Isle Carbon Fiber 3-Piece SUP Paddle Review

Isle carbon fiber travel paddle

If you’re looking for a great travel SUP paddle, this is a good one!

I was impressed with the Isle Carbon Fiber 3-piece paddle.

For the price you get a really nice all carbon fiber paddle that breaks down into 3-pieces to easily take with you anywhere.

It is fairly lightweight, has an ergonomic handle and a wide blade. Overall I found it comfortable to use.

It looks nice, it feels nice, it is convenient for a wide variety of people and it is priced well.

Isle Carbon-Fiber 3-Piece Paddle Specs

  • Length: Adjustable from 67 inches to 83 inches
  • Weight: 25 oz.
  • Blade Size: 16 inches x 8 ¼ inches
  • Features: All carbon fiber shaft, handle and blade, wide blade face, ergonomic handle

Isle 3-piece SUP paddle


This paddle has a good adjustable range, which means you can share it between family and friends.

The shaft can be adjusted from 67 inches to 83 inches.

To find the right length for you add 10” to your height if you will be touring and 8” to your height if you will be surfing.

This paddle will work for quite a range of heights, from someone who is just under 5 feet tall to someone who is roughly 6’1” for touring

Easy Snap Lock

Once you have found the right length you will lock it into place with the easy snap lock mechanism.

The snap lock works well and does exactly what it should do… locks the paddle length in place so that it does not move while paddling.

If you’ve ever paddled with a SUP paddle that has a flimsy lock mechanism you will know how annoying this can be when the height of the shaft starts to move while you are out on the water.

It is not something you want to have to worry about adjusting while paddling.

The lock mechanism on the Isle paddle is solid and I felt confident it would not move out of place at all.


Traveling with your SUP is awesome but you need a paddle that can travel easily as well.

The 3-piece SUP paddles are the best for traveling as you can often pack them into your suitcase or in the SUP backpack.

This paddle breaks apart into three separate pieces. When broken down the tallest piece measures 37”.

Isle 3-piece carbon fiber adjustable paddle

Isle SUP Paddle Performance

The size and stiffness of the blade provides good power and is ideal for touring.

In general a larger, wider blade will allow for more power in your stroke.

I am not usually a fan of a large round blade as I find it takes more effort to use and is tiring on my joints.

I wouldn’t personally use a paddle with a large blade such as this one as my every day touring paddle.

I think it suits those with bigger shoulders as it does take more effort to use than a nice light weight carbon fiber paddle such as the Werner Nitro.

However I do think this paddle is versatile enough to be used by those with all different skill levels and as a secondary travel paddle, it’s great.

My boyfriend who is much larger and stronger than I am finds that he likes the large blade on this paddle but prefers an overall lighter SUP paddle in general.

He agrees this paddle is ideal for traveling but wouldn’t be his personal choice for everyday touring or surfing.

paddling Isle SUP wth 3-piece paddle

stand up paddling with Isle carbon fiber adjustable paddle

Isle all carbon fiber adjustable sup paddle

Isle SUP paddle

Final Thoughts

Overall the handle is comfortable, the shaft feels solid and it allows for a nice powerful stroke.

There are lighter paddles out there but for this price range I thought the Isle SUP paddle was quite good.

It is perfect for traveling and ideal if you use an inflatable SUP as it can be stored right in the SUP backpack carry bag.

I wouldn’t use this paddle as my everyday touring paddle personally but I know that I will be using it on road trips and airplane travel for sure.

Where to Buy The Isle SUP Paddle

The best price I’ve seen for this stand up paddle is at Amazon, especially when you consider the free shipping.

Click here for the best deal on the Isle Carbon Fiber 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle at

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  1. Rodney Winkler says:

    Nice article. Ok, sounds good but you mentioned that you would not select this one for a daily touring paddle. I don’t know what size blade this paddle has but from what I have read, I need a 95-100 sq inch blade for my weight. What would you recommend as a 3 piece travel style touring paddle? That is my challenge to find!

    • Allison says:

      Hi Rodney, I’m a little short on paddle reviews right now… It’s something I am going to be really focusing on in the next couple months as I would like to get a lot more info on our site about how to choose a paddle and which ones to look at. So there should be lots more info being added soon. However for now I would say it really depends how much you are willing to spend. Paddles can vary so greatly in price and quality. One I am about to review that I quite like right now is the Werner Zen. It comes in a 3-piece option and is kind of a mid-range but good quality paddle. I believe the blade is 95-sq inch. Earth River also has a great all carbon SUP touring paddle that comes in a 3-piece option. It’s a great paddle for the price plus I believe the 3-piece one comes with a carry bag. Blade is 97-sq inch.
      If you want to go cheaper the Werner Fiji 3-piece has always been popular although I don’t personally find anything special about it – but good quality paddle for the price.
      This Isle paddle is decent, I have been using it a lot lately. I do find the blade a bit on the large side but I’ve never had any issues with it. Also the Accent Max FX 3-piece paddle is decent for the price. I used this one for about a year before upgrading. I find it heavy now because I am used to a lighter paddle but at the time it was just fine. Hope that helps!

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