Inflatable SUP Online Retailers

Depending on where you live it may not be all that easy to find a good selection of inflatable stand-up paddleboards.

Online you can find more board options as well as price differences. Also the shipping is often free or at least very minimal.

Below is a list of great inflatable SUP retailers – many of which I have shopped at myself. They are all excellent resources for ISUP’s and paddling gear.

The majority are in the United States but if you scroll down you will find a few Canadian retailers as well as one in the UK.

United States Retailers
I bought my first inflatable kayak at Sea Eagle years ago. I have since shopped there many times and find their prices to be awesome. They manufacturer their own line of inflatable boats, kayaks and now an ISUP. In my experience they offer a lot for your money and the quality is excellent. Their inflatable longboard is well worth checking out.  All of their products come with a great 3 year warranty.

Outdoorplay.comFree shipping and no sales tax
Outdoorplay is a company based out of Oregon run by some enthusiastic and friendly people who are very passionate about paddling. They have a large selection of paddling equipment and gear and typically some great prices. Their range of inflatable SUP’s is growing and they now carry Advanced Elements, Aire, Aquaglide, Bic Sport, Boardworks, NRS and Sea Eagle boards.
NRS is one of my personal faves. I love these guys as they tend to always carry my favorite gear. I have shopped there for years and besides a large selection of quality inflatable kayaks they also manufacturer their own inflatable stand-up paddleboards. In 2013 they added to their lineup of boards so there is a lot more choice now. Their ISUP’s have been a favorite of mine and my friends for awhile now.$75 off any SUP purchase with coupon code ISWPUS75
Pumped Up Sup is run by stand up paddling enthusiasts and specializes in inflatable SUP’s.  They sell a good selection of Red Paddle Co boards as well as the Starboard Astro line.  They also manufacture and sell their own brand of ISUP’s called Earth River.  Besides paddle boards they also sell paddles, pumps and paddling safety equipment.
I have shopped at Backcountry for years. They have a large selection of outdoor gear as well as a few inflatable and hard-shell SUP’s. You can find Surftech, Boardworks SHUBU, NRS and sometimes C4 Waterman boards at their online store.
Besides having a lot of great paddling gear they are also a great information resource. I have personally found their customer service to be above and beyond many other stores. They have a large selection of boards and I actually bought my C4 Sub Vector ISUP from them. They carry NRS, C4 Waterman, MCIT and Astro inflatable stand-up boards.
Amazon is always a great source for paddling gear and just about anything else. They have a decent selection of inflatable SUP’s available and I would think in the future will probably offer even more. Right now you can usually find Naish, C4, NRS, SurfTech, Sevylor, Advanced Elements, Solstice, Boardworks, Hobie, Bic and Airhead boards.
Austin Kayak sells a large variety of kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and tons of paddling gear and accessories. They are a great shop for paddles and gear. They sell Advanced Elements, Aquaglide, Bic, Hobie and NRS inflatable SUP’s.
Many of you are probably familiar with REI as they have stores all over the U.S. Their online store covers a variety of outdoor gear as well as a few ISUP’s. They carry Advanced Elements and Boardworks SHUBU boards.
Swell is an awesome site for Surf and SUP addicts. They don’t sell any inflatable stand-up paddle boards but they have tons of SUP gear and accessories including paddle bags, fins, leashes, swimsuits, waterproof cameras, and much more.
WestMarine is a boat store and carries a lot of great boating equipment. At this time they have the Soltice and the Surftech ISUP’s.

Green Water Sports
This online store specializes in inflatable SUP boards. They carry a large selection of Red Paddle Co, Naish and Starboard inflatable stand-up paddle boards as well as tons of great gear and accessories. They also provide reviews, great pics and learning tools.
Based out of Hawaii, Blue Planet Surf offers a few of their own inflatable boards as well as gear, clothing and accessories.
Cruiser SUP carries their own brand of inflatable paddle boards with several options to choose from. Nice design, nice colors and they have a great two-board combo package deal. They offer free shipping and have lots of experience with paddle surfing. Cruiser SUP guarantees you receive the right gear, best value and unmatched customer service.
Naish manufacturers their own stand up paddle boards and has a few inflatables worth exploring.  I have always been a big fan of the Naish boards and find they rarely disappoint.
C4 Waterman inflatable SUP’s are sold in a few different stores. This is the manufacturers online store and has the full collection of inflatable paddle boards.  Their Sub Vector ISUP was one of the first that I bought myself and still use it to this day over six years later.
Uli manufacturers their own ISUP’s and has some great gear and accessories.  The Uli boards are known to be durable and strong.
Boats To Go offers a variety of inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats as well as the Saturn inflatable SUP’s.
Large selection of inflatable kayaks as well as some inflatable stand-up paddle boards.
Nice selection of Wakooda inflatable SUP’s, kayaks as well as paddling gear and accessories.
Focuses solely on inflatable stand-up paddle boards. Nice selection of boards, paddles and accessories. Small, veteran-owned business.
Located in Southern California, Nixy Sports exclusively offers their own brand of inflatable stand-up paddle boards. They have some nice models to choose from and all the accessories you could need to go with it. – $80 off any SUP purchase over $800 with coupon code iSup80
Locations located in Vermont as well as in Cape Cod, Vermont Ski and Sport has several boards to choose from and great prices on the Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP’s.  They also have a stand up paddle academy for athletes and enthusiasts.  All new inflatable SUP’s include a free paddle and free domestic shipping.
Fun selection of inflatable stand-up paddle boards.  Their SUP’s are unique and colorful.  Their board combos come with everything you need to get on the water right away.  Free shipping in continental US.

Canadian Retailers
Located in Toronto Canada, Beach Toyz has a large selection of Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP boards. If you live in the area they also offer SUP rentals as well.
Online store specializing in inflatable stand-up paddle boards.  Large variety of boards, paddles and accessories to choose from with free shipping for all orders over $50.
Another great Canadian SUP company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Red River Paddle specializes in Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP’s.
Canadian company selling quality inflatable stand up paddle boards with several designs to choose from.  All boards include a 1-year warranty.
Located in Ottawa, Trail Head Paddle Shack has a large selection of outdoor equipment and SUP gear and accessories.  They have a variety of inflatable SUP’s to choose from.
Canadian company based out of Ontario that sells and designs inflatable SUP’s. Good selection of boards and paddles.

UK Retailers
UK based company that sells some great inflatable SUP boards for a good price. Their Eye Of The Wave brand has four inflatable SUP’s to choose from at this time.


  1. Has anyone ever used the isle 10′ Inflatable sup?

    • Hi Bob, I haven’t heard of them but just looked them up and their boards look great. I’ll have to research them further.

  2. Linda Powell says:

    I didn’t see any Tower boards on your recommendations. Is there a reason why? I’m looking for something inflatable to take to a lake for a family vacation. We are 25-63 years old, and 125 to 180 pounds.

    • Hi Linda, I don’t have any experience yet with the Tower boards which is the only reason they are not listed on my site. I will add them to the comparison chart but don’t have any personal information on them quite yet.
      The Sea Eagle Longboard is very versatile and ideal for all age groups as well as traveling. Also the Airis 9′ Stubby is extremely stable and perfect for family vacations as well. It would also work well for a variety of people. Hopefully I will be able to add the Tower boards to my reviews soon. Cheers, Allison

  3. Also curious like Linda about your thoughts on Tower boards. Maybe you will review soon?

    • I just received the Tower Adventurer so will be reviewing it shortly. I should have the review posted within the next couple of weeks. 🙂

  4. Clark Bayles says:

    What about Xterraboards? do you have any reviews on them? they occasionally run BOGO deals that bring the price down to around $500 if you go in with someone. I am wondering what they are like?

    Very informative site.


    • I’ve yet to try an Xterra board unfortunately. They look decent and I know they sometimes have great prices. I am hoping to be able to review one by the Spring.

  5. What is Your opinion about VANDAL Sup-boards?

    • I think the Vandal ISUPS look great, well made with good features. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try them, as far as I know they are not sold in North America yet.

  6. How does the current drive huey compare to the tower boards? I’m a bigger guy in the 260’s and am looking for something pretty stable as a beginner.

    • The Tower board and the Current Drives ISUP are extremely stable. The Current Drives Huey is a little wider making it extra stable in my opinion but also a little slower and heavy. They both suit beginners and I think you’d find them both extremely stable and durable.

  7. I want to buy a Supboard from because it offers free international shipping. Is it a safe site to buy from as I haven’t seen it in your list of recommendations?

  8. Wondering about Newport 10’6 sold by Nixy. Can’t seem to find any information or reviews on them any where other than their site.

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with the Nixy boards. I have just recently heard about them but don’t know much about them. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

  9. Hi Allison! Do you know anything about Bote boards? ( ) ….they have 2 inflatable models, and I am curious if their build quality is on-par with Red Paddle? Are C4 Waterman and Mistral inflatables similar quality-wise to Red Paddle? Thank you.

    • I’ve heard of the Bote boards but never tried them… hopefully soon. I haven’t heard anything negative about them and they look decent but I’m not sure how they compare. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

  10. Claudia Klang says:

    Hi there ,i would be interested to buy a LA 132 – Light Activity SUP Package Includes 11′ Board, Bravo 2-piece Adjustable SUP Paddle, Bravo HD Inflation Pump, Back-pack,ankle Leash, and Patch Kit.
    But i live in Australia ,just wondering What your shipping policy is ,
    kind Regards Claudia Klang

    • Hi Claudia, I don’t actually sell the boards I just review them. If you go to the Wakooda LA132 review you can click on either the Amazon link or the Wakooda link (under the ‘where to buy’ heading) and check the shipping options there.

  11. Raychelle says:

    Hi Allison! Thank you so much for your very super helpful website! I’m definitely getting an iSUP – even thought I haven’t seen or used one before! I’m comfortable with a SUP so I wouldn’t call myself a beginner, I also wouldn’t call myself an advanced user. I’m a female, 5’4, 135 lbs and have a small Toyota Prius (another reason for a iSUP). I hate carrying a super wide/heavy board to/from the car, and to the lake/river, but still want a stable board because: I have a Rottweiler who’s 125 lbs and loves water- I’d love to have him along on my board. All of the SUP rental places prohibit large dogs, so I haven’t had the opportunity to take him with me and test his “balance”. Instead, I take my smaller, 25 lb mini pinscher who does well, and we’ve SUP-ed together several times with no problems at all. Can you recommend a specific board for us? 🙂 Thank you so much.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Raychelle, An ISUP is definitely a good choice! If you are going to be paddling with your Rottweiler I would say make sure your board is at least 11′ long and 6″ thick. The Isle Explorer is great for big dogs but it is a little on the bulky side and also a little slower… But super stable and still fun to paddle. The Sea Eagle Longboard would work. It is versatile and provides enough room and stability without being bulky. We’ve had both our dogs out on the 12’6″ Longboard and it worked well. As long as your Rottweiler sits still you’ll be all good 🙂
      The Starboard Astro Blend Deluxe is another good board that would definitely work. Also check out the Airhead Fit. It’s a little shorter at 10’6″ long but I feel like the design would work well for you. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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