Naish ONE Inflatable SUP Review

The Naish One is designed for flat water cruising, touring, racing and speed. It can handle just about any sized person with ease and is extremely stable. Good for beginners to intermediate riders.

Quick Stats


  • 12 feet 6 inches long
  • 30 inches wide
  • 6” thick
  • weighs 24 pounds
  • good for people up to 250+ pounds
  • has one removable center fin

Material: It is constructed with a heavy-duty polyester material and PVC Tarpaulin. It is solid with several layers of construction including a layer for UV protection.

Pros – very stable, lightweight, good speed, great tracking, large removable fin, easy set up, very versatile, bungee tie-down cords

Cons – does not turn or maneuver as easily as a smaller board

Where to Buy

Click here for the Naish One ISUP at

More In-Depth Info

The Naish One is a great all-around easy to paddle inflatable stand up paddle board. It is long and thick making it very stable and ideal for riders of all different weights and ages.

I found that I felt very secure on this board; it would suit beginners right up to the more advanced rider.  It is an all around great board for cruising, touring and having fun out on the water.

Whether paddling alone or piling on a kid or two while you get your workout, it will feel safe and solid.

The design of the Naish One is ideal for paddling on flat water lakes or ocean bays. The large removable fin really helps eliminate any yaw movement and keeps you going straight with little effort.

I really like the bungee cords up front which are ideal for securing a dry bag or loose gear. I found I used them constantly to secure my water bottle, my flip-flops, my hat or whatever accessories I had with me.

Traction Pad

This ISUP is unique in that it has a multi-colored traction pad with a numbered reference guide graphic layout that shows the proper standing positions.

The numbers will help teach a beginner to novice paddler the proper rider positioning as well as work as a visual reference for racers who are in training.

Even though the board is very rigid, I found the traction pad soft and easy to grip with my feet.  It was very comfortable.

Rigidity & Stability

The Naish One is 6” thick and able to be inflated up to 15 psi. It is really important that you get this board pumped up to its maximum psi in order for it to perform the way it is supposed to.

I find it very difficult to get inflatable stand up paddle boards pumped up properly with the standard hand or foot pump provided. It is much easier with a good electric pump or the high inflation K-Pump, which is what I use.

Once inflated to the maximum psi, this board is super rigid. Both my boyfriend and I found there to be no flex in the middle while paddling, it was solid and could hold a lot of extra weight with no issues.

The 6-inch thickness makes it super stable.  It feels quite different from paddling a 4-inch thick ISUP.  The extra 2 inches is excellent for a larger paddler that wants to make sure there is absolutely no flex in the board under their weight.  It is also ideal for anyone who just wants to feel very secure while out on the water.

Paddling Ocean Bays

I was fortunate enough to use the Naish One in Hawaii for several months while testing it out. I found it performed best on ocean bays and flat water. We were not that fond of using it on bigger waves or surf as the length made it difficult to maneuver quickly – at least for us.

However on flat water, it was awesome and I really enjoyed using it. It glided beautifully through the water.

Convenience & Quality

Even with the long length and thickness of this board I was impressed with how compact it is when deflated and rolled up.

The fin is removable which makes it easier to roll up when deflated and it is light enough for myself to carry with one arm – no problem. Anyone could carry or use this board and it can easily be taken traveling.

There is no need to question the quality of the ‘One’. Naish is a well known manufacturer of SUP’s and the quality of their inflatables is excellent. The Naish One is rugged and resilient. With a little care, it will last a very long time and be able to withstand a fair amount of abuse.

The Down Side

Even though I like this inflatable SUP a lot and really enjoyed using it, I find that for myself I prefer paddling a smaller, more responsive board.

The Naish One is long and even though there are many benefits that go along with that, it also means that it is not as easy to turn or maneuver quickly.

For recreational cruising, touring or even racing on ocean bays or lakes, it will excel. However if you want to do a lot of turning and fancy maneuvers it will not be as good… unless you are an experienced rider with far more skills than I have right now.

My Pics

My Video in Hawaii

Final Thoughts

No doubt about it, the Naish One is a great all around recreational ISUP that will work well for most people – all different weights and ages. It is solid and stable and if you want to work on your power strokes it can get some great speed and be fun for racing.

The extra width will make it popular with heavier riders as it will support them well with no flex in the middle of the board. The extra stability is ideal for beginner to novice paddlers and the design will likely pique the interest of the more experienced rider as well.

I think it is an awesome addition to the inflatable stand up paddle board world.

Expected Price

The price on this board does not vary much and it usually retails for just over $1250.

Where to Buy

Click Here For The Naish One Inflatable SUP At

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  1. Charles R. says:


    I have to echo your good review all around. Total noob (6-2, 200 lbs., fit) took this board out and got up and going easily after 2 mins of knee paddling. Did a 2+ hour lake cruise with a lunch break. Yes it’s a slow turner (back turn technique +1) but ditto the big fin and length create nice stability and easy speed. Now in AZ our ‘beach’ is desert moonscape so I deflated/rolled up the board in a couple of feet of water, dumped out the residual water by tucking it under my arm for a min, and threw the board in its bag. Easy! And, I carried the board to the lake on my motorcycle! This is why I knew I would like an ISUP. Two thumbs up for the Naish One.

    • Allison says:

      On your motorcycle?!… I love it!! Glad to hear you are enjoying the Naish One, it’s such a great board.

  2. Eric Zelman says:

    Is there a better ISUP to have a dog ride along? We are on an inlet off of the Chesapeake Bay in VA. Calm water to 1′ swells. It seems like you like the Sea Eagle Needle Nose and I could see it working well in our area. Not sure about their LB 11. Would you add a pad for the dog up front where the bungee cord is? I have a lab. mix 50 lbs. Any other suggestions? The air head ISUP looks like it might have a pad the full length of the pad but I’m not sold on the quality & performance.
    Thank you

    • Allison says:

      In general I would say that any board that is 6″ thick will work good for a 50 lbs. dog. The longboard is only 4″ thick so I wouldn’t recommend that one but the Needlenose would definitely work. The bungee cords are a bit of an issue if your dog wants to sit right up front. However there is a fair amount of room from where you stand on the board up to the bungee cords so the dog could sit there (just in front of the bungees). Another option is the Tower boards. They don’t have bungee cords up front and they actually sell a dog traction pad that you can add. I’ve only reviewed their 9’10” Adventurer board ( but they also have a longer 14′ touring board. Might be an option for you. Good luck!

  3. I am looking for a review on a 2014 11 ft Naish Air Crossover. Any info about this Crossover board will be helpful. I don’t plan on doing much wind surfing right away. I looks like a nice board.

    Thank you.

    • Haven’t had the opportunity to try the Naish Air Crossover yet but I’ve heard really good things about it. It’s so unique and versatile, I think it looks fantastic. I love Naish in general, they make super quality products. Sorry I couldn’t help you more, hopefully I’ll be able to review this board down the road. I have no doubt it’s a good one.

  4. Luiz Claudio says:

    Good afternoon,

    Got a stand up board of Naish One. When empty it used a tool that composes the kit. Thus the valula air was released, and now I can not fill up the board . I live in Brazil and I could not no one to give me a technical support Can anyone help me ?

    Att, Luiz Claudio

    • Hi Luiz, For any technical issues you will need to contact Naish directly, they will be able to help you. Here is the Naish contact page.

      • Charles Ratliff says:

        Hello Allison,

        I just responded back to Luiz in Portuguese, which is I bet what he is looking for. Just sounds like he is having difficulty with the push-button valve is all. i didn’t want you to take one look at my reply and screen it out as junk mail.


        Charles Ratliff, Phoenix, AZ

    • Parece que você está tendo preocupação com o botão de válvula que está embaixo do gorro de válvula.
      Procedimento de inflação:
      Escolha um liso e limpe a superfície para abrir o seu conselho.
      Desparafuse o gorro de válvula.
      Empurre o botão em e vire aproximadamente 90 graus ao FORA posição.
      A bomba de inserção esguicha a parte de fim e infla-se até que você consiga a pressão necessitada.
      Depois da inflação, aperte o gorro de válvula no sentido do movimento dos ponteiros do relógio. Só o gorro de válvula pode assegurar a tensão aérea final.
      Para lançar o ar, retire o gorro de válvula, empurre o botão em e vire 90 graus ao EM posição.

  5. A buddy of mine has me hooked on SUPing. After 15 min for the 1st session I was standing up (a bit wobbly), The second session i was up right off the bat. So im hooked. But i had a 2 seat sports car so a iSUP is the only answer. I see 2 Naish boards on amazon.
    1st is the recommended Naish 2015 Nalu Air Paddle-Board
    2nd is Naish Air Paddle-Board
    Both on amazon but I am having a hard time finding the differences on these 2 boards except fer price. Im a big guy so I need that 11 footer. Any info would be great!

    • Hey Bryan, I think one of the Amazon ads is a mixup. Naish doesn’t have a board called just ‘Naish Air’. To me the pic of the board looks like the bottom of the Alana Air, yet the description when you scroll down says it’s the Mana Air, yet the sizing options they give you are for the Nalu Air hahaha. So it’s a big mumbo jumbo. Plus the price seems really high and not quite right. I have no idea what you would get if you ordered that board. So go for the Nalu Air at this link… it’s an awesome board, very versatile. Make sure you get the 11′ long, 6″ thick model as that will suit your size perfectly. Happy paddling!!

  6. Thank you so much for such an informative site!

    I am debating between the Needlenose, Naish One and Red Explorer 12’6″ and would really appreciate your advice. I am a 6’3″/190 lbs male and am looking for a stable but fast board that can also accommodate my ~20 lb dog. If possible I would also like to be able to take it into small surf but will primarily be using it on flat water for recreational use and exercise. I would be VERY grateful for your advice!

    • Hi Adam, All three are great boards. I prefer the Needlenose personally as I find it paddles faster and is more streamlined. It glides really well and is the most ideal for flat water. The Naish One and the Red Explorer will be slightly better in surf. All three work for your size and all three could handle a 20 lbs. dog. I like the Naish One over the Red Explorer, I find it slightly easier to paddle possibly because it is a couple inches leaner and I think 10 lbs. lighter. The Naish One and the Red Explorer are slightly more stable than the Neddlenose, which may be a consideration for you with the dog. I do know of many people who paddle the Needlenose with a large dog however and they seem to be okay. For flat water my preference is the Needlenose and it is always the favorite among my friends – the 12’6″ model would be best for you. I would then choose the Naish One as it is quite versatile and I think paddles really well, plus it is a lot easier to carry as it weighs less. The Red Explorer is still an awesome board however and Red Paddle Co makes the best backpack carry bag out there. Hope that helps and didn’t just confuse you more 🙂

      • Eric Zelman says:

        Bought 2 NN12′-6″ last year, love them. Our 50 lb lab mix jumps right on and we head out to the Bay. This year we don’t even take the life jacket just strap a floating dog toy on the nose for a play date at the sand bar.
        tell me how to send pics and I will-

      • Thank you so much for the advice! I am leaning towards Red Paddle Co., because the quality seems to be top notch and I also really like the bag. That said, I am now debating between the 10’6″ ride, 12’6″ explorer or the 12’6” or 14’ race versions. As I mentioned I will be primarily paddling on flat water but would also like to take the board out on the ocean from time to time and think downwinding would also be fun. I value speed but being able to take my dog with me is a must and having a board that I can share with friends is also important to me. I am a newbie to the isup world but have been a life long longboard surfer so am somewhat stable on boards. I also realize I may end up buying multiple boards but just want to start out with one that suits me best for now! Thanks again and if you have any further thoughts, I am all ears!

        • I really love the Race series but they aren’t quite as ideal for dogs and definitely not as versatile. The 10’6″ Ride is really easy to maneuver and do quick turns whereas the 12’6″ Explorer is more for touring and is a little faster than the Ride. Personally I think the 12’6″ Explorer sounds like it would really suit you… however you can’t go wrong either way 🙂

  7. I am so disapointing with Naish and more yet with the One inflatable board..
    I live in Panama, I bought my Naisk One in May 2016, 2 months later, after 15 uses aprox and taking it care like a baby, the board unsticked for one of seam on the front part.
    3 months later finally the warranty answer was positive, they are goint to give me a new one but it comes in february. nowdays 7 monhs to resolve a warranty problem is a century.
    Anyway, if you know please give me the name of the best glue for me to try to repair it meanwhile they give me the newone.
    An especialist in repair inflatable boats here in panama told me that inflatable boards made with PVC havent been well fabricated/invented, glues with the time lost its resistence and properties.
    Panama has more than 85% humity so, the air that go inside of the board is so humid.
    What do you think?

  8. I agree with Camilo Z!

    I live in Singapore and my Naish one was only used 5 times and developed a leak up front by the Naish logo.
    The trouble with Naish is the glue is not good in the tropics with high humidity year round.
    The guys who fixed mine (for 20 bucks) used a glue that is used on inflatable rafts (not sure what it is) much better than the glue they give you in the Nasih repair kits.
    When I took my board in they had two other Naish ones there with the same leak problem on the front seams.
    Red boards have triple layers – I would go Red in the tropics over Naish if I had my time again.

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