New Longer 14’ Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP

14' Sea Eagle Needlenose

For 2014 Sea Eagle has added to their lineup of popular Needlenose SUP’s.

There is now the option of a long 14’ board! This is one of the longest if not the longest inflatable stand-up paddleboard that I know of.

The longer length, the lean design, sharp pointed bow, and the fact that it is 6 inches thick means that it will be one of the fastest and most stable touring ISUP’s on the market.

It is a fairly big board and consequently can hold a lot of weight with no flex. The Needlenose 14 is designed to be able to withstand a lot and can hold up to 276 lbs. (125 kg) easily.

It weighs 28 lbs. (12.7 kg) so can still conveniently be transported anywhere including in the trunk of your vehicle, on an airplane, in an RV or on a larger boat.

That’s the great thing about ISUP’s… they can go anywhere you go and can be ready to use within minutes!

As this board is designed for open water touring it will best suit lakes or bays, slow-moving rivers, or ocean paddling.

The length and width will allow it to handle waves and choppy water well without causing you too many balance problems.

The size will take a little more strength to turn quickly and maneuver than a shorter board. However it is very doable and will truly excel on a straight course.

Even with the 6” thickness, the length to width ratio of the Needlenose 14 will allow it to paddle fast and smooth.

It has the same patent pending unique design of the other Needlenose SUP’s. The straight-line hull and sharp bow are very different from other inflatable SUP’s out there.

The Needlenose has the sharpest bow of any other ISUP in the world. It is sleek, fast and because it has no upturn, it slices through the water beautifully.

Specifications for the Needlenose 14

  • Length: 14 feet
  • Width: 30”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 28 lbs. / 12.7 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 276 lbs. / 125 kg
  • Inflates to 15 PSI
  • One large removable skeg and 2 smaller attached side skegs
  • Bungee deck cords at bow and stern for securing gear
  • Center carry handle

Click here to read our full review of the Sea Eagle Needlenose SUP.


  1. Wondering if anyone has done a cross comparison of all the high performance race/touring is ups? Naish, Starboard, etc…? I sup 2-3 days a week and am all about speed and efficiency

    • No I haven’t unfortunately but I think it’s a great idea. If speed and efficiency are your main concern I think you can’t beat the Red Paddle Co Race and Elite boards. The Sea Eagle Needlenose is great especially for the price range but the Red Elite boards are outstanding. I haven’t reviewed them but I have seen them in action in races against other non-inflatable boards.

  2. I’m brand spankin’ new, have only been out a couple of times in Hawaii and am totally hook so I’m looking for a board. I’ve read that it’s better to ride higher on the water (don’t over weight the board) if you’re a newbie. I’m 6’2″ and 225 and looking at a NeedleNose 126 rated for 225 lbs. For my first board should I go with a NeedleNose 14 instead because it carries more weight at 275 lbs?

    • Hey Dan, Both boards are 6″ thick which is the most important thing for you. I think you’d be okay with the NN126 but ultimately you’d probably be happier with the NN14. The NN14 is just going to provide that much extra stability… it takes a little more effort to turn but for straight touring, it paddles exceptionally well.

  3. Rick Stalker says:

    Thanks for your informative, seemingly non bias reviews. As an avid long time snow skier, including many years as a ski tester I appreciate it. I am new to the sport and have only rented surf oriented type boards, but I am on the hunt for the right board. I realize there is no perfect board for all conditions. My main priority is an efficient board touring lakes, bays and calm ocean conditions, but don’t discount the fun of some mild surf conditions during travel. I definitely want the convenience of an inflatable. The NN 126 seems to fit the bill well for the touring aspect well, but not the possibility of an occasional surf day. Should I hone in on what appears to be the superior touring aspect of the NN or lean towards a jack of all trades like their long board or similar?
    Seems like I might be better off thinking two boards at some point since a ten foot seems more appropriate in. Surf anyway. Your comments are appreciated. Side note…I will be using this in mtn lakes so stability is important.

    • It’s true the Needlenose is definitely better suited for touring. It excels on flat water. I’ve paddled it on some fairly large wake and I’ve never had an issue but it isn’t designed for surfing. It’s a tough call as you won’t get one board that excels at both. If you will mostly be touring lakes and bays the Needlenose is probably your best choice. However if you don’t want to get two boards, you could definitely consider the Sea Eagle Longboard… I actually paddle the Longboard quite often and it is efficient and super versatile. It’s not as fast as the NN but it still cuts fairly well through the water… I definitely enjoy paddling it.

      Another option that is great for surf and ocean paddling is the Starboard Astro Blend Deluxe. I have just been testing it but haven’t written the review yet. I should have it posted within a week. I had heard great things about this board from other people and both my boyfriend and I really liked it. It’s a little shorter at 11’2″ and slightly wider at 32″ making it fairly stable. It does not paddle as fast as the Needlenose but it does paddle well and overall I found it quite versatile, stable and responsive. I especially enjoyed it on ocean bays.

      Hope that helps. If you really want versatility without having to buy two boards I’d say the SE Longboard is the best way to go. Even the 12’6″ Longboard will do okay in surf… Not quite as easy to maneuver as a shorter board but still doable.

  4. Rodney Winkler says:

    Great information.
    I am new to all of this and am considering a NN14 or a Fisher Blowfish. Can you compare these two for me? I weigh 229 and will mostly be using it in back bays, lakes and potentially some rivers while camping. I want a good brand and one that will move. My groupie kayaking made me realize how various kayak designs make a huge difference in how much energy is needed to move certain “slug” designs. Living in FL I MAY have to come into a beach surf but my goal is not to surf with it.

    • Allison says:

      Hi Rodney, Unfortunately I have yet to try the Fisher Blowfish SUP. Looks like a decent board however I can tell by looking at the design that it isn’t going to glide as well as the NN14. I imagine it is quite versatile though. The boards can definitely all feel quite different to paddle and some do have more of a sluggish feel. The Needlenose is one of my favourites for good reason… it takes less effort to really get moving and it cuts through the water nicely. I am always happy to get back on my NN after reviewing other ISUP’s. It just feels really nice to paddle. I think it would suit your needs well. It wouldn’t be my personal choice for surf although it can handle small waves just fine. However for lakes, bays and slow moving rivers it is ideal.

  5. Jason Walker says:

    Hi Allison,

    Thanks for the great site. I was given an entry level ISUP (SportStuff Adventure) for my birthday this year, but it’s rated for 250 and I’m 285. There is just enough flex that when I stand on it the center gets slightly submerged and I am basically unable to balance at anything faster than a SUPER-slow pace. Would the NN14 work for my weight, or should I look to a different manufacturer? I tend to be drawn towards faster boats, so it seems pretty appealing.

    I’m also content to wait a few months until I’ve dropped some weight. I ‘m on target to be more like 240 by next summer.

    • Hey Jason, I think the NN14 is a definite possibility. We have had that board loaded up with 300 lbs. easy. I would say it took more effort to paddle with that amount of weight but it still moved nicely. The faster leaner boards are always going to be a little less stable especially with more weight on them. You will probably find that a wider board will feel more secure for you, especially right now. However if you are leaning more towards a faster board I think you will be happier with the NN14 in the long run. If it didn’t work out the nice thing with Sea Eagle is they allow you 180 days to return it. Hope that helps! Good luck and all the best!!

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