Ten Toes 10′ Weekender Review

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender ISUP

Ten Toes Board Emporium at this time makes four different inflatable stand-up paddleboards.

I was lucky enough to get to try out their very versatile 10’ Weekender ISUP.

What I like most about this board is how easy and convenient every aspect of it is.

It provides all the features you need and has a versatile shape that can paddle in any type of water yet the design and graphics are quite simple.

There is nothing difficult about this board. It is easy to inflate, easy to carry, easy to paddle and convenient to take absolutely anywhere.

It is available in six different color options… blue, green, blush pink, gray, seafoam or black.

I tested out the black board. I have never seen another all black-top inflatable stand-up paddleboard before and I quite liked the simple design.

I thought the black material might get extra hot in the sun but it didn’t seem to be an issue.  The black is nicely complimented with the bright red on the backside of the SUP.

I really  like the blue board as well.  It’s a great color blue and I think looks fantastic.

Specs For The Ten Toes Weekender

  • 10 feet long
  • 30” wide
  • 6” thick
  • weighs 29 lbs.
  • can hold up to 275 lbs.
  • air pressure: 12 – 16 PSI
  • two removable small fins, one large removable fin

Material: Military-grade PVC

Pros: Stable, easy for any person to paddle, inflates quickly, nice bungee system, good tracking fins, solid and durable, versatile

Cons: No D-ring up front, not that fast, only one carry handle at the center of the board

Where To Buy The 10′ Weekender

Click here for the Ten Toes 10′ Weekender inflatable SUP at Amazon.com.

More In-Depth Info On The Weekender ISUP

I really enjoyed this board. It is versatile and easy, portable and convenient.

At only 10’ long and 30” wide it is not that big. When deflated it rolls up into a very compact package.

Yet when it is fully inflated to the max air pressure of 16 PSI it is completely solid and can hold a lot of weight – up to 250 lbs.

The size makes it very easy to handle and highly maneuverable. The 6” thickness creates a solid and rigid base that feels supportive and secure.

This board will be easy for people with smaller frames to paddle but also very functional for a larger person.

Ten Toes 10' Weekender inflatable SUP

Important Features

Overall I found the design basic but functional. It has a traditional board shape with some good features.

The shape and design of the board make it very versatile. This board paddles fairly well in flat water, especially when using the removable large fin for good tracking.

It is also ideal for rivers and easy to handle in surf and choppy water.

The rounder turned-up nose allows it to plow through the waves easily.

This would be an ideal SUP to take traveling as it can be used on just about any type of waterway and it is so highly portable.

Bungee Cord

There is one bungee cord system at the front of the traction pad. It’s a decent size and ideal for securing your water bottle and gear.

I like boards that have a front bungee cord system a lot as I find I use it all the time. This one is easy to access and secured with 4 D-rings.

Weekender ISUP bungee cord system


There is one D-ring at the back of the board that is ideal for attaching your board leash.

There is also 4-Drings up front being used by the bungee system.

I felt there could have been one more D-ring up front. An extra D-ring is always handy in case you have anything extra to secure or for towing.

It is not critical however as the main D-rings are covered, just something to point out.

Ten Toes Board Emporium D-Ring on inflatable SUP

Fin System

The fin system is great. There are three separate removable fins included in the package.

Normally I see inflatable SUP’s that have two attached side fins and one removable larger fin.

The fact that all three of these fins are removable made me worry I would lose one. Probably not a valid concern however if you’re conscious about putting everything back in the bag.

In reality the fact that you can remove all three fins allows you to really customize the board for the type of water you are in.

For open flat water I used all three of the fins and found the tracking to be quite good.

In shallow water or rivers with lots of debris you might not want to use any of the fins… Or possibly just the two smaller side fins.

The fins easily slide into place and are secured with a push-in clip. Once secured, they are solid.

All three fins can be easily replaced if ever needed.

10' Weekender fin system

Traction Pad

The non-skid EVA traction pad is comfortable to stand or kneel on.

The traction pad isn’t overly long up front but this is a board where you will be either standing right at the center or even a little ways back as opposed to a racing board where you might want to be standing a little closer up front.

Therefore the traction pad is a decent size for this type of SUP and it feels great.

This is the only ISUP I have ever seen that comes with an extra piece of traction pad. Included in the bag is a fairly large square piece of the traction pad.

I have never had to replace the traction pad on any of my boards but I thought it was a nice extra if you ever did need it.

Carry Handle

There is only one carry handle on the 10′ Weekender at the center of the board, which is fairly typical for an ISUP of this size.

I like when there are carry handles at the front and back as well in case you want to carry it with someone else.

However the board is not that big and does not weigh much so it is easy for one person to carry and the center handle is definitely the one you would use most often.

The center carry handle is a nice one. It is covered with PVC fabric adding a little bit of padding making it super durable.

inflatable stand-up paddle board padded carry handle


There are two bag options for the Ten Toes Board Emporium ISUP’s.  They are not included in the price of the boards.

  1. A regular SUP backpack called the Rambler Rucksack Bag
  2. Or a rolling backpack that you can pull called the Nomad Roller Bag

Ten Toes Board Emporium rolling backpack

I really like the rolling backpack. I prefer it over the regular backpack. Even though the board isn’t super heavy it is really nice to have the option to pull it instead of carry it.  It is ideal for airplane travel and just easy to take anywhere.

The rolling backpack unzips all the way around so it is easy to place the rolled up board right inside.

There is also a fairly large front zip pocket to store the pump, the fins and your repair kit.

The backpack straps can be tucked inside if you don’t need them or if you are traveling by airplane and want to keep the straps out of the way.

There are three carry handles, one on each side of the bag and one on the top.

The top padded handle is the one you would use when pulling the bag.

All in all it’s a great bag, well made and sturdy. It is definitely convenient and super portable.

The regular backpack (the Rambler Rucksack Bag) has two padded shoulder straps, as well as a front pocket for the pump and repair kit.

There is a drawstring and a clip to secure it at the top. There are two side carry handles. It is not fancy but it is functional and very useful.

Ten Toes Board Emporium SUP backpack

Pump Bag

It may seem like a small thing but the inflation pump comes with it’s own little carry bag. The carry bag also has a separate inside pocket for the pressure gauge.

I have only ever seen a few ISUP’s that include a separate carry bag for the pump. I like it because it keeps everything together… one less thing to lose.

The bag is just thin and made of nylon. It has two cord shoulder straps so you can carry it like a small backpack or just sling it over one shoulder.

The bag is a nice extra feature. Like I said it’s a small thing, but I like it.

Ten Toes pump bag

Manual Pump

The pump that comes with the Ten Toes Weekender is decent. It comes with a pressure gauge so you can make sure you are inflating to the correct PSI level.

It took a bit of work to get it to 15 PSI but since the board isn’t that big, it didn’t take as long as inflating many other ISUP’s.

You may find you want to invest in a good electric pump down the road to make life easier but this pump will work just fine initially.

6” Drop-Stitch Material

The material is strong and durable. I have no concerns at all about this board being able to handle a fair amount of abuse and  lasting a long time.

The 6” thickness makes it very stable even though it is only 10’ long. It can hold a lot of weight with no flex.

The thickness and rigidity of this board make it ideal for people of all skill levels.

Ten Toes 10’ Weekender Setup

Setup is a snap. Take the board out of the bag, unroll and inflate.

Using the manual pump, inflation takes about 8 minutes. Possibly a little longer if you take more breaks but overall it is fairly fast.

It takes a bit of effort inflating with a manual pump but it is very doable.

The valve is a Halkey-Roberts style valve. Make sure to push in the spring and have it in the popped up position when inflating. Then push in and twist to deflate.

Once inflated, secure the valve cap then attach the three fins and off you go.

It is easy and packing it away is just as simple. Dry off with a towel, deflate and store it back in the carry bag.

That’s what I love about inflatable SUP’s… there is not much to worry about. You don’t have to think about roof racks or any heavy lifting.

inflatable stand-up paddle board in carry bag

taking ISUP out of bag

inflating the Ten Toes 10' ISUP

carrying the 10' Weekender to the water


Included in the price of the package is a three-piece paddle. It is a fairly basic aluminum paddle however it is awesome that you get everything you need in this inflatable SUP package to get out on the water right away without spending a huge amount of money.

The paddle breaks apart into three pieces allowing you to store it in the backpack carry bag and it is height adjustable.

It can extend up to 9′ and breaks down to about 3′.  It is ideal for traveling and will suit a large range of people.

The paddle has a quick-release system to adjust the height.  It locks into place and is easy to adjust.

Ten Toes 3-peice SUP paddle

Ten Toes travel 3-piece SUP paddle

10’ Weekender Performance

This board is a jack-of-all-trades but a master at none. It won’t be the fastest board in the water or the absolute best performer.

However it is super versatile and overall I don’t think there is much to complain about performance wise.

It moves nicely, is easy to paddle and feels solid.

Being a smaller frame, I found I had good reach when paddling and good range of motion with this ISUP.

My boyfriend who is bigger than me felt solid on the board and thought it was fun and easy to paddle.

I think this would be a great board to share with family and friends because anyone could use it.

My dog was perfectly happy riding up front and this board could easily support a much larger dog than my little guy.

paddling the Ten Toes 10' Weekender SUP with Seth

stand-up paddling the Ten Toes inflatable SUP with Seth

The Negative

The only negatives I would point out are small points. A couple extra carry handles and D-rings would be nice… but are not critical.

The board is not super fast, but it is not designed to be. The tracking however was quite good considering the size and shape of the Weekender.

I feel you are definitely getting good value for the money .

More Pics Of the Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender

halkey roberts style inflatable SUP valve

removable fin

Ten Toes Board Emporium

standing beside 10' Weekender stand up paddleboard

ISUP fins

paddling Ten Toes Weekender at Buntzen Lake

Where To Buy

Click Here For The Ten Toes 10’ Weekender Inflatable SUP At Amazon.com.

Click here for the Ten Toes Rambler Rucksack Carry Bag at Amazon.com.

Click here for the Ten Toes Nomad Rolling Backpack at Amazon.com.

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  1. Adolfo Toledo says:

    Hi Allison,
    I am new at ISUP world and I want to get the right one, I have read all your reviews and analyze all ISUP brands. I really like this Ten Toes Board because of the look and of course the price, I was considering the Stardboard Astro Atlas or something like that but the price difference is quite significant I just want to now since you are the expert here, is Ten Toes Boards good quality? or there is a huge difference between a Starboard and a Ten Toes? which brand do you recommend for me?
    I am looking for a durable, rigid, trouble free and fun board. I’m not racing or anything like that.

    I really appreciate your help and expertise.


    • Yes Ten Toes is good quality. Starboard has a great rep and their boards are known to last and perform well. I really like the Starboard ISUP’s a lot but truthfully I don’t think you need to spend a lot extra to get a decent board. The design and size of the Astro Atlas will make it perform better than the Ten Toes. However the Ten Toes is a great all around board and I think it will last a long time… I personally wouldn’t hesitate on buying it. I found it rigid and stable, not super fast but overall easy to paddle and versatile. Hope that helps!

  2. Nice review. I would strongly advise against a black board though. I had a black board and it delaminated very quickly and eventually exploded. All because the black material got very hot which then affected the glue. It’s not something I considered before buying a board but I’ve since researched it and asked some inflatable boat manufacturers and it’s pretty clear that black is a bad idea. How many of the proper inflatable board brands use black? There has to be a reason for that 😉

    • Interesting comment Rob, thanks for the info. I wondered about the black material as well. For anyone considering this board it does come in other color options.

      • I was just about to pull the trigger on this board until I read this comment. The black is for sale on Group on for under $465. By far this is the best board I’ve seen for the price. I do live in Seattle where it doesn’t get too hot compared to the rest of the country but the thought of the glue not working frightens me. Plus I was wondering why just the black color was on sale and frankly Groupon is not known for selling quality goods. I am torn between this one, Isle, and Tower. Ten Toes is by far the cheapest of the three. Any additional thoughts? Thanks!

        • I prefer the Ten Toes over the Tower and the Isle as well. I’ve had the black one out several times this summer and haven’t had any issues. It is such a tough call. You rarely see black ISUP’s out there so I’m just not sure… and yes I wonder as well why it is just the black one being sold on Groupon. All I can say is I haven’t noticed any problems with the glue or even the black material getting too hot (I’m in BC so very similar weather and conditions to Seattle). It does come with a one-year warranty at least. Based on my experience with the board so far I would probably go for it because the price is so good… especially since you don’t live in a super hot climate. Good luck!

          • Thanks. I ordered it. Your review was very helpful. I saw the board on Groupon and thought it must crappy but I was so happy to see such a positive review. Amazon also has 4 five star reviews. And you are right. Although the weather has been incredible I won’t be riding all year unless we have a really moderate winter. Thank you so much for your help!

          • Awesome, I hope you enjoy it! Happy paddling!!

    • Adolfo Toledo says:

      thanks for the tip Rob, i will consider other color!

  3. I just “clicked through” to order a grey one. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    • Awesome Steve! Definitely let me know your thoughts once you get it. Happy Paddling!!

      • The board arrived at my door by Fedex in three days. Although I think we could have done the set up without the manual, we did read it because it was concise and clear. No surprises setting it up – very simple. As you noted, the pump, bag for pump, repair kit and paddle were included. There was also a spare deck pad. However, the bag (I opted for the rucksack) was extra which you may have mentioned and I missed it. The whole package was still a bargain. At an indicated 12 psi, it was solid as a rock which surprised everyone (we had a garge full of onlookers). Our 12 year old nephew tried it out first and had no trouble. Very stable,easy to paddle. Me, the 65 year old rookie, was next out. Got used to paddling on my knees for a few minutes to get the feel for stability, then stood up and took off. No drama as long as you look where you want to go. It does get tippy if you start looking at your feet!

        Overall, the board and bag seem to be of high quality and durable. The price was certainly right compared to other boards.

        • Excellent comment Steve, thank you so much for sharing. Really glad you are happy with it!

          • It’s me again. I feel like I’m stalking this thread. My Weekender comes tomorrow. I am still somewhat tempted to return it (Groupon has free returns) and spend a full $1K on an 11 foot Bic Sup Air or a Mistral because I’d like to do Yoga and fitness on it as well as lake paddling. Do you think this board will accommodate me? I plan on adding D rings but I’m concerned about length and stability. Would it be possible to get a better deal on a higher end board at the end of paddle boarding season? Thanks for all of your help!

          • A longer board is nice for yoga and fitness. The Weekender isn’t the best board for yoga but it is doable. I find the shorter boards are fun for zipping around on, they are super easy to turn and maneuver plus they tend to be extremely portable for traveling. However for touring and fitness I have to admit I prefer the longer boards. Can you still return it if you try it out and don’t like it? There are sometimes deals at the end of the season but I find they are few and far between. It seems like the older models will go on sale to make room for the new models coming out but the really popular ones can be hard to find a deal on. I still think you got a good deal on the Weekender however. If you don’t like it you could always sell it on craigslist – possibly for more than you paid for it. Just a thought.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am debating between an Isle 10′ and the Ten Toes as a first board. I need something that will work in the Long Island sound and would love if one of my kids could sit on it as I paddle (they range in age from 8-12).
    My local board shop says I should get a fiberglass board and not an inflatable and that the inflatables feel like jello. I’ve never tried an inflatable so I’m nervous! Suggestions?

    • Hi Jennifer, Inflatable SUP’s definitely do not feel like jello. If inflated to the proper PSI level they are extremely rigid. I find when I take new people out on my boards they are shocked with how rigid and durable they are. Inflatable SUP’s also now compete with fiberglass boards in competitions, which I think says a lot.
      I find the Isle SUP’s to be extremely stable and ideal for beginners. No problem having a child sitting up front as you paddle. I was impressed with the Ten Toes ISUP as well. Performance wise I think they are quite similar. I think the Isle SUP is a little more stable, possibly because it is just slightly wider, but it is not a huge difference. You can’t really go wrong either way.

      • Megan Smith says:

        I was looking between the two as well. The Isle is $100 more and the only difference I see is the Isle is an inch wider. Of the two does this one crease in the middle at all? Of the pictures I have been looking at the ten toes seems to fall more in the water in the middle than the isle 10? I really want a good board that will not break the bank! I am in love with this sport and live in coastal North Carolina. There are so many areas I could use this. So professional opinion… Which of these two, ten toes weekender or the Isle 10, if they were laying in front of you, would you pick up to use? Thank you so much for your he,p and information on this site! I have learned so much on here about this fantastic sport!

        • Hey Megan, I would go with the Ten Toes personally. I find it paddles a little better and is more responsive. With the proper air pressure it won’t crease in the middle. It’s a fun board for a great price. If you were able to try both out you would find the Isle SUP a little more stable in the beginning but the Ten Toes would be a better performer and ultimately I think you’ll be happier with it. Hope that helps, enjoy!!

  5. Any chance your going to review the ten toes globetrotter? I’m interested to see a review of it.

    • Hey Tyler, I don’t have plans to review it right now but I’ll definitely add it to my list. I was impressed with the Weekender, I have no doubt the Globetrotter is a great board as well. The specs make it sound like it would perform quite well.

      • Hi Allison! Thanks for this great site. Based on your recommendations, we bought the Tower Adventurer 2 earlier this year, and have loved it. We are in the market for a second board so my wife and I can paddle at the same time, and found a great deal on the Ten Toes Jetsetter, the 14′ board. I know you’ve only tested the Weekender, but I assume the Jetsetter is the same great quality. 14′ is quite a bit longer than 10’6″, so I was just curious what your thoughts are on that length. We both have good balance, and wouldn’t mind a board that is a bit faster, but have been very happy with the Tower board as well. Thanks!

        • Hi Owen! So glad you have found the site useful and that the Tower Adventurer 2 worked out for you! Yes go for the Jetsetter. They are clearing out their 2015 boards on Amazon right now and the deal is unreal. You’ll notice a big difference with a 14′ board. It will take a little more effort to get moving initially but once you start gliding and get in the groove you will be impressed with the speed. The longer length means it won’t turn quite as easy as the shorter Tower board but overall it should be a good ride. My neighbour has the shorter Ten Toes board and it’s been going strong for a good couple years now and showing no wear and tear, the quality seems to be good. For that low price on Amazon I would definitely go for it! Cheers.

  6. Hi! I need a board that will hold a person and a very large dog. Aprox 250 lbs between the two. I noticed this Ten Toes weekender will hold 250 lbs. I was also looking at the Isle 11 explorer. It holds less weight but is longer. Do you have any recommendations? We are new to paddle boarding and just need boards that are strong and will last, oh and reasonably priced. Not to worried about speed as much as we are sturdiness.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Wendy, I feel like you’d be okay on the Isle Explorer even though it says it only holds up to 214 lbs. I take that board out often and it feels like a really solid platform. The Ten Toes would probably be fine but I feel like the weight limit might be pushing it just from my experience with the board. Another one to consider is the Tower Adventurer 2… I haven’t reviewed it yet but I’ve only heard good things. It is similar in size to the Ten Toes board but I find the Tower boards in general to be practically indestructible and they can hold a ton of weight. It would be nice to have one a little longer for paddling with a large dog but the longer length will typically up the price. Check out the Tower SUP on Amazon and see what you think. The only downside with the Tower ISUP is I don’t think it comes with a carry bag, just a strap to keep it rolled up.

  7. Thank you so much for the quick informative response. I am learning so much from your site:-)

  8. All great except they are out of stock everywhere :0(

    • Oh wow… I guess they’ve been popular. I would guess there will be more stock in very soon. I can’t imagine they’ll go too long mid summer without stock.

    • I was frustrated that they were out of stock as well, then while I was looking on amazon, the 2015 model popped back in stock. I didn’t really want an older model, but I didn’t want to wait. I called the company to ask the difference between the 2015 and 2016 weekender models and they told me the only difference is the logo. It’s the exact same board otherwise. So, check amazon for a 2015 board if you want it. Great board by the way, I really enjoy it. Would prefer a little more speed, but it’s really high quality.

  9. Melodye Feldman says:

    After reading your review I contacted Ten Toes directly to order a board.My credit card was charged, I received an email from them confirming my order but 3 days later it still has not been shipped nor am I able to contact them. The phone number goes directly to voice mail which is an automated voice saying, ‘the mailbox is full’. I expected shipment to be posted the day I ordered the board (as it said on their website if ordered before a certain time the board will ship the same day). I emailed them as well and still have not heard back. I am really concerned. I love your site and have relied on your great reviews to make decisions on past SUP purchases. Last winter I bought two Sea Eagle Needle Nose boards and LOVE them. I was looking for a cheaper all around board now for guests to use and Ten Toes sounded perfect. Just wanted to give you and FYI about my current customer service failure (which is strange because all their reviews all over the internet are stellar).

    • Hi Melodye, I haven’t heard anything else negative about Ten Toes and I know this board has been super popular… So really hope it all worked out for you and the board was shipped out sooner than later! I appreciate the info.

      • I called again after I wrote to you. Finally someone did pick up the phone and they were not so helpful, but once I asked to speak with a supervisor, she was wonderful. She apologized and said that she could understand how the website might have made it sound like they ship the day they get the order. In any case she shipped the board that day. I took the board out today and it was wonderful. Easy, easy to set up. I used the manual pump and it was quick. The look of the board is fun and very firm. It tracks well. Fun to ride,very stable, looking forward to taking it on many lakes in Colorado. Thank you again for your reviews and for listening.

        • Okay good, I’m glad it worked out. Also so glad you are happy with it! So far everyone seems to be quite pleased with this ISUP, which is great to hear. I totally agree it is a fun board and has a lot to offer in a small package. Happy Paddling!!

    • You can try their Facebook page. I got a pretty quick response that way. Although Ten Toes is a small company, it is totally unacceptable to charge a credit card, not ship, and not be reachable by phone. In fact the best retailers will not charge cards until the product ships, e.g. Amazon.com. I was so torn between this board and a few others but ultimately went with a Bic ISUP 10″6 because I want to use it for yoga. The placement of the d rings and bungee cord was perfect unlike Ten Toes. Amazon also made a pricing error which reduced the board by $200 which sealed the deal. It was fixed right after my board shipped though. My only complaint with the Bic is that it is really hard to roll up and put away but otherwise I’m very happy.

  10. Mariano says:

    Hi there! Thanks for your reviews, I find them extremely helpful. I recently moved to San Francisco, and been going to Santa Cruz, Pacifica, Monterey and some other places to ride. I’m currently renting and researching. I’m enjoying wave riding a lot, and was wondering if you recommend the Ten Toes over the Tower. Best!

    • I like the Ten Toes board, I find it fun to use and it paddles well. It’s not the best performing ISUP out there but for the price I feel you get a great package deal. The Tower Adventurer is extremely durable but basic in design. It is a very popular board but I do feel that the Ten Toes Weekender performs a little better. I would personally choose to paddle the Weekender over the Tower Adventurer.

  11. How much does the Ten Toes Weekender weigh? Thanks.

    • I’m not sure Brent. They don’t list the weight on this one and I don’t have a scale. It feels pretty light though and super easy to carry. I would guess around 20 lbs. I have been meaning to find out for sure so I can update this review. I’ll update it as soon as I know.

  12. If anyone could share the weight of the board, that would be great, thanks!

    • I agree with Allison, it’s probably about 20 pounds. Not terribly heavy. We bought one Ten Toes Weekender (for my wife) and love it so much we just bought another one (for me). The Rambler Ruck Sack is on backorder, but I’ve been told by Ten Toes that they should have more in about 3 weeks. Hope this helps.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Hi Allison,

    Great site! I’ve used it to do a lot of research, and it’s been very helpful.

    My wife and I are looking to buy two boards, one more expensive and one that’s more economical. I’m thinking of buying the Ten Toes and a Red 10.6, and was wondering if the pumps were interchangeable? This way we could bring just the one pump, when we go out. Any chance this is something you have tested?

    • Yes you bet! The pumps are definitely interchangeable. I often just bring one pump for a couple boards. The Red Paddle Co pump works with all ISUP’s I’ve tried and I believe the Ten Toes pump does as well… I’ve used it on a couple boards so far.

  14. Hi Allison,

    thanks so much for a great site. I have been paddleboarding off and on for a couple of years and after renting an inflatable board yesterday have decided to make the jump and buy one. I live out here in sunny florida we have a boat and travel around the state in a variety of setting from lakes, inter coastal to the Fl keys and I am very intrigued by the Ten Toes weekender. I’m a little concerned about the 10ft length vs say 10’6″ or 10’8″ for tracking on lakes and inter coastal. Also, checking out a brand called Tribal out of Jacksonville FL. Can’t find much info on them or how they would compare to the 10 toes, but they are comparably priced. Wonder if you have had the opportunity to try one or have heard anything about this brand. Really value your insight.

    • Hey Britt, I like the Ten Toes Weekender a lot. The 10′ length makes it ultra portable but I agree that it is not totally ideal for great tracking or touring. That being said it seems to handle fairly well and all things considered this board is a great deal for the price. My preference is a longer SUP… at least 11′ long but the 10 footer is fun to zip around on and it is very easy to paddle and maneuver. Unfortunately I have no experience with the Tribal boards. I’ve heard of them but don’t know much about them. They look nice… hard to say how they stack up. If you end up getting one I’d love to hear your opinion on it!

  15. Thank you so much, Allison, for these great reviews. My husband and I are newbies to paddling (only been out 3 times). We would like to buy boards and are having trouble deciding between the Sea Eagle Needle Nose and the Ten Toes Weekender. I am afraid we will be really unstable on the Needle Nose. Our nearby lake St-Louis connected to the St-Lawrence river in Montreal is often choppy, plus has frequent power boat wake. We want boards we will be stable on (i.e. we want to stay dry and warm!). We went out a couple of days ago on the Imagine Fit board (touring shaped like the Needle Nose) at our canoe club and we could barely stay upright in all the chop. My husband switched to a kayak and was way happier! I switched to the short, wide Imagine Surfer and my balance was much better. These are both heavy polyethylene boards, however we would like to buy inflatables. Which model board (we are open to any model priced at or below the Needle Nose) would you recommend we get? We are both 44 years old. I am 5’6″ and weigh 130 lbs. My husband is 5’9″ and weighs 165 lbs. Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    • I love the Needlenose and I think although it is a little less stable you do get used to it quickly. However it wouldn’t be the ideal choice for really choppy water, especially as a beginner. The Ten Toes Weekender is great, easy to maneuver and fun to paddle, but not that fast and not as good for straight touring, although not too bad and the price is excellent. Two other options to consider are the Sea Eagle Longboard, which is a little more versatile and stable than the Needlenose or the Aquaglide 12’6″ Cascade. I just finished reviewing the Cascade and I really liked it. It is quite stable yet paddles well. I felt secure on it while paddling in choppy ocean water and when dealing with wake from boats. It is about an inch wider than the Longboard making it slightly more stable. The only downside to it is that it weighs roughly 10 lbs. more than the Needlenose or Longboard. The Isle Explorer would actually work for you both as well. It is very stable and easy to paddle. It is definitely a little more slugglish than the others mentioned however. So your most stable options are the Aquaglide Cascade and the Isle Explorer. More stability often means less speed. The Sea Eagle Longboard would be a compromise in between. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much, Allison, for your helpful advice. It helped me choose the Sea Eagle Longboard for both of us. We added the Sea Eagle kayak seats and some Windpaddle Adventure sails too. Now we can SUP, surf, kayak and sail downwind 180 degrees! Can’t wait to try everything out! BTW, oddly Amazon’s price was $100 less than Sea Eagle’s and Sea Eagle wouldn’t match it. So we bought from Amazon. I really wanted you to earn the affiliate commission, but this was just too great a price difference (especially since we were buying 2 boards). So sorry 🙁

  16. I am a beginner paddle boarder and I am going to buy an iSUP this coming Spring. The only iSUP I have actually paddled on is the Tower Adventurer so that is my benchmark. I am 6’ and 185 pounds and will be using the board on smaller lakes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro. I have started to research iSUP’s and have decided on buying a 10’ – 11’ board with a max price of $750. I currently have the Tower Adventurer 2, Isle Explorer, Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender, and California Board Company 132 Current on my consideration list. BTW, iSUP World is the best site out there for reviews. I have seen quite a bit of chatter about the Vilano Navigator and the Aqua Marina SPK-3 iSUP’s and was wondering if you had any experience with either of these boards? They appear to be very similar to the Tower Adventurer and are very reasonably priced at $450 for the package (Amazon.com). I was considering the XTerra SUP but there are a significant number of negative reviews on it so I am going to shy away from that one. Also, please let me know if you have any other board recommendations for me. Thank you for all the work you put into for your reviews!

    • Hi John, Sorry I’m a little late answering you, I was away for a couple weeks. I haven’t tried the Tower Adventurer 2 yet… It’s on my list to review before the Spring. I have heard good things however and I think it is quite an upgrade from the original Adventurer, which I found quite basic. The Isle Explorer is a good board for the price. I own it and have used it often. My boyfriend likes this board when paddling ocean waves as it is super stable. However it is a little sluggish and we both find it is not our ideal choice on flat water – but it’s not too bad. The Ten Toes board is a lot of fun. It is extremely responsive and easy to zip around on. I would say it is the least stable of the four you mentioned, however we didn’t find it an issue and overall it is a really convenient and fun board. I do like the California Board Co. 132 Current. I like the 11′ length a little more for touring and it provides a good balance of stability and performance. I wouldn’t say it is a super performer but it’s decent and overall a good package deal.

      Unfortunately I have yet to try the Vilano Navigator and the Aqua Marina boards. The prices are definitely affordable. I have heard the Vilano Navigator is really basic but I have heard nothing about the Aqua Marina SPK-3 so I’m just not sure how they compare. I have also heard mixed reviews on the Xterra SUP. I have been meaning to try that one for awhile – my list is so long! 🙂

      I hope that helps. I have quite a few new boards I will be reviewing this winter so stay tuned, there might be other viable options. If you haven’t already you can follow the ISUPworld Facebook page as I always post the new reviews there as they go live.

      ps. Thank you so much for the nice comment on our site. It is great to get feedback and good to know that others are finding the reviews helpful. I am constantly trying to improve it and will be doing some work this winter to hopefully make the site a little more user-friendly.

  17. Evan Weinberg says:

    Hello. I live in St Thomas USVI. I have been looking for an affordable quality SUP. We get a lot of sun and salt down here so I want something with longevity. Last problem is that I am tall and hover around 250 lbs. my gf has a hardboard and says I shouldn’t trust inflatables at my size. What are some good recommendations?

    • Hi Evan, The sun and salt aren’t a problem. Just rinse the board with fresh water after use if possible to keep the material from wearing down. You can also use 303 Protectant which can be bought online for pretty cheap or at many boat stores. It will protect the ISUP material from UV damage. I don’t think you would have a problem with an inflatable SUP with your size. I find that most of these boards can hold a lot more weight than they say. I’ve had a few of them loaded up with well over 250 lbs. and except for taking more strength to paddle, they performed just fine. A few boards to consider that are known to perform well with more weight are the 1. The Naish One… a great touring board, stable, glides nicely and very well made. 2. The 12’6″ Sea Eagle Longboard… this one is super versatile and I find a favorite among many of my friends, Sea Eagle also gives you a lot more in the package for your money plus they have a great warranty. 3. The Tower ISUP’s tend to be quite affordable, super durable and known to hold up with lots of weight on them. I have only reviewed the Adventurer but they have a few other models you might be interested in.
      Although I do love the Ten Toes Board Emporium SUP and it says it can hold up to 250 lbs. I think this would be the least stable for your size. It is not very long or wide. I think you would do better with a larger board. Hope that helps!

  18. Any experience with iRocker products compared to the 10 toes weekender? The 11′ iRocker has a 2 yr warranty , hi and low pressure pump (10 toes only says hi) and comes with a bag (no bag with 10 toes) Price is very similar on Amazon right now

    • No unfortunately I have no experience with the iRocker boards and haven’t even heard much about them. They look decent but hard to say. Sorry I couldn’t help you more. I will have to add them to my list of boards to review one day soon.

  19. Eric Fessenden says:

    Thanks for your great reviews! How would you rate the 10 toes on rivers and for surfing?

    • I think the Ten Toes would be great for rivers and surfing. It is really easy and quick to maneuver making it very responsive. It won’t be the most stable board but if you have a little experience, I think you’d be okay. I’ve only had it on fairly calm rivers and unfortunately I don’t have much surf around me. However on chop and small waves it handled well, just took a little extra focus.

  20. jim bentley says:

    Hi. Plowing through your blog. Buying for me and my wife. we are beginners. For her at 5’4”, would you favor a board that is narrower as it relates to her ability to reach over the side to paddle? So far I like the Nixy 10′ 6″ for both of us but at 33″ wide I thought it might be a little harder for her. I am thinking the Ten toes at 30″ W might be better although the info I have says it weighs 29 lb which is a draw back. If you think the width is an issue, any other recommendations for her? . What do you think? thanks

    • Allison says:

      Hi Jim, I think your wife would be okay on the NIXY board but yes I think you are right she would have an easier time paddling the Ten Toes Weekender. I know that Ten Toes lists the weight of their ISUP as 29 lbs. but I really don’t think it weighs that much. My neighbour owns the Ten Toes board, she is roughly 5’2″ tall and has no trouble carrying it. I keep meaning to weigh it to find out for sure because it really doesn’t feel like a 29 lbs. SUP. I think your wife would be totally fine with it and it would be a great board for her. Both the NIXY and the Ten Toes are priced so well I feel you can’t go wrong with either of those two. They both give you a lot for your money.

  21. Hey Allison! I’m very interested in the Weekender! My only concern is that it might overpower my 5’1″ frame. I weight about 125, but I like the larger weight limit so that I can have a friend or my dog ride with me. I’d mostly be using it on a lake and mild surf. What are your thoughts? Do you think this a good board choice or is there another brand/board you’d recommend? Thank you so much!

    • Allison says:

      Hi Blair, I actually think it would be perfect for you! I don’t think you’ll find it overpowering. In fact the 30″ width is perfect for your size as you won’t be over reaching to paddle and the 10′ length still provides enough room for your dog. It’s a great board.. very versatile. I think it’s a great choice.

  22. Hi Allison, thanks for your review of the weekender. It’s very detailed which is awesome compared to other reviews that basically reiterate what the manufacture website says. I’m very new to the isup world and was thinking of getting the Ten Toes Jetsetter. I like the idea of speed and touring but do you think 14 feet is too much for a beginner? Thanks for your help.

    • Allison says:

      Thank you for your nice words, I am glad you are finding the site helpful! I think you’d be fine with a 14′ board and the Jetsetter looks like a nice one (haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my list to review). The 14′ length will actually add a bit of stability for you as a beginner. The 30″ width and tapered nose will help it to perform well. With the streamline design you will probably need to have a little extra focused in the beginning but you’ll get comfortable fast and really appreciate the way it cuts smoothly through the water. Good luck! If you end up getting the Jetsetter I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  23. Hi, thanks so much for this great site. It’s such a nice resource to have especially when you can’t get out to test a bunch of boards. I live in Colorado and am looking for a board that will mostly be used on small lakes and “float” trips on the river (some class 1 to 2). We also at times have some wind. I’m looking at the 10 Toes Weekender and also the Tower Adventurer 2. Wondering if you might be able to make a recommendation. Also, would I find one of these to be faster than the other? Thanks again!

    • Sorry, one more: Satrboard Astro Drive Zen 10’5x30x4.7

      • Allison says:

        Hi Katie, The Ten Toes Weekender and the Tower Adventurer 2 are similar in performance, the Tower might be slightly faster but not by much. The Ten Toes is a little quicker to maneuver and turn but both provide good value for the price and would work well for your needs. The Starboard Astro Drive is basically a step up. I love the Starboard SUP’s and have never been disappointed with any of them. They think of every little detail and the quality is top notch. The Drive Zen is versatile, easy to maneuver and paddles quite well. The Starboard will cost more but it is definitely a better SUP. Although with a little care the other two will still last a long time. If you decide to go for the Starboard I have a coupon code you can use at PumpedUpSup.com that gives you $75 off. Use ISWPUS75 at checkout. Cheers!

  24. Ida Parker says:

    Hi Allison,
    First, I love this blog! You do such a fantastic job answering everyone, its quite impressive, which brings me to my question of course. There are so many iSUP’s out there, literally my head is spinning trying to figure out which one to buy! i’ve been paddle boarding a few times and am a pretty avid watergoer, I grew up on Cape Cod and still live here, have a kayak but am looking into an inflatable paddle board for a better core workout but also something that is easily transportable to water that is not shark infested! I really like the ten toes weekender look, and all the reviews are great, but I came across a few other ones that seemed to also be great options and decent pricing (I’m also in grad school) so that becomes a factor. One I looked at that I don’t think you’ve reviewed yet, is the Tantrum Tow Rope 10 foot board. It is less expensive, which is nice, but they seem pretty new to the scene and I am questioning the quality of the board in comparison to the ten toes or even the Isle 10 foot, the video review I watched on the Tantrum made it look a little flimsy. Also, are these the types of boards I should be considering, there are so many styles out there! I will mostly be paddling in flat water, but probably in the ocean with boats around, current, maybe some mild surf and wind, etc… I want a board that offers a good core workout but isn’t too difficult to maneuver and would also be adequate for guests to use, and would be fun to paddle around different coastal areas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Ida Parker says:

      Or if there are any other boards you think might be good for me I would love your input! I don’t want to find myself getting bored either!

    • Hi Ida, A 10-foot board is going to be quite versatile and a good all-rounder. It will handle fine on flat water and in waves but not excel with speed, performance or even stability. More like a jack of all trades but master of none… which is just fine. A longer and more specialized board is going to cost more. A wider or larger SUP will be more stable but can be sluggish. So with that being said the Ten Toes is a great option and definitely ideal for travel. It can handle quite a bit of weight but I would say is best suited for 160 lbs. or less, although my boyfriend who weighs around 190 lbs. quite liked paddling it but it probably wouldn’t be his choice for everyday use.

      I’ve reviewed the Tantrum Tow Ropes 12’6″ ISUP and quite liked it. It surprised me with how well it performs. However I would say the quality of construction is basic. Doesn’t mean it won’t hold up but it doesn’t feel as durable as some of the higher quality boards for sure. I haven’t tried their 10′ board unfortunately. The Ten Toes Weekender seemed particularly durable to me.

      Two other ISUP’s around the same price range as the Ten Toes that might work for you are the NIXY 10’6″ or the Shark 10’6″. Both are a little longer. The NIXY is a few inches wider making it more stable and easier for a larger person to paddle or for anyone to just feel more secure in waves and chop. It is also a little slower however.

      The Shark 10’6″ is a zippy board, paddles well, cuts nicely through the water but the more tapered design does make it less stable as well and definitely better suited for a smaller frame. Any of these boards will definitely give you a great core workout 🙂

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