Airhead SUP Heavy Duty Board Leash Review

Airhead heavy-duty board leash

A board leash is a must safety accessory if you get into stand-up paddle boarding.

One end attaches just above your ankle and the other end attaches to the D-ring at the back end of your SUP.

If you fall into the water, the leash ensures that you don’t lose your board. The last thing you’d want is to be stranded in the middle of a big body of water watching your board get carried away by the current or waves.

The nice thing about a SUP leash is it tends to be very inexpensive. Therefore if you have a SUP… get a leash.

I have tried a few different board leashes and they all work fine although some tend to be stronger than others and more well made.

This month I got to review the Airhead SUP Heavy Duty Board Leash.

SUP Leash Features

There are three main things that stood out for me with this leash.

1. For one it was super comfortable. The 2” wide padded calf strip is nicely padded and feels soft against the leg.

You wrap the padded strip just above the ankle and secure it with the Velcro. It felt secure and did not move or rub.

2. It feels sturdy and well made. It is not a flimsy leash at all… and believe me some of them are.

This one seems to be quite well made and each part of it feels strong. I don’t have any concerns about this leash snapping or coming apart.

3. The third thing I noticed is that it has 2 in-line swivels – one at each end that keep the leash from tangling.

This is a nice feature that I think is important in a board leash.  The swivels really helps to keep the leash from getting tangled up when you are paddling, moving around or even when you fall of your board.

Other good features are:

  • It extends to 11 feet
  • It is coiled so it does not get in your way or drag in the water
  • It has a little key pocket on the inside of the velcro calf strip. Great little feature if you need to secure a key somewhere.
  • Even though it is solid, it is very lightweight. You don’t even notice it when you are paddling

Airhead Board Leash Uses

This leash is recommended for surf and lake use, but not for whitewater.

I use it mostly for paddling on lakes, on slow moving rivers and for ocean paddling.

Airhead heavy duty board leash

Life Span and Care

I know some people worry that board leashes in general break down over time and either come apart or lose their strength.

I have leashes that I’ve had for over 3 years and they still seem good as new. The Velcro is even still strong and not peeling off.

I think they are probably one of those safety items that are good to upgrade every so often.

However if you get a decent one it will last quite a while.  If yours is getting used and abused quite often you may want to upgrade it sooner.

I would recommend rinsing it with clean water, especially if you have been in salt water and letting it fully dry out.  Then store it away out of the sun and away from exposure to the elements. This will prolong its life.

Considering they really don’t cost much, I figure the lifespan is quite good.

The Airhead SUP Leash comes with a 1-year warranty.

Freedom Of Movement

There is nothing worse than tripping over your own board leash or having it get caught on something while you are paddling.

The coiled leash on this one is nice because it really stays out of the way. It doesn’t get in the way of your feet nor is it dragging way out behind your board slowing you down or possibly getting caught on debris.

The 2 in-line swivels keep it flexible so that you have total freedom of movement.

Velcro Strips

The Velcro strips at each end of this leash are fairly standard.

It has heavy-duty Velcro at the end that attaches to the D-ring on your board as well as Velcro for the padded calf strap.

The Velcro makes it easy to secure the leash at both ends.

Where To Buy

I like this leash, so far so good. It is comfortable, functional and seems well made.

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