Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride ISUP Review

2018 Red Paddle Co Ride

  • Note:  My personal pictures below are of the older Ride model.  The above pic is the latest 2018 model.

It is tough to design an all-around board that excels in most water conditions. The Red 10’6” Ride succeeds in many ways.

It is not only stable and comfortable to paddle, but it also glides smoothly through the water, is responsive to quick turns and has enough rigidity and rocker to take on surf.

I didn’t find it to be the fastest board I’ve paddled, but it was definitely a pleasure to ride and would suit a large variety of people.

Once trying this board, it is easy to see why the Ride is one of the Red Paddle Co best selling inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

Quick Stats

  • 10’6” long
  • 32” wide
  • 4.72” thick
  • weighs 28 lbs.
  • can hold up to 220 lbs.
  • air pressure: 15 – 25 PSI
  • has 3 attached fins

Material: 120mm droptstitch PVC material

Pros: Glides smoothly, ideal size for an all around board, versatile, stable, responsive, easy to turn, very stiff board, well made

Cons: No bungee tie-down cords, a little heavier than I would like

Where To Buy

Click here for the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride at – Use coupon code ISWPUS75 at checkout for $75 off your order of $500 or more.

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More In-Depth Info

The Ride is 120mm thick (4.72”). It’s thicker than a standard 4” board but not too thick that it affects the maneuverability.

The little bit of extra thickness helps with stability and allows the board to hold more weight with no flex.

It’s the only inflatable SUP I know of with this exact thickness (4.72”) and I have to say I like it a lot.

It is stable and rigid but still keeps your center of gravity lower, which allows for better performance and control.

The design of the board allows it to glide smoothly through the water but also handle surf and whitewater as well.

I found the 32” width to be wide enough to provide good stability even for a beginner.

There was really nothing bad that stood out with this board, it was just easy, comfortable and performed as it should.


Unique Features


The Ride has three attached fins that are ideal for an all-around board. Red Paddle Co calls this their iFin system.

Normally with a touring board you will see one large fin, which is great for flatwater paddling.

I found the three smaller fins of the iFin system to work quite well. The board glided smoothly and tracked fairly straight.

With the smaller fins, you can use this board in surf and whitewater as well.

What is unique about this fin system is that Red claims there have been absolutely zero warranty requests for their fins since they started using this iFin system several years ago.

I like the attached fins in that you don’t need to use any tools and there are no extra parts to lose.


There are four cloth D-rings on the front of the board that you can use to secure gear as well as one metal D-ring at the rear end of the board that can be used to secure a leash and another metal D-ring underneath the nose of the board for tethering.

Deck Pad

I really like the deck pads on the Red boards. They look unique and are very comfortable to stand on.

I don’t find that they mark or tear as easily as many other ISUP deck pads. The deck pad on the Ride is a little shorter but totally functional.

With the shorter deck pad, if you like to paddle with your dog, you may need to add a small traction pad up front to help them grip the board and stay on.


The Red Paddle Co inflatable stand-up paddleboards have a great reputation for strength, durability and excellent quality.

Below are the basics on what you need to know about the construction and design of their boards.

  • Red Paddle Co boards are made using a high density drop stitch material to create a stronger and stiffer core.
  • All Red boards are actually 2 boards in one. They build a complete board and then laminate an outer layer in order to create a super strong outer shell. The deck pad and fins are then attached to the outer layer.
  • Red Paddle Co boards have 4 layers of taping on the rails which makes them some of the strongest boards available. The 4-layer rail makes their boards almost completely puncture resistant.
  • The Red Paddle Co boards can be inflated up to 25 PSI – that is roughly 10 PSI higher than most other inflatable SUP’s. The fact that these boards can hold more air pressure makes them extremely strong and rigid and takes less effort to paddle.


With the attached fins setup is super fast and easy. There are no extra parts, so you simply have to take the board out of the bag, unroll and inflate.

This board comes with the Red Ezee pump.  It’s the best high pressure hand pump I’ve tried.  With this pump alone we were able to inflate the Ride to 20 PSI in 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

We went non stop mind you and that takes a bit of work so you might want to slow it down a little but I’ve never come across another manual pump that will inflate a board that quickly to that high of an air pressure.

Or if you have a good electric pump you can use that to inflate it to 15 PSI and then use the Ezee pump to top it up to 20 or even 25 PSI.


The Ride is one of the most popular Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP’s and I can understand why.

It’s an all-around great board. I tested it on ocean bays, lakes and slow moving rivers.

It handled well, felt stable, was comfortable to paddle and was easy to maneuver.

I was surprised with how well this board glided through the water. It felt almost effortless to paddle. Although not super fast, I think most people would be happy with it for recreational paddling.

Unfortunately I don’t have any real surf near by to test it out on but every detail of this board makes me confident it will handle surf quite well.

The 32” width and 4.72” thickness provided enough rigidity and stability for myself (I weigh 125lbs.) as well as for my boyfriend (weighs 190 lbs.). We both felt very comfortable and happy paddling the 10’6 Ride.

This board would suit beginner to intermediate paddlers easily.

Ride inflatable SUP

Backpack Carry Bag

The quality of the Red backpack carry bag is better than the majority of other ISUP carry bags I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of this bag.

It has two wheels which makes it very unique compared to other ISUP bags. The wheels make it simple to wheel around or to take traveling. It also has padded backpack straps that can be tucked away if needed.

The whole front of the bag opens making it very easy to remove and store the board in and out of the bag.

I find that sometimes ISUP carry bags can feel a little flimsy and tear easily. This one feels solid and seems like it will last a long time.

The Negative

There were only two negatives that I found. For one this board does not have any bungee-tie down cords to secure gear, a water bottle, your flip-flops, etc.

I like to have the bungee cords personally as I use them a lot. They are most ideal when paddling on flat water. In surf or whitewater however you won’t likely want them.

The 10’6” Ride does have 4 cloth D-rings so you can easily secure your gear with your own rope or bungees if needed.

Even though I like to have bungee tie-down cords, the lack of them does make this board more versatile for all-around use.

The second thing I noticed was the weight. In general I find the Red boards to be a little on the heavier side.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the super strong material or just the design itself but I find them a little trickier to carry any real distance.

The Ride weighs 28 lbs. and I can still easily carry it from my car to the water which is good. I would just personally prefer that it weighed a couple pounds less. However not such a big deal.

More Pics

Where To Buy

Click here for the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride at – Use coupon code ISWPUS75 at checkout for $75 off your order of $500 or more.

Click here for the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride At

Click here for the 2017 Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride at– Save $200 on 2017 models and get a free glass/nylon paddle valued at $179 while supplies last.

Click here for the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride at – Use coupon code ISWFREELEASH for $30 off or a free leash (choose your leash from the drop down box).

Click Here For The Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride Inflatable SUP At

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  1. Good review. You hit all the points and I have to agree I do enjoy this board a lot.
    If I can update it by saying the 2015 model does have a bungee cord on the front which like you said makes easy work to hold down your water bottle or flip-flops. And this model comes with the new Titan Pump. In my experience the pump brings it to 5psi very quickly. Then it adjusts to a single pump to take it to 15psi-20psi in no time.

  2. Marcial Bacani says:

    Bought this board largely on the info from this website. The 10’6 Ride is smooth and easy to maneuver. It’s better than a solid board I have. In addition, the durability video on the Redpaddleco website helped convince me this was the board to get.

    • Thank you for the comment Marcial. I am so glad the 10’6″ Ride worked out for you. It is an awesome ISUP. Happy Paddling!

  3. Hi!
    I’ve got a question concerning that Red Paddle 10’6? Ride board. I owe Red Paddle Surf Star, which is surf-dedicated Red Padlle board. However, I find it very unstable when the sea gets choppy and it’s pretty much most of the time here where I surf (Germany, Baltic Sea). It still catches the waves, but it’s extremely hard for me to get to them in unfriendly conditions. I was thinking about buying more stable board, considering Starboard Astro Whopper Zen or Red Paddle 10’6” Ride. Which one will perform best in your opinion? I’ll be grateful for your advice.

    • Hi Adam,Both the Starboard Whopper and the Red Paddle 10’6″ Ride will definitely be a little more stable. I tend to enjoy the Starboards a little more than the Red Paddle boards in general. However the Whopper is quite wide at 35″. This makes it very stable but also a little harder to turn and maneuver quickly. I like the light weight of the Whopper but the 32″ wide of the Ride and the 4.72″ thickness might be the slight upgrade in stability that you need while still maintaining a highly maneuverable board. You can’t really go wrong either way, they would both work for you. Even though I love the Whopper I think the Ride is probably going to be a little more versatile in surf. Hope that helps!

  4. Hello
    I am looking to purchase a board and I am leaning towards the Ride 10.6. I notice the 2016 is down to 20 lbs. I will be traveling with it and I like the wheeled case. I will be using it on lakes in CA , river and ocean in Hawaii, and ocean in Florida. (Mostly in Hawaii) I am a beginner and have only rented boards in Hawaii. My impression of the rental boards is they are big and bulky and rather difficult to maneuver. I don’t know how they compare to any of the board you review. I would like a board which is easy and enjoyable to use and that I can improve on. The water in Hawaii can get choppy in the wind. I don’t know if I will ever get to the point where I can actually surf, but I do want a board that can handle different conditions. Do you think this would be a good choice for me? Also, can you recommend a leash and electric pump? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Pam, I think the Red 10’6″ would actually be perfect for your needs. It is a very responsive board and versatile. It’s not the fastest board and it is not designed for long distance touring but overall it paddles nicely, tracks well and doesn’t take a lot of effort to get moving or turn quickly. I find the rental boards big and bulky as well. I find they usually offer the widest and biggest boards for extra stability considering many people that rent them are often beginners. I think you’ll like the feel of the Ride… it won’t feel like a rental board.

      As far as a leash goes, I have tried a LOT of different ones and honestly they are all quite similar. I would recommend a coiled leash so it’s not dragging in the water. This is the electric pump I use most often. It is also the most expensive though. There is a single stage version of this same pump that works almost just as well and is priced a little lower. You could also look at the Airhead electric pump. It costs less and works well but takes longer to inflate the board. Hope that helps, good luck!

  5. Hi again,
    I got the Red board and the electric pump you recommended and we inflated the board yesterday. I wanted to see how my husband felt on it. We only inflated it to 15lbs and he tried it in the swimming pool. He weighs 215 . The board rode pretty low in the water, and he wants me to order him the 10.8. I looked at other top options you reviewed but he seems to like the length. What do you think? By the way, I love the board and will be taking it to Hawaii next month. I think it is a great package. The board is really light (20 lbs), easy to carry, has bungees, roller bag is quality, there is a new hand pump . I can’t wait.

    • Hi Pam, I am so happy to hear you love the board. I think the 10’8″ Ride will be good for your husband. The extra little bit of length and width will suit him well and it is able to hold more weight. It may still ride a little low in the water but with the right air pressure in it, he should be fine. The boards will be perfect in Hawaii have a great time!!

    • I agree with Allison that the 10’8 ride might be a better fit.
      With that said the 10’6 is rated for 220lbs. I can speak from experience (being 210lbs my self) that inflating it to at least 20psi makes the difference. Those last 5 are sometimes the hardest to pump, but worth it.

      Hope that helps,
      Enjoy Hawaii!

  6. Thank you both.
    Keith, I thought about the fact that maybe if I had got it to 20-25 it might have been enough, but he seems to have a better comfort level with the 10.8 , so I think that is what I am going to go with.

  7. Dear Allison,

    First, your site is awesome, incredibly helpful. I’m considering the 2016 Red Paddle isups, and wanted to get your opinion on the 9’8″ vs. the 10’6″ Ride. I am 5’3, 129 lbs, and a beginner to intermediate (more the latter) paddleboarder. I want to use this board on a lake near my house as well as on the ocean, including trying to catch waves in small surf. Do you have any recommendations or thoughts on which might be better given my size and interests? Would the 9’8 be noticeably more maneuverable than the 10’6 in the surf? Conversely, would it be noticeably slower on the lake, which is usually flat, though not glassy, and occasionally a bit windy? I’m not looking to race, just to get some exercise and cool off in the summer.

    I’m also considering getting the Isle Airtech 11 foot as a second board, mainly for my boyfriend who is 6’2 and 195 lbs, though I would also use that board including with a kayak seat.

    Lastly, I have also toyed with getting the Red 10’6 inflatable WindSUP, or one by Starboard or RDD Designs, not that I have windsurfed in 20 years. Though I think I am getting ahead of myself.

    Whatever advice or recommendations you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


    Susan (Rhode Island)

    • Allison says:

      Hi Susan, Personally I’d say go for the 10’6″ Ride over the 9’8″. I don’t think there’s a huge difference in maneuverability and the longer board will definitely perform better on flat water. It’ll be a little more versatile for you. The Isle Airtech is an overall good touring ISUP, it’s a good choice. It’ll work well for your boyfriend and be fun with a kayak seat.
      The WindSup boards are so cool. I paddled one by Naish but never actually wind surfed with it. If you go that route I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

  8. Thank you so much for the quick response!

  9. MAX Salsbury says:

    I’ve had a couple of 10’6 boards, the current is the slightly heavier 2015 board (than the 2016 model) which I prefer.
    The earlier Mark 1 10’6 board had less freeboard and a little less volume but again was truly great as I think I prefer in general a lower centre of gravity. This is a very subjective issue. I personally feel 6″ thickness/freeboard is too much; althought might suit beginers to the sport. The Red Paddle boards are tough as hell. You might be paying a little more than some but I think worth the buck. The two points I will make are:- inflate the board to 20 plus psi and when deflating be careful initially when depressing the valve. Let air out gradually initially, when under high pressure. If you can afford the price tag then this is probably the all round board to go for. Whatever you do, try the board before a purchase!

  10. Hi,

    I love your site and all the great information! I have been looking at the red 10 6 and the Isle explorer 11 and can’t decide which would suit my needs better. I am 5’7″ 132 and would like to use it for working out, cruising, maybe a little yoga, and some small chop or surfing depending on conditions when I travel. Never know if some overnight trips down the line. I also wouldn’t mind it being big enough for another person to ride along occasionally since we will only have one while living in Mexico this winter. I am not concerned with cost as much as quality since I know it will last a longtime. I know it is a lot to ask of one board but main thing for me is that it tracks nicely. Thanks ahead of time for all your expert advice.

    • Hi Melanie, So between these two boards I would say the Isle Explorer tracks slightly better but it’s not a huge difference. The Explorer is more ideal for paddling with another person. The 6″ thickness makes it more stable and able to hold a lot of weight. The two bungee systems at the nose and tail of the Explorer are ideal for securing gear for an overnight trip or even just for a small drybag and water bottle. The larger platform is also ideal for yoga as long as you don’t mind the bungee cords that might be in the way. The Red 10’6″ Ride is more responsive and faster to turn and a really well-made board. The Red boards are known to be some of the best quality wise and they also come with higher end accessories like the bag and pump – both top notch. I find a lot of the rental and guide companies are using the Red Paddle Boards because they are extremely durable. That being said the Isle Explorer is really lightweight and easy to travel with and I think really quite functional. Issues can happen with any ISUP but both of these have a great reputation. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Allison,
        Thanks so much for all the info! I am still sitting here debating my sup choice! I have bounced between these two and now the seaboard as well. I did find a red paddle 10 6 on sale for under a 1000 which really interested me. I guess my last question would be the thickness and I see that the red board compared to the isle explorer is a bit thinner and would make this a bit more stable especially in wind and chop?

  11. Bettina says:

    Hi, i am making up my mind between 10.6 and the 12.6 board. I want to use it on canals, lakes and sea. I want a stable board which stay on track. Not a nervous one who is going every direction. On the other side it is handy when the board turns quick. Iam a beginner, what would you suggest to buy? Thanks

    • Hi Bettina, Sorry I’m a little late answering your question. The 10’6″ Ride is more versatile in that it can be used for cruising on flat water or on surf or down rivers. It is easy and quick to maneuver and turn and super portable. The 12’6″ Explorer feels bigger for sure, takes a little more effort to paddle but once you get moving it is capable of going faster and tracking straighter than the 10’6″ Ride. I would say the 12’6″ board is a little more stable but you’d be fine with either. They’re both great so it just depends what your priorities are. I lean more towards the 12’6″ SUP as I paddle mostly on calm water and I like to go faster further. However the Ride is super popular and it is definitely fun to use. Hope that helps and didn’t just confuse you more 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Linda Marshall says:

    Help my fin came off of my Red Paddle Company inflatable board. How do I repair

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