can hold a lot of weight, easy to paddle, versatile, well thought out design for yoga and fitness

Cons: Not that fast, a little heavy for its size, only one center fin (no side fins)

Where To Buy The Airhead SUP Fit

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More In-Depth Info On The Airhead SUP Fit

paddling the Airhead Fit in Vancouver

I found that the Airhead Fit had a really good feel to it. It is stable to stand on, easy to paddle and shaped just right for doing SUP yoga.

The 32” width gives you a good base without being too wide to still paddle efficiently.

The rounder shape also creates stability and provides lots of room for fitness poses.

A pointier nose or a leaner tail would take away space and stability. The rounder design gives you ample room to do all kinds of exercise.

I think this board was really well thought out. The size, the shape, the design of the traction pad and even the placement of the D-rings and the bungee tie-down cords are all ideal for yoga, stretching, and other types of SUP fitness.

Plus this ISUP looks great, the colors are really attractive.

Airhead Fit 1032 ISUP

Important Features

EVA Deck Pad The deck pad is 4mm thick and quite long.

The extra long length is ideal for yoga and the 4mm thickness keeps you comfortable whether standing or kneeling.

Bungee Tie-Downs Many fitness boards won’t even have bungee tie-down cords because they can get in the way of your movements and foot placements.

However I really like that the Fit has a small bungee cord system at the very tip of the nose.

It if far enough up front that it does not get in the way no matter what you are doing.

The downside to it being so far up front is that it takes more effort to reach it from the center of your board.

However I think it is still a great feature and nice to have so you can secure your water bottle or other gear.

Fit 1032 bungee tie downs

D-rings There are 9 stainless D-rings on this board.

There is one at the tail for attaching your SUP leash.

There are 4 D-rings strategically placed near the center of the board (2 on each side). These are perfect for adding SUP resistance training bands.

Then there are 4 more D-rings up front being used by the bungee tie-downs.

All of these D-ring options make this board extra versatile.

Fit D-ring for SUP leash

Fin There is one 9” removable center fin. The fin is easy to attach and very solid once secured in the fin box.

With the fin attached you will notice improved tracking and stability. It really makes a big difference and I suggest using it at all times unless you are in very shallow water.

There are no attached side fins as you see on many other inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

The side fins aren’t critical but do add to the performance and versatility. I didn’t find I missed them while paddling the Fit however.

Airhead Fit fin

Valve The valve is an EZ Push Hi Pressure valve.

Push in and twist so the valve pops up to inflate. Then push and twist so the valve is in the down position to deflate.  Once inflated you can secure the valve cap.

I had no issues with the valve it worked exactly as it should.

ISUP valve

inflatable SUP valve

Carry Handle

There is one carry handle at the center of the board. The carry handle is not that wide but it seems strong enough.

It is made of rugged nylon and can lay flat on the board when not using it so it doesn’t get in your way.

ISUP handle


The backpack feels durable.  The body of the bag is mesh so the board can breathe.  The back padded shoulder straps are adjustable.

Airhead ISUP backpack with padded shoulder straps

Airhead backpack with front zipper

I don’t find this bag super comfortable but for carrying to and from your vehicle to the water it is just fine.

The mesh is nice for breathability.  I worry that the mesh could tear if the bag gets caught on anything sharp so I would just be conscious of that.  However it feels fairly strong.

This wouldn’t be a bag I would do any airplane travel with but for use at home it works great.

The Airhead backpack is a good size to easily fit the board, the pump and even your paddle.

The best part is that it has a front loading zipper making it extremely easy to get the board in and out of the bag.  Once zipped in you can tighten and secure the clips to secure the whole package.

There is also a nice zippered inside pocket to store the fin.

3-Step Setup

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are very easy to setup and this one is no different.

There are three simple steps to follow:

  1. Take the board out of the bag.
  2. Unroll and inflate.
  3. Then attach the fin.

Carrying the Airhead SUP backpack

unrolling the Airhead ISUP

Airhead Fit deflated

screw in fin for Fit 1032

Inflating the board with the included pump takes roughly 6 – 8 minutes depending on how fast you pump.

The fin is really easy to secure. Place it in the fin box and screw it in. Once attached it is very solid.

After you have finished paddling, dry the board off, deflate and roll it back up. It is easily placed back into the backpack carry bag.

If you want to alleviate the work of pumping by hand you can try the Airhead electric pump.  It works great!  It’s not super fast but I much prefer it to a hand pump and you won’t be out of breath before you start paddling.

Airhead electric SUP pump

Airhead SUP Fit Performance

The Fit isn’t meant to be a performance board however I enjoyed paddling it around.

Besides fitness activities I would say this ISUP is a lot of fun to cruise around on.

It tracks well and is easy to turn and maneuver. It is not that fast but I didn’t find it sluggish either.

Overall it is quite versatile. A couple of smaller attached side fins would have been nice to add to the performance but the large fin that comes with it certainly helps with tracking and stability.

We found it stable even on waves and choppy water so a beginner would have no problem on this board.

paddling the Airhead Fit inflatable SUP in Vancouver off Kits Beach

Being a specialty type of fitness board I was excited to practice some of my yoga moves on the Fit.

Doing SUP yoga certainly takes your practice to a whole other level. I found the Fit to be a good match for yoga and stretches.

I was shaky and could only master the basic moves on the board.  I’m sure my layers of winter paddling clothes and the fact that I desperately didn’t want to end up in the freezing water didn’t help.

However I really enjoyed it and would like to do it more often.

I thought that the Fit provided a nice stable base for a beginner SUP yogi like myself.   Goal for next year… look a lot more accomplished in my SUP yoga photos!



The Fit is truly a good ‘fit’ for fitness, yoga and cruising around. The board is also great for taking out your dog or paddling with kids.

It can hold up to 300 lbs. with no flex. When inflated to 15 PSI it is very rigid.

The Negatives

There are a few negatives but nothing major to be concerned about.

The first is that a tri-fin configuration would have been nice. The one large center fin is a big help so it isn’t critical to have two extra side fins.

I just find that the side fins add some versatility but for many this won’t really matter.

The board isn’t that fast. However yoga boards are never fast and all things considered this one does paddle fairly well.

Unless you are specifically looking for speed, I don’t think you will have any issues with it.

At 27 lbs. I thought it was a little heavy for it’s size. However we had no trouble carrying it.

The weight does keep it solid in the water though which is especially nice for yoga.

One more thing to point out is that a side paddle holder might have been a nice added touch.

I secured the blade of my paddle in the bungee cords to keep it on the board but found that the shaft was in my way when I was trying to do some stretches and yoga poses.

Again this isn’t critical but for a fitness board it would have been a nice feature.  You could easily add a make-shift one yourself by using Velcro to secure your paddle to the side D-rings.

More Pictures

paddling the Fit 1032 on lake

Airhead fitness board

the very stable Airhead Fitness board

paddling the Airhead Fit at Buntzen Lake


Airhead 1032 Fit SUP

Final Thoughts

Overall I liked the Airhead SUP Fit a lot. It is designed well for fitness activities and is really just a lot of fun to cruise around on as well.

I took it out several times and the general consensus from my female friends was that it is a really attractive looking board.  The colors were a hit.

Anyone old or young, big or small could use this board.

It is a very versatile shape and size. It is designed more for flat water but it handles well on waves and chop as well.

Where To Buy

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  1. Julie Ripley-Gould says:

    Hi there,
    I am currently shopping for a SUP. I am interested in paddling around small distances, and I am also very interested in doing yoga on my paddle board. I see you also have a review for the Starboard that is designed for yoga. I wonder if you would have any comments in regards to a direct comparison between the Airhead and the Starboard. I plan to use my board in the ocean and I fear I’ll be struggling to maneuver a bulky board.
    Thanks so much 🙂
    I have enjoyed reading your reviews!

    • Hi Julie, That Starboard Yoga board is awesome for yoga but a total beast to paddle. It is a well made really nice SUP but I personally would only buy it if it was only going to be used for yoga. It is quite sluggish to paddle around even just for short distances. In ocean chop you will definitely feel secure on it but it takes more effort to maneuver.

      I think the Airhead Fit is a better choice. It is not as wide as the Starboard so not as stable but definitely usable for yoga and much more fun to paddle around. It’s a fine line trying to find a SUP that is stable enough for yoga but also decent when actually paddling. Technically you could use any inflatable SUP as long as it is 6″ thick and at least 32″ wide. However the Fit is a nice design and the extra long traction pad makes for a nice platform. I also like that it has bungee cords to secure gear but they are at the very front tip of the SUP so they don’t get in the way of yoga poses. Hope that helps!

  2. Julie Ripley-Gould says:

    Hi there,
    One more question: Does this SUP come with a paddle?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Julie, No there is no paddle included with the Fit.

      • Julie Ripley-Gould says:

        Thank you again! I went ahead and ordered the FIT. I really appreciate the information you’ve provided 🙂

      • Raychelle says:

        Can you recommend a paddle that goes well with this board? Thanks!

        • Allison says:

          Hi Raychelle, it totally depends on your price range. I love the Werner Nitro, it is super lightweight and I use it a lot. However it’s a splurge as the price is a little higher. Amazon has a bunch of SUP paddles for sale between $50 – $100. They are mediocre and all quite similar – they’ll last a long time but will be a little on the heavier side. The Werner Thrive is a good step up from the Amazon paddles without going into the performance paddle price range. It’s versatile and great for touring and fitness. You can find it at Hope that helps!
          I am hoping to add a lot more paddle reviews this summer.

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