SipaBoard – The Self-Inflating Smart SUP


After learning about the world’s first smart, self-inflating, electric SUP I knew I had to share it with all of you.

For those of us who already love the advantages and conveniences that an inflatable SUP has to offer, it is easy to appreciate a self-inflating board. However the SipaBoard takes convenience to a whole other level.

After doing a little research on this ISUP I was blown away by all the innovative features that it has to offer. There is nothing else out there like it!

Not only does it self-inflate but it also has a jet propulsion engine, a Bluetooth 4.0 chip that will connect to your smart phone or watch to track where you go and control the motor as well as a special paddle that has a wifi integrated remote control. Wow!!

It is not on the market yet and I don’t know where exactly it will be sold but it is definitely worth checking out.

The First Self-Inflating Paddle Board

I have never heard of any other self-inflating SUP boards and I wondered how rigid it is when fully inflated.

Turns out it is rock solid and inflates up to 15-18 PSI in only 5-6 minutes.

It inflates with the ‘SipaDrive’, which doubles as an air compressor and a jet propulsion engine.

You can watch the video below to get an idea of how the inflation process works…

I personally always use an electric pump when inflating my ISUP as it is so much easier and takes no effort.

However to be able to just hook up the air compressor and let it inflate then store the compressor actually in the center of the board is amazing.

Plus the compressor/motor is rechargeable so you don’t even need to be near your vehicle to inflate it as you do with most other electric pumps.  It takes about an hour to charge and the battery will last for over 1,000 charging cycles.

SipaBoard Jet Propulsion Engine

sipaboard sipadrive jet propulsion engine

It is hard to imagine an inflatable SUP with a jet propulsion engine that a) does not make much noise and b) does not change the structure and performance of the board.

However the SipaDrive, as the engine is called, has neither of those issues. The engine is hidden inside a plastic housing and is built right into the board.

They claim there is virtually no drag when the motor is off. When the engine is on it will propel you forward so you don’t have to paddle.

The motor is emission-free and the plastic housing around it protects it from getting caught on rocks, twigs, debris or fish.

The motor is barely audible so it will not ruin the peace and quite when paddling in protected waters.

It has 5 settings that can be controlled wirelessly by two little buttons on the Sipa paddle that comes with the board.

For an average-sized male paddler the SipaDrive can provide up to 3.5 knots of assistance for 1 hour or 2-3 hours at cruising speed of 2 knots… after it has been used to inflate the board.

For those like me who have ever been in the situation where the wind picks up and it gets really hard to paddle back to shore, the motor would be incredibly handy!

I can see how it would be nice to know you have the security of the motor to use if you get tired or if it gets too hard to paddle. You can always switch the motor on and easily cruise your way back to shore.

The engine automatically shuts off if your paddle falls in the water. So if you fall in the water you won’t lose your board.

Smart Board

sipaboard bluetooth smart board

This is a smart board that comes equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip that can connect to your iPhone or Android as well as to your smart watch.

From your phone or watch you can connect to the SipaBoard App. The App has two user modes:

  • The Packed Mode – This mode is to be used when your phone is stored or ‘packed’ into a drybag. It allows tracking of your route. An alarm goes off when you reach 50% battery to let you know it’s time to head home.
  • The Active Mode – In the ‘Active’ mode you can use your phone or watch as an external display and remote control for your board.


The paddle that comes with this inflatable SUP comes apart into three pieces for easy storage and has a wifi-operated remote control in it.

There are two easy to use buttons on the paddle that allow you to turn the motor on or off and control the speed.

The paddle has a rechargeable battery for 10 days of active use as well as audio confirmation of control and error notification.

The battery in the paddle is only in use when the SipaDrive is engaged. When not in use it shuts down automatically.

SipaBoard Specs

The SipaBoard is the ideal length and size for touring.

SipaBoard inflatable SUP and 3-piece paddle

  • 11 feet long
  • 31 inches wide
  • 5.5 inches thick
  • weighs 30 lbs. total – board 21.5 lbs., motor 8.5 lbs.
  • suited for paddlers up to 225 lbs.
  • 5 speed settings up to 3.5 knots
  • max. power output 200 watts
  • self-regulating pressure gauge
  • thermostat to prevent over-heating
  • all electronics are tightly integrated and sealed with waterproof polymer
  • corrosion and condensation resistant materials
  • low and safe voltage levels


Without being able to see or try this board right now, this video gives the best visual and a great explanation of what it is all about…

Click here for more info at

The retail value for the whole Sipaboard package is $2190.  However it is not yet available in stores.

If you are interested for a short time you can pre-order a Sipaboard on Kickstarter for an excellent price.


  1. Barbara Esmedina says:

    Thanks for introducing this board. I went to KickStarter to check it out and ended up doing a pledge. Very cool concept. Love your website, this will be the third iSUP I bought based on your reviews and I have also used your article on training dogs to SUP to train a 60lb pitbull who is afraid of water to SUP.

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment Barbara! I am very excited you ordered this new ISUP. I’ve been debating for the last few days whether or not to make a pledge and get it myself. I’ve been holding off only because I don’t really need another SUP however I am so tempted!

  2. Hi Barbara and Admin 😉
    Thanks for backing and considering to back us. Your support has made it a reality. This morning we officially passed $150,000 in pledges and are now officially backed on Kickstarter. This means that we will be flipping the production switches on asap. If you wish to jump on board and back us now there are only a five left at $1,290. There is also an Double Special option and a couple of interesting perks will be added as stretch goals in the next days.

  3. Barbara Esmedina says:

    It is a pleasure to support such an innovative product as the SipaBoard. I am a total techie and was really excited to hear about the SipaBoard from iSUP World and get a chance to participate and get my hands on one of those boards. I was also happy to find out that the wireless controller is isolated in the handle of the paddle so I can use the handle with my other paddles and that the board has a US fin box so I can use my other fins. When you have a lot invested in different paddles and fins, you want boards that allow you to use them. Can’t wait to see what kind of apps they develop. Would love to see some Garmin apps.

  4. Wondering about the folding / compact sizing of this product. You mention in a picture that you can put this in a backpack – but I’ve not actually seen that put into action. The photo you have of she Sipa in its most compressed and piece-like state does not actually seem that small. I travel internationally a lot and am already on the fence slightly due to the 30lb weight.

    Unlike many of your inflatable SUP competitors – yours even tho it sounds amazing – yours looks to be about double the compressed sizing, double the weight, at least double the cost and does not include a backpack / carrying sack for ease of transit.

    I wanna love it more… but the above concerns are big concerns.

    • Barbara says:

      I purchased one with a pledge on KickStarter. If you go to KickStarter it has the dimensions. Also the board is only about 20 pounds and the motor is another 10. If folds without the motor so not as bulky as you think. They also now have a carry bag that is included. They also have enough money now for the app. I am not very big (5’4″ and 120 lbs) so I was also concerned about the weight, but if you can carry the motor separately, 20 lbs is not that bad. Keep in mind you will not need to bring a pump with you since the motor is also a compressor. I am very excited about this board. Knowing I can paddle longer without worrying about getting back if I run into wind is great. I plan on taking it to Catalina where the wind can make if very difficult on one side of the island. I also plan to take it to Belize.

  5. Patricia says:

    The Sipa concept is so intriguing. All the photos show the board on flat water. Can you tell me how the board performed for ocean paddling and in small surf? I live in So. Cal. and I would like a board that is versitile.

  6. John Ciano says:

    Below is a copy of an email I sent my credit card company to dispute my purchase with Sipa Boards and to share what an awful experience I have been through. I hope to help others avoid the same experience.

    On April 4th, 2016 I placed my order based on an email that stated I would received the board in about two weeks. The boat arrived close to a month late. In addition, it was defective. The board had damage. Before purchasing the board, the company sent me an email stating that the return policy was 30 days. I contacted the company this week and told them that they needed to take the board back and issue a full refund. I clearly explained the damage. I opened my dispute last night. I asked the company for return shipping labels so that I could return the board to them. They refused and told me that I would need to pay to have it shipped back to Slovenia. This could cost close to $1000. I should not be responsible for paying for returning shipping since the board was a month late and DEFECTIVE! The supervisors at your company agreed and said that I should reach out to you by email before shipping the board back and paying the shipping. I want to return the board and their cost and have the $2090 refunded. Please contact me by phone and let me know how to proceed.

  7. Susan Koller says:

    I purchased the sipaboard from kickstarter last year and received it beginning of 2016. At first it work perfectly, but now there is a defect when inflating with the compressor. My board is under guarantee, but I too would have to return it to Slovenia to have it serviced. I live in Switzerland and this would cost me a helluva lot like John Clano. Sipaboard have had some problems with the battery but they don’t know the cause and we all got a mail warning us to be careful when handling the battery as knocks, or getting wet or exposure to heat could cause it to catch fire. As it is a lithium battery water is unsuitable for extinguishing it, so I guess we have to take a fire extinguisher out with us in future. If John has the same instruction manual as I it is written right at the back that sipaboard is not responsible for shipping costs related to warranty repairs and also that purchasers can in no way hold sipaboard responsible for any costs or damages incurred by a faulty board – so this pretty much leaves us up the creek.

    • Did you register your board at the warranty site when you received it? I had problems with my motor and they sent me a prepaid return shipping label. It did not cost me anything to ship (and it was way past 30 days) and they sent me a new motor. It did not cost me anything. It did take some time to get a response, they are a new company, but ultimately they made good on the warranty.

      The email warns about the battery not because it is defective, all batteries that are damaged are dangerous. They are warning you not to use the battery if you got it wet because you did not tighten the top of the battery compartment, or left it in a hot car, or damaged it. Those are the same issues you have with all batteries. The warranty doesn’t cover damage to the battery if you caused the damage. Anyone using a battery that powerful should be aware of battery safety issues.

      Why don’t you just try contacting them at the warranty email and confirm? The warranty doesn’t cover damage you cause, they do cover defect issues.

      • Susan Koller says:

        Yes, I did register the warranty. In fact I did everything to the letter. Also I do realize the warnings apply to all lithium batteries. The point I was trying to make was that since they wrote to us all saying there are some problems they cannot account for, it could possibly be that there are teething problems with this first production run. I am currently in touch with the sipaboard team and it was they that said I would have to return it to Slovenia. Yesterday I test inflated it at home twice. In both cases in the first phase it did not inflate sufficiently to insert the drive when it automatically stopped. When I pressed again for the second phase it showed system error and I had to disconnect and reconnect the battery to the drive. Then, after pressing, it continued inflation but when it stopped automatically it seemed to me still not fully inflated because I was able to make a small indentation by pushing down with my finger (however this might be how it’s meant to be). I have caused no damage to the battery that I am aware of – always dry and carried around like a baby. All this hassle wouldn’t bother me if I could return it to a company here and not in Slovenia. The actual board is ingenious, no doubt about it, but there is a fair amount of leeway for technical hitches and most of us using it are not engineers. If they are selling the boards in a country through some sort of outlet ( as they are in Switzerland) then you should be able to return warranty claims to them and they sort shipping. Of course I realize they are a startup and small organisation and they take a bit of time getting back. They made such a professional impression on me on kickstarter that I decided to take the risk. However, I now see they have dropped the price of the first cruiser model in Switzerland on their website to not much more than I paid. They are now putting their efforts into the new series of self-inflatables, so I hope they haven’t forgotten those who helped them get started. Thanks for your response, it is actually very comforting to get any feedback from anyone:-)).

        • Hi Susan,
          I feel for you. I was frustrated when it took so long to get a response to my first inquiry, but they did pay the shipping. The one time I got to use it I loved it, but then It took a long time before I got to use it again.

          I noticed the same inflation problem with my board (only partially inflating). I always bring a hand pump as backup just in case. It sounds like yours is still not inflating all the way, it should be completely rigid. I was putting the motor in backwards the first couple of times. Once you jam it in there it isn’t coming out until you deflate. Lots of difficulties with first run productions, I am hoping the new boards have fewer glitches. I ordered one of the new ones. I found not having a handle made it difficult to get in and out of the water, the small version of the new board is supposed to have a handle, I hope they don’t decide to take if off at the last minute. I am really sorry to hear they would not pay return shipping for you, that just doesn’t seem right for defective equipment.

          • Susan Koller says:

            Thanks Barbara
            Well, I haven’t given up yet! I agree that it is cumbersome to carry – for females definitely unless you are a Massai. I have to get right near the water to inflate so I just need to lug it a couple of metres. Yes, no handle does make life hard, however I see the problem technically because the handle would go where the drive is. Also anything added means more weight. I bought a carrying sling online from a surf company and that helps. Sometimes I feel exhausted before I get started:-). When mine didn’t inflate sufficiently I pressed again manually and stopped it myself when I thought it was enough – but I don’t like guess-work and the whole point is to not have to take a pump with you. However, since mine now shows system error each time I guess the fault has gone to a new level. Anyway, we’ll see. Thanks so much for your response.

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