Naish Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

Naish Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart

I love Naish, always have.  I love their boards and I love the company.  They have a decent selection of inflatable SUP’s now available for cruising, touring, surfing and even for windsurfing.

Naish has a reputation for quality and I find their boards to be very well made and strong.

I’ve spent the most time on the Naish One, which was designed for touring.  For the size of this board it is still easily manageable to carry and transport and can hold one heck of a lot of weight.

It paddles very well and with the 6″ thickness it is quite stable.  I found it equally fun to paddle on flat water as it was to paddle it through chop and small ocean waves.

Compare the specs of the different models below.

Compare Naish Inflatable SUP Boards

Model / Review
Best Uses Length Width Thickness Weight Load Capacity Where To Buy
Naish One  Naish One touring, racing 12’ 6” 30″ 6” 24 lbs. 230 lbs.
Naish Glide Air  cruising, touring 12’ 34″ 6” 24 lbs. 230 lbs.
Naish Alana Air  women, cruising, small surf 11’ 6” 32″ 6” 25.4 lbs. 210 lbs.
Naish Nalu LT   cruising, lighter riders 10’6” 32″ 6” 21.4 lbs. 210 lbs.
Naish Nalu Crossover  cruising, waves, windsurfing 10’6” 32″ 6” 21.4 lbs. 210 lbs.



  1. Ciaran Duggan says:

    Hi There,

    Firstly great website,

    Exactly what I’m looking for to compare infatable SUP. I was looking at the Naish one and this is down as cruising and touring. However I was planning on taking this out in open water. While no waves here there is plenty of chop. Would I be better off with one of the boards made for small waves?

    Also I’m 210 lbs. Would this be a suitable option?

    Thanks for the advise and the website. This is really helpful.


    • Hi, Yes no problem with the Naish One in ocean chop. It handles really well. I actually found that I felt very secure on this board in open water and especially in chop. It is obviously a longer board so it isn’t as quick or easy to turn or maneuver compared to a shorter board but I think you will be fine. I had no problem with it and it’s an excellent touring ISUP. I would personally prefer to be on the Naish One instead of a shorter board made for surf in open water… unless I was actually surfing. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi guys, I spend half the year in Fiji on our cat and sup surf on a 9ft2 JP around Namotu, I want an ocean sup not for the waves but to fast paddle around the back and inside the open water reefs……I am125lbs and 5ft 4.what do you suggest is the best Naish board inflatable for me…..thanks Fiona

    • Hi Fiona, That sounds like an absolutely amazing way to spend half the year!! The Naish One is by far your fastest option and great for ocean paddling. It’s a good 3 feet longer than your 9′ surf board and you will notice the extra size but it paddles well, glides nicely and I think is ideal for what you need it for. The Alana Air would be my second choice. It comes in a 10’6″ option or a slightly wider and longer 11’6″ option. The shorter one is very responsive and quick to turn and maneuver. The longer one gets a little better glide when paddling straight and is slightly more stable with a 2″ wider base. However neither paddles quite as fast as the 12’6″ long, 30″ wide Naish One. Hope that helps, happy paddling!

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